Politicians Have too LITTLE Power in Wisconsin Government, Apparently

This is like giving whiskey and  car keys to 17-year-olds and then, when they wrap the Bronco around the neighbor’s tree, giving them more whiskey and a speedboat:

Madison — Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans who control the Legislature plan to restructure the agency that runs elections by the fall of 2016, when Walker hopes to top the ballot as a candidate for president.

GOP lawmakers also plan to rewrite campaign finance laws for state candidates to put them in line with recent court decisions. As part of that effort, they are considering at least doubling the amount of money donors can give candidates, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said.

Also on the docket this fall is putting limits on the ability of district attorneys to conduct John Doe probes that allow them to compel people to turn over documents and give testimony. The law also gives them the power to bar targets and witnesses from telling anyone but their attorneys about such investigations.


Daniel Tokaji, a professor at the Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University who specializes in election law, called the accountability board a model for the nation in a 2013 review.

He called the move to restructure the accountability board a “partisan attack.”

“Such attempts at partisan manipulation of the election system are no longer surprising,” he said by email. “The only surprise is how ham-handed the state GOP has been about its goal of making Wisconsin’s election system less fair.”

Which will be super-fun when it is Democrats in power and yes, I said when. Might take a hundred years, but this stupidity will be over someday, and when it is, Robin Vos will be looking up from hell while he is nibbled on by a thousand fire ants, and he will say damn, that was stupid.

Nobody thinks, do they, that this will ever turn around on them, but nobody ever gives up power once they get it. It’s not smart to do so. You never give yourself fewer tools. You never voluntarily relinquish abilities you think you might need some day and politicians always think they will need the ability to fuck with their enemies.

Someday, as he is licked from head to toe by Ebola-infected zombies, Robin Vos will think to himself, I should never have given Gov. Tammy Baldwin the ability to get away with anything just so I wouldn’t die in prison.


3 thoughts on “Politicians Have too LITTLE Power in Wisconsin Government, Apparently

  1. I love some of the responses to the tweet, so funny. Demonrats are uncivil, cheaters never prosper, unfair meanies, dirty dirty dirty. And so on.

    I don’t need to buy liquor for tonight, as I will be swilling wingnut tears instead. With just a touch of bitters to take the edge off the sweetness.

  2. The problem is once the Democrats are in power, then everything has to be bipartisan and fair. When the GOP is in power, it’s all scorched earth, all day. Just once I’d like to see the heads of the Wall Street elites on pikes to serve as a warning that it doesn’t do to be a total and complete bastard.

  3. democrats are still playing bean bag instead of WAR. WE ARE THE ENEMY, NOT NOT-USA. WE ARE. traitorous opposition.

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