How Dare Those Unions Politicize Scott Walker’s Political Failures!


Why can’t they allow the man a little peace, right? 

Labor tap-dances on Walker’s political grave

His longtime foes are delighted by his political misfortune

Are anyone’s longtime foes not delighted by that person’s misfortune? If Walker was a flaming liberal and he GOT LESS THAN ONE PERCENT IN A NATIONAL POLL, would Republicans be accused of tap-dancing on his grave then? Or would there be sober think-pieces in which Republicans were quoted as saying they’d seen this coming all along and if only he had listened to them?

I mean, organized labor was proved fucking right here, and instead of saying “Hey, wow, those unions that said Walker was bad news turned out to be totally correct,” here comes Politico to chide them for their correctness:

For labor, Walker’s failure as a presidential candidate is especially sweet given the twin humiliations it has suffered from Walker in Wisconsin. A labor-backed effort to recall Walker failed in 2012 after Walker pushed through a bill drastically reducing public employees’ bargaining rights. Then, in 2014, Walker won re-election after Trumka declared Walker’s defeat organized labor’s top priority. Earlier this year, Walker had made Wisconsin the country’s 25th right-to-work state, freeing public and private workers from any legal requirement to pay dues or their equivalent to a union that bargains collectively on their behalf.

They’re so mean! How dare they be so petty? Just because he wanted to destroy the entire way of life they represent, I mean, GOD.

But hey, it’s probably because unions just don’t matter at all, right?

Another possible explanation Walker’s campaign failed to catch fire is that, with union membership down to 6.6 percent in the private sector, even Republican voters who oppose organized labor may not think about unions very much.

I dunno, looking at those numbers, about 6 percent of them seem to think about unions more than they think about Scott Walker.

But hey, Politico, tell us how your King in the North isn’t dead, just resting. Go on, find a way to spin this as good news for Scott Walker!

But Michael Barnone, a resident fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, suggested that it might be premature to write Walker’s political obituary. “He can continue to serve as governor of Wisconsin if people elect him and reelect him,” Barone said, noting that Wisconsin has no term limits for governors. “Could he take a position in a Republican administration? I should think so.

“He continues to be, by many measures — certainly by his own — a successful governor,” Barone said.

By many measures, certainly by my own, I am one hell of an astronaut, a renowned pastry chef, Obama’s chief speechwriter and an Olympic figure skater. Silver medal, I mean, let’s not be greedy.

Personally, I think Gov. Deadeyes isn’t very bright and was utterly flummoxed when the game plan that got him to the GOP Super Bowl wasn’t enough to get him the ring. He seemed genuinely confused as to why nobody loved him, unable to change his message when braying UNINTIMIDATED BY GRANDMAS AND TEACHERS didn’t impress voters whose intellectual capacities extend to reading Donald Trump’s hat. I understand his confusion, and I’m not as happy as I thought I’d be seeing him crash and burn.

There’s still a university in Wisconsin for him to destroy, and the state’s pension funds to loot, and untold damage for him to do to people and places I care about. Until he takes his rightful place among the angels and saints in the Fox News afternoon lineup, where he can jerk his CV for the shut-ins and goldbugs who make up its viewership, this isn’t over.


4 thoughts on “How Dare Those Unions Politicize Scott Walker’s Political Failures!

  1. And, in an AMAZING COINCIDENCE, on the same day that Walker suspended his campaign, a member of the Wisconsin Supreme Court is found dead in his chambers.

  2. Politico calls them “twin humiliations.” The people suffering under Walker’s misrule might call it “stealing money from their pockets and taking food off their table.” It’s all a game for the good people at Politico, until their wealthy cronies have to pay an extra three cents in taxes on “earnings” above a million dollars a year. Then it’s the end of the republic.

  3. The reason behind this reaction seems to me to be that this is disrupting the carefully cultivated aura of undefeatability (or inevitability) that Walker had conjured around himself. The joins are showing on this scarecrow, and that means he can be beaten on his home turf (assuming the Dems are willing to run someone who isn’t gutless and nutless and willing to rip Walker’s record mercilessly all day and all night).

  4. “… a position in a Republican cabinet ??????” Jesus H. Christ on a Segway, as what sec of labor ?? He’d be even worse than patsy was (of course she’s married to mitch, so there is some justice).

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