Lyin’ Of The Senate

Yeah, groan, a bad pun, but welcome to the 21st century, where a Russian-loving, Trump-enabling, reptilian-tortoise chimera is apparently some kind of parliamentary genius for keeping his caucus slightly more disciplined that Chuck Schumer, while he spews small “d” anti-democratic bullshit…and gets pretty much zero pushback. “This party-line push has never been about securing citizens’ rights,” said Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the minority leader. “It’s about expanding politicians’ power.” No, it’s about ensuring basic voting rights for all eligible voters, which shouldn’t be an issue. Forget about Sinemanchin for the moment, though, goddamn, if either really thinks … Continue reading Lyin’ Of The Senate

Conceding Is The Point

Great concession speeches

There was an election in Florida (why do these stories always come out of Florida?) last week. The winner, a Democrat named Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick, won that election with 79% of the votes cast.

Back in the day, they used to call that a landslide victory.

It’s not surprising though. The district, Florida’s 20th, has a 5-1 Democrat to Repugnicant voter registration. Joe Biden won the district in 2020 with 77% of the vote, so Ms. McCormick actually outdid him. The Repugnicant candidate was perceived as a Boston carpetbagger. Third party candidates picked up enough of the vote so that he actually got less than 20% of the vote which means he couldn’t even get some of the registered Republicans to vote for him. In the past his status as a perceived carpetbagger would have been the attributing factor in his shellacking, but not in 2022 America.

Well you know where this is headed. The Repugnicant refuses to concede the election.

Now they called the race, I did not win, so they say, but that does not mean that they lost either, it does not mean that we lost

Forgetting for a moment his inability to speak the English language clearly, this has become the Repugnicant playbook with all elections. Never concede, send in lawyers, try to get the vote overturned. Use, I would say abuse, the system in any way you can. In a fractured political environment where most elections are decided by narrow margins, you just might get the right judge or the right secretary of state or the right governor to hand your candidate a victory the voters didn’t award to them.

Under those conditions the noted dumb play callers the Dallas Cowboys could petition Roger Goodell to just hand them the Lombardi Trophy as Super Bowl Champions every year.

What I really want to talk about is the importance of conceding; formally, graciously, and with a sense of tradition and humility that is entirely necessary for the idea of the peaceful transition of power to become a reality.

John McCain once said

I didn’t like the outcome of the 2008 election. But I had a duty to concede. A concession isn’t just an act of graciousness. It is an act of respect for the will of the American people, an act that is every American leader’s first responsibility.

Respect. Wow, there is a word you don’t hear in connection to politics much these days. Respect the process. Respect the institutions. Respect the history. Hell, respect your opponent and what he or she had to do in order to come out on top. Take your lumps, leave with your head held high, and make sure your election district, your state, or your country can come together to work on the great problems we face in this world.

One political party seems to do that pretty well. The other, not so much. The problem is we can’t even agree on which party is which in that scenario. Well I’ll tell you which one is in the wrong, it’s the Repugnicants. It’s always the Repugnicants. It’s always them because the only way they can win elections is to rig the game ahead of time. They gerrymander districts. They impose ridiculous voting restrictions (I want to be the first guy to go to jail for giving someone a bottle of water while they stand in line to vote in Georgia). In counties they control they make it easy for white voters to cast their ballots by having plenty of voting precincts in the areas where whites live and hardly any in areas where blacks live. In states where early voting is allowed (most of them) they have restricted when or how those early ballots can be dropped off.

Don’t concede, keep reading by clicking the link

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They Like Their Civil Rights Leaders Dead

Martin Luther King on Face the NationToday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a national holiday where we’re supposed to reflect on what King’s legacy means to our current America. Oh, there’s lots of reflection on social media and elsewhere. Unfortunately, for conservatives and some centrists, today is a day for selective “reflection.”

You’ll see a lot of quotes being shared about equality, unity, etc. But these quotes are used as a weapon to sully King’s legacy and use it as a weapon, basically as a troll. The thing is, these people would have hated King (or actually hated him if they were old enough). King was not a popular man just prior to his death, with the Harris poll putting his disapproval at 75%. Gallup found he was increasingly unpopular, going from 41/37 approval/disapproval in 1963 to 32/63 in 1966, the last time they measured his popularity. In a reflection of today’s “oh dear, don’t rock the boat” thinking by many towards civil rights protests, Gallup found that as the decade progressed, a huge majority of Americans believed that civil rights protests hurt Black people more than it helped.

