The GOP, in Wisconsin and Elsewhere, is Anti-Democracy

This is by design: 

The bill includes plans to lower voter turnout by adding a third statewide election in the spring of 2020, even though it will cost taxpayers millions of additional dollars and local election officials have come out strongly against it. They want to make it harder to vote early, which will cost taxpayers millions more in legal costs. They want to take control of state economic development away from the governor’s office. They want to replace the elected attorney general with private attorneys hired by the legislative branch at additional expense to taxpayers.

Is this democracy at work?

I mean, technically, yeah, in that they only have the power they have because we gave it to them. Look, for the last two years we’ve had lots of conversations about norms versus laws, about what we really consider important in government versus what is actually required. Half the shit the Trump crime family does is not illegal (like ghost the sexist shitshow that is the White House Christmas decoration reveal party, Melania, that thing sounds like hell on earth) but we act like our imaginary expectations are supposed to carry weight.

We shouldn’t run a country based on everybody being sensible and having manners. That’s not how anything should function. If you tell me that I am required to do X and Y, and in your own head you expect me to do Z, you can’t throw me in jail for not doing Z if only X and Y are mandatory.

Republicans in Wisconsin CAN do this. Should they? Shit no. But we’re well past trusting motherfuckers not to fuck mothers. If we want them to keep their dicks to themselves we have to strap on political chastity belts.

This editorial starts strong and then gets real, real stupid:

Remember in 2015 when these same three politicians – Vos, Fitzgerald and Walker – tried to gut the state’s open records law before the Fourth of July holiday?  They sneaked it into a budget bill, hoping no one would notice on the holiday weekend.

Wait, you mean to tell us, newspaper that FUCKIN ENDORSED THOSE POLITICIANS, that they turned out to be scumsucking suckers of scum? You mean they did this before? Why, it’s almost like this is WHAT THEY DO. I do declare, Miss Scarlett. See also gambling, shocked, and this establishment.

The modern GOP is designed to pursue power and subvert voting. Especially in Wisconsin. I pay attention to this shit as my side hustle and I’ve noticed that it’s not some kind of weird accident that these people are authoritarian tailpipe tumors who keep pulling underhanded crap. How can people who make a living being knowledgeable knowers of knowledge not pick this up?

We haven’t mentioned political party because this isn’t about party platforms – that’s what elections should be about.

This is about keeping the citizens in charge of their government.

It doesn’t matter which party is coming in and going out of office — we would say the exact same thing. In fact, we would shout it — just as we are now.

ARGHGGHHHH I mean name for me please the equivalent Democratic subversion of power that has occurred, that would warrant this sort of imaginary both-siderism. “We haven’t mentioned political party” so definitely please don’t call us the enemy of the people or get mad at us! Pretty please!

I give up.


One thought on “The GOP, in Wisconsin and Elsewhere, is Anti-Democracy

  1. The “should” problem looms large here.
    Should is optional. It is oblique reference to future guilt. It is recommendation, suggestion and an option. It is an appeal to our better angels. “Should” is a waiting, but non-binding judgement. “Should” is just “ought” with the wagging finger held in reserve.
    I can “should” my students, but that doesn’t get the paper turned in on Friday.
    I can “should” my kids and myself all day long, and all it gets us is hurt feelings and frustration but no brushed teeth or folded laundry on the treadmill.
    I can “should” every month to my bank, but that doesn’t put more money there.
    No editorialist needs “should” in her vocabulary. We cannot trust any politician who makes “should” do any work for him.
    We who live and work for people by and through our words should know this.

    But this is where we are in our polity. The knowing knowers of knowledge and professional havers of opinions live in worlds of passive-voiced heroes, pipe dreams and subtle admonitions. Sure, shit is fucked up. Somebody sure as hell should put out that fire that just happened for no known reason. Republicans should respect the rule of fucking law and basic human rights.

    But because they should, it means they don’t have to. It means there is no rule of law, and there are no human rights – not when abiding them is optional.

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