In Which a Badger Mauls Walker



John Sharpless, a former Republican candidate for Congress and who teaches history at UW, voiced his frustration on Friday over the belief that professors aren’t working hard enough. He said he arrives no later than 9 a.m. and leaves no earlier than 5 p.m.  During that time, he said he’s either teaching, preparing lectures, doing research, attending required committee meetings, advising students and managing teaching assistants. Sharpless added that he often spends his evenings reading and grading papers.

“None of this seems like work to a guy like Walker because he lives a different life,” he said.  “And I’m not going to make fun of what he does.  I’m sure being a governor is a lot of work.  He has to spend a lot of time in Iowa and South Carolina and North Carolina and courting other Republican big-wigs.  That taxes the man horribly.”

Yeah, Scotty’s life is rough. I mean, generally the people who work hard are too busy, you know, working hard to play the Battle of the Workaholics expansion of the Suffering Olympics. If Walker wants to mouth off about how tough it is to live life on the economic edge because of other people’s luxury, though, he might want to ease off vacationing in caucus states.


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