As Jeanne Theoharis pointed out in Time, a large percentage of America disliked King, and the civil rights movement.

Lest we see this as Southerners skewing the national sample, in 1964—a year before the passage of the Voting Rights Act—a New York Times poll found a majority (57%) of New Yorkers said the civil rights movement had gone too far. “While denying any deep-seated prejudice,” the Times reported, “a large number of those questioned used the same terms to express their feelings. They spoke of Negroes’ receiving ‘everything on a silver platter’ and ‘reverse discrimination’ against whites.” Fifty-four percent of those surveyed felt the movement was going “too fast.” Nearly half said that picketing and demonstrations hurt the Negro cause, and 80% opposed school pairings to promote school desegregation in New York City public schools.

Sound familiar? It should. Overly Celebrated Journalist Wolf Blitzer lectured that Black Lives Matters hurt Blacks by “not living up to King’s legacy.” After the Baltimore riots we had the George Floyd protests in 2022, and again the “not living up to Dr. King’s legacy” lectures started, despite protests being overwhelmingly peaceful and plenty of evidence that violence was instigated by counterprotesters or police (one could argue this is redundant).

But now, with King dead, his memory can be used by the very people he struggled against. With that in mind, here are some quotes to use in reply to your conservative aunt posting selective quotes of King’s and lamenting about how in the good old days, he “didn’t start no trouble like they do now.”

First, one for the filibuster-defenders dropping King quotes today.

“I think the tragedy is that we have a Congress with a Senate that has a minority of misguided senators who will use the filibuster to keep the majority of people from even voting.

Next, one for the moderates.

“I must make two honest confessions to you, my Christian and Jewish brothers. First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action”; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a “more convenient season.” Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection.”

Then, about apathy, which is still a serious issue in America given we are pretty “what-evs” about our democracy falling apart.

“History will have to record that the greatest tragedy during this period of social transition was not the vitriolic words and the violent actions of the bad people, but the appalling silence and indifference of the good people. Our generation will have to repent not only for the words and acts of the children of darkness, but also for the fears and apathy of the children of light.”

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Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Gutless Blunder edition

Circular firing squad!


Ready – Aim…

Trump calls politicians who refuse to say they received Covid boosters ‘gutless’
NBC News ^ | 1/12/2022 | Rebecca Shabad and Marc Caputo

Posted on 1/12/2022, 12:18:24 PM by Kevin C

WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday criticized politicians who refuse to say whether they’ve received a Covid booster shot.

In an interview with far-right cable channel One America News, Trump said he received the booster and has seen politicians get asked in interviews whether they’ve also gotten a third shot.

“They don’t want to say it because they’re gutless,” Trump said. “You gotta say it, whether you had it or not. Say it. But the fact is that I think the vaccines saved tens of millions throughout the world. I’ve had absolutely no side effects.”

Trump said that the Covid vaccine largely prevents people from being hospitalized or dying from the disease.

“If they get it, they’re not going to hospitals for the most part and dying,” Trump said. “Before it was a horror, and now they’re not.”

1 posted on 1/12/2022, 12:18:24 PM by Kevin C
To: Kevin C
Trump should forget about aspirations in 2024 and stfu.
2 posted on 1/12/2022, 12:21:05 PM by zek157
Stray Tallying From Underwater?
Seek Tasty Farm Unguent?
Stop Tabloid From Ugliness?
Salivate To Foreboding Unfaithful?
To: Kevin C
I don’t know about Trump anymore.
3 posted on 1/12/2022, 12:22:03 PM by pleasenotcalifornia
I do.
To: zek157
He’s got a few days to turn his attitude around. That’s it.
4 posted on 1/12/2022, 12:22:39 PM by stanne
Well, you posted this on Wednesday and this is Monday, so I’d say – time’s up!
To: Kevin C
He sure is setting himself up for a fall. He never knows has never known when to stfu
10 posted on 1/12/2022, 12:29:40 PM by dkGba
To: Kevin C
Trump is a confused old man who apparently was brainwashed by Fauci. It’s unfortunate, but that is reality.
33 posted on 1/12/2022, 12:44:38 PM by devere
To: JoSixChip
I don’t support leaders that abandon their supporters and leave political prisoners behind in their hubris.
This is icing on a shitcake.
17 posted on 1/12/2022, 12:45:24 PM by zek157
Well, it looks like DeMoron is going to have to save them.
    “Help me, Obi-Wan DeMoron – you’re our only hope!”

