VAN CLOSED. Thanks to all for being here, and OH MY GOD, did CNN shit the bed.

For the record, here are some of the topics candidates were asked about:

What everyone thought of Donald Trump’s fingers being on the nuclear codes.

What Carly Fiorina thought about the mean thing Donald Trump said about her face.

What each candidate thought their Secret Service code name should be.

How “Reaganesque” each candidate was.

A bunch of questions from Facebook and Twitter which were “hot” and “trending.”

About 20 minutes spent talking about the Planned Parenthood hoax videos without ANYONE FROM CNN mentioning they were hoaxes.

A bizarre anti-vaccine rabbit hole in which Jake Tapper said that the medical community “disputes” that vaccines cause autism. Because there is apparently no proof. Either way.

To which I’m just gonna leave this here.



  1. Missed y’all but watched the Master Chef finale instead. I did not miss the GOPers. I think a 3 hour debate is madness. Proof positive that the GOP has lost its shit.

  2. I just couldn’t watch this time. If I did, I knew I was going to be droning the mantra, “‘Idiocracy’ was a documentary…” for days afterward.

    Not good for one’s mental health.

  3. the gnewz does not DARE inform the hoards. THE BABIES!!!!! THE BABBIES!!!! hell no idid not watch.
    has anybody mention it to fux?

  4. Baby parts! Sales! Never mind that Planned Parenthood was doing precisely what the GOP-enacted legislation expressly authorizes them to do. The CNN chuckleheads were too busy congratulating Trump on being a great interview to be able to think about challenging any of the flat-out lies being smeared around.

  5. Oh my god. That Newsroom clip depressed me more than the debates!
    As if they could actually be required to point out they were making stuff up.

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