Pulp Fiction Thurday: Hanging Upside Down

I guess this week’s PFT qualifies as gallows humor. I plead guilty to a love of black comedy, the darker the better. I’m also using the title of a David Byrne tune as the title so I’ll post it before getting on with it:

We begin with the book that was transformed into the film noir classic, Out Of The Past.

Build My Gallows High

In the U.K. the movie kept the title of its source material:


We’ll hang out some more after the break.

Here are 4-count ’em 4-more covers to, uh, rope you in:

Guilty BystanderThe Girl On The Gallows

You Only Hang OnceHanging Judge

I would be remiss in my duties as your pulp curator if I didn’t conclude with this Clint Eastwood film poster. This was one of those rare movies that my father attended with my mother and me. I liked it, she was horrified, and he fell asleep. So it goes.

Eastwood-Hang 'em High