Ron DeSantis: Flags in Florida will be lowered for late Nevada Sen. Harry Reid

Ocala Star ^ | 1/12/22 | CAPITAL BUREAU Posted on 1/13/2022, 1:01:35 AM by conservative98Flags in Florida will fly at half-staff to honor the late U.S. Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office announced Wednesday evening.

Reid, a Democrat, had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in early 2018. He died Dec. 28 at the age of 82.

Reid “will be remembered for the way he demonstrated immense grit and determination in his personal life and political career,” DeSantis’ office said in a statement.

1 posted on 1/13/2022, 1:01:35 AM by conservative98
If you CAN look, follow me into Hell itself!

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Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with random ruminations – good neighbours edition

I guess you could call this one a guest post. It was written by the great geniuses behind MST3K, Kevin Murphy, for the pre-Rifftrax website “Timmy Big Hands”.

The site no longer exists, but I was able to save this wonderful piece with the assistance of the internet archive.


The following series of letters appeared over eighteen months in a Minneapolis newspaper’s weekly gardening advice column “Ask Dan the Gardener.”

April 24th

Hey Dan:

Thanks for great column on leaf blowers. I took your advice and got the biggest one I could find– the Yard Monster Magnum with the big Tecumseh 5-horse motor. I used it to blow-rake the yard and it worked like a charm (I have almost half an acre!). And man is it powerful. Half my leaves ended up clear over to my neighbors yard! Sorry neighbors. I’m sure they won’t mind.

Thanks a bunch!

Larry in Bloomington


May 15th

Hey Dan:

I am in love with my leaf blower. I have some advice for all your leaf-blowing readers: take the wadding out of the muffler to increase the horsepower and send those leaves to smithereens. Sure it’s a little louder, but with all that power, I’ll get my work done faster. I use it every morning before I go to work, to blow-sweep the driveway and the walks, and also it keeps my yard neat as a pin.

Keep blowing!

Larry in Bloomington


June 9th

Hey Dan:

I just want to tell your readers a few uses for their leaf blowers they might not of thought of. I use it blow-sweep my garage, it sure beats a broom! And here’s a new one; you can use it to blow-brush all the twigs off your roof after storms. And the vacuum attachment lets me get every little leaf and twig out of the flowerbeds. My ex-wife told me she likes how the yard looks neat as a pin. Who knows, maybe I can win her back. (Just kidding honey, don’t call the lawyer!)

Larry in Bloomington


July 6th

Hey Dan:

Say here’s a novel use for your leaf blowers out there: on Independence Day, remember how it was all hot and not windy? Well I just turned my leaf-blower on the flag and left it on all day, with Old Glory waving proudly. When I got home from the family picnic, the blower was still running, thanks to the Yard Monster’s extra big capacity gas tank.

Also, I’m wondering if you know if there is a social group or association of people who use there leaf blowers. Maybe I’ll start one and you can be a charter member.

Blowing Away,

Larry in Bloomington

(click on the “read more” for the escalation and ensuing war)

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On The Sunny Side Of The Street

Things remain grim so another happy song is in order. There are worse things than dancing away your sorrows: “Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street.”

On The Sunny Side Of The Street was written in 1930 by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields for the Broadway musical Lew Leslie’s International Revue. It’s a memorable tune from a long forgotten show.

We begin with Louis Armstrong. On The Sunny Side Of The Street was long a staple of his live shows. This version comes from his time as a big band leader.

My favorite version comes from Frank Sinatra and Billy May:

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The Brat Fatale Speech: Deluded, Dishonest Or Dumb?  

The Vedas: Ann Blyth, Krysten Sinema, Evan Rachel Wood.

I dislike writing about the antics of the Sinematic Senator but yesterday’s speech left me no choice.  Veda Pierce Sinema took to the Senate floor to give a speech that was alternately deluded and dishonest. I would prefer to think she was lying about the process. I hate to think that any Democratic senator is that dumb.

It’s as if the Arizona Brat Fatale read Norm Ornstein’s recent piece about filibuster myths and learned all the wrong lessons from it. Deluded, dishonest, or dumb?

