It’s Almost Like Your Customers’ Opinions Matter

“We’re sorry we killed off this thing that you like, even though we knew as we were doing it that it was a thing you like and that killing it off would likely made you rage-bomb our phone lines. Here the thing is back again, and the only difference is that now you know about the bottomless contempt we feel for you, and how little conviction we put into any of our decisions.” 

Is there anybody with half a brain at a newspaper that doesn’t know not to fuck with the TV listings? God almighty, my old editor damn near got murdered in the parking lot by angry senior citizens just because he’d changed the ORDER of the listings. If he’d pulled them entirely our building would have just been a smoking crater.


2 thoughts on “It’s Almost Like Your Customers’ Opinions Matter

  1. My sister is in her 70’s and the tv listings in the paper are a huge deal to her. I suggested getting a dvr but she wants to go on using the paper guide because “that’s how I’ve always done it.” I rolled my eyes, but then I am in my 50s and the other day advised my son (thirties) to “sit down with the phone book” to find a dentist. He laughed at me, as well he should have.

    I wonder if there is a lower age limit to those wanting a paper tv guide. Probably related to the age of who gets a paper paper at all?

  2. Madison’s Isthmus weekly paper had a similar storm when they dumped their movie listings. But their response was basically, screw you, it’s on the website. So I should read your paper why, exactly?

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