When Gov. Deadeyes Met The Gret Stet Fuhrer Wannabe

The post title is a bit of a stretch: they weren’t in the same studio and Walker was merely Baby Deadeyes at that point. He didn’t become Governor until 2011, but y’all know I have a weakness for a snappy headline. So it goes.

I apparently missed this the first time it popped up at Uppity Wisconsin in 2011. I barely even noticed it at TPM because of the overkill coverage of the 3 hour GOP sludge fest. The year is 1992, Dukkke was trying to get on the ballot for the Republican Presidential primary. Baby Deadeyes was there as a representative of the GOP, trying to keep Duke and his nose job off the ballot.

The most interesting thing about this appearance on Milwaukee public teevee is how many pro-Duke calls they got. I wonder he had a group there:  Cheese-eating, Beer-drinking, Blonds for Duke. That’s pretty darn catchy.

I considered calling the post Watching Scotty Blow David Duke but decided against it since Walker was mounting a somewhat feeble attack on Dukke. It’s a sign of how far right the GOP has gone that Walker doesn’t wear this exchange as a badge of pride:

“I would certainly hope it’s gonna be a majority opposed to putting him on the ballot,” Walker says, pursing his lips.

Duke’s upper body calls out from a TV screen on the wall behind the desk: “Shame on you, Scott Walker, shame on you.” He’s speaking from New Orleans via satellite.

With his eyes still lowered, Walker shakes his head a little and opens his hands as if to shrug, “Well, what can you do.”

Here’s the video. Notice how much the Insult Comedian sounds like the Gret Stet Fuhrer Wannabe, except for da Noo Yawk accent: