The Robust Picayune Purge Of 2015

The last time there was a major round of lay-offs at Times-Picayune in 2012 then editor Jim Amoss promised their coverage would be as robust as ever. There was another round of robust sackings today:

Managers at | The Times-Picayune carried off an expected round of layoffs this morning, firing some of the paper’s longest-serving reporters alongside more recent hires. In a statement released after the firings, NOLA Media Group President Ricky Mathews said the firings included “28 full time and nine part time content staffers,” or “21 percent of the overall content operation’s full-time employees.”


Several sources said that the sackings were carried out in offices on a lower floor of One Canal Place, rather than in the newsroom.

Mathews was quoted as saying:

“It’s a difficult day for us and our colleagues who are losing their jobs. We wish them the very best. Aligning our costs with the business realities faced by media organizations around the country is a tough challenge. But it’s also important for our readers to know that we remain the largest and most experienced news staff, and the most widely read newspaper and website in the area.”

Poor baby. Ricky Mathews haz a sad. Nothing irks me as much as the person wielding the ax telling the world how much it hurts them to do so.

The other thing I get from the statement issued by management is that they’ve got clicks, y’all. Robust clicks as a matter of fact. They’ve also got a confusing publication schedule and little institutional memory left on the staff, but they’ve got clicks. Robust clicks.

My condolences to the fallen staffers and congratulations to those who escaped the ax this time. There’s always going to be a next time with Newhouse.

But they’ve got clicks. Robust clicks.

UPDATE- It just occurred to me that I missed something obvious:

4 thoughts on “The Robust Picayune Purge Of 2015

  1. gratuitous says:

    Paul Revere and the Raiders are re-issuing one of their big hits. “Klicks just keep getting harder to find.”

  2. Aligning our costs with the business realities faced by media organizations around the country is a tough challenge.

    WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS EVEN MEAN? Do you have enough money to pay people or don’t you? And if you don’t, you’d better be prepared to justify that.


    I’m sorry for yelling. I just hate bullshit.


  3. Adrastos says:

    Yell away. I’ve been mad much of the day.

  4. cglowe01 says:

    Having gotten laid off for a silly (to me, anyhow) and badly timed/executed reason, I don’t buy his sympathy whatsoever.

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