KTAR News Radio in Phoenix has posted a transcript of the Brat Fatale Speech. We begin with her ode to the voting rights bills. Let’s begin our exercise in quote and response.

And I strongly support and will continue to vote for legislative responses to address these state laws – including the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, that the Senate is currently considering.

I support these bills because they strengthen Americans’ access to the ballot box and they better ensure that Americans’ votes are counted fairly – it is through elections that Americans make their voices heard, select their representatives, and guide the future of our country and our communities.

She supports bills that cannot pass because of the 60-vote threshold. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that someone who fancies herself a fashion plate would value style over substance. Deluded, dishonest, or dumb?

The debate over the Senate’s 60-vote threshold shines a light on our broader challenges.

There is no need for me to restate my long-standing support for the 60-vote threshold to pass legislation. There’s no need for me to restate its role protecting our country from wild reversals in federal policy.

She’s an elected official: repetition is the essence of communication. It’s a lame excuse for not explaining her position with clarity. Besides, she was against the filibuster before she was for it. Deluded, dishonest, or dumb?

American politics are cyclical and the granting of power in Washington, D.C. is exchanged regularly by the voters from one party to another.

This shift of power back and forth means the Senate’s 60-vote threshold has proved maddening to members of both political parties in recent years – viewed either as a weapon of obstruction, or a safety net to save the country from radical policies, depending on whether you serve in the majority or the minority.

In 2021, obstructionism is a Republican thing. Hell, it’s been that way since Bob Dole committed his caucus to oppose any health care reforms proposed by the Clinton administration. Of course, Dole’s move was deeply cynical, not deluded, dishonest, or dumb.

The 2013 decision by Senate Democrats to eliminate the 60-vote threshold for most judicial and presidential nominations led directly to a response in 2017 by Senate Republicans, who eliminated the threshold for Supreme Court nominees.

These short-sighted actions by both parties have led to our current American Judiciary and Supreme Court, which, as I stand here today, is considering questions regarding fundamental rights Americans have enjoyed for decades.

This is one of the few times that the Sinematic Senator has criticized both sides. Maybe she’s angling for a regular column at Politico. Deluded, dishonest, or dumb?

I share the disappointment of many that we have not found more support on the other side of the aisle for legislative responses to state-level voting restrictions.

I wish that were not the case – just as I wish there had been a more serious effort on the part of Democratic Party leaders to sit down with the other party and genuinely discuss how to re-forge common ground on these issues.

Joe Manchin wasted months trying to convince Republicans to support *his* ideas about voting rights. The only possible taker was the most honest member of the GOP caucus Lisa Murkowski who is a genuine maverick as opposed to a fake one like Veda Pierce Sinema.

I don’t need to pose the Three Ds question this time. D is for dishonesty.

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It’s A Medical Mystery

Couple flummoxed by medical bills

So a couple of weeks ago the wife (Cruella) went to the doctor for her annual “well woman checkup”. If you are a woman you know what that means. If you are a man, ask a woman, and it would be best to ask a woman who understands your tolerance for the realities of the female anatomy, to explain it to you.

Cruella checked out just fine as she knew she would. She went out and had lunch with her friends, then tootled on home and thought nothing more of it. The next week an envelope arrived from Palo Alto Medical Foundation, the medical corporation that her doctor works for. In it was a bill for the “well woman checkup” to the tune of $493. Well that’s a surprise since our Blue Cross insurance should have covered the entire amount charged for the check up.

Here’s an important thing to know about my wife. Years ago she had a thought to get into a new line of work and decided medical billing would be an interesting application of her skills. Thus she took courses and bought text books on how to “code” as they say in the biz. Code refers to the various permutations of numbers and letters that are used to define the procedure a patient comes in for (in this case a well woman checkup) and the diagnosis the doctor comes up with (she’s fine, come back in a year). Those codes are the basis on which the doctor or the corporation he works for charge your insurance company and you. Suffice it to say that even though she never actually entered that field, the information never left her head. And the textbooks became fixtures in our bookcase.

It turns out that we got this bill because instead of the visit being coded as a well woman checkup, it was coded as a well woman checkup WITH a diagnosis that something was wrong. Z01.411 versus Z01.419. I am not making these code numbers up. Getting on the phone she called the doctor’s office and was told, no we in the office coded it properly, you’ll need to call the corporate billing department to see if they changed anything.

Ah yes, welcome to the third circle of hell. When you go to the doctor at Palo Alto Med, which by the way is actually owned by a larger corporation called Sutter Health, the doctor’s office is responsible to code the reason for and result of the visit. That information is sent on to the actual Sutter Health billing department, ostensibly to double check it was billed properly, before it is sent on to your health insurance company so they can pay the bill. In order to make sure the code is correct, or perhaps to justify their code, the doctor also sends on their notes from the visit.

Oh you thought your medical records were private. How quaint.

So now Millie in billing gets to read all the doctor’s notes on your visit and can decide, nope, we gotta change this code or add in another code here because in the notes there is a mention of maybe possibly kinda sorta if I squint real hard there might be a potential problem. Thus Z01.411 becomes Z01.419. Then she ships it all off to Blue Cross happy in the knowledge she has served her corporate masters well. She kicks back, puts her feet up on the desk, takes a long sip from her martini glass and pulls out a Kool Menthol to celebrate her achievement. That’s assuming she redid the coding in an honest attempt to be as correct as possible.

Thing is, Sutter Health is actually kinda known for not being the most reputable when it comes to doing honest coding. To the tune of a $90 million dollar fine by the federal government.

Does that have you intrigued? Click the link below to continue on

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You Tell That Ol’ Virus Who The Boss Is

Helen Lewis represents the sort of mindset that I worry is taking hold in the U.S. In her piece in the Atlantic, she pretty much made the case that she is so over COVID.

To be fair to Lewis, the headline is a bit misleading. She did say she would continue to respect and follow pandemic rules and recommendations in her home country, Great Britain. But the general tone of the piece is this new “I’m over it” phase of the pandemic that seems to be growing.

This is, of course, the most magical of magical thinking. A virus doesn’t really care if you are “moving on” because, well, a virus doesn’t “care.” It’s a virus, not an ex after a bad breakup.

Lewis has replied on Twitter, saying her main point was this has been all very hard. I don’t want to be the Pain Police, because this has been hard. It has been difficult for parents and their children, no doubt. Often we’ve been confused about what we should do, partially due to the fact this was a novel virus when it showed up, and partially due to some communications bungling that is, in part, because of how depleted our public health infrastructure has become over our years of hyper-focus on budget deficits.

But at the same time, people are acting as if wearing a mask in a theater during a Marvel movie is the same sort of stress and trauma as the Bataan Death March. Lewis has certainly experienced multiple lockdowns, but let me tell you, if a rural American is whining to you about being in two years of lockdowns, chances are strong they are so full of shit they float. Here in my neck of the woods, rural central Pennsylvania, I can certainly tell you that there are a ton of folks who haven’t lived like they are in a pandemic for at least a year. For some, they never did.

I really can’t fathom the amount of sacrifice that was asked of our society in World War II ever happening today. Just imagine asking some of our fellow current humans to experience rationing, blackouts, air raid drills, etc.

“No, Mr. Churchill, This Is Not Our Finest Hour. No More Hiding Underground,” by Helen Lewis, is the sort of thing that is not hard to imagine The Atlantic running. “I Want to Bake 20 Loaves of Bread to Give to My Friends. The Government Says I Can’t” is another. “I will most certainly NOT turn off all my lights, if I want to turn them all on I will and no air raid drill warden thug will tell me otherwise!!!!!” Tweets @FreedomLoverGuy443932.

That’s not even including hot takes by the Smartest Boys and Girls on Substack asking why we’re fighting Hitler in the first place, and GOP lawmakers demanding we support the Nazis, but that’s another post for another time.

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Let’s Go Brandon Moscow Mitch

Fuck him McConnell characterized Biden’s speech — in which the president called for the Senate to change its rules by “whichever way they need to be changed” in order to pass Democrats’ voting bills — as “profoundly, profoundly un-presidential,” deeming the remarks a “rant” that “was incoherent, incorrect and beneath his office.” The Kentucky Republican repeatedly took issue with Biden linking Republicans to Jim Crow-era legislation to standing in the way of election reform now, as at least 19 GOP-led states have passed laws in the last year that experts at the Brennan Center for Justice say restrict voting access. … Continue reading Let’s Go Brandon Moscow Mitch

The Blame Game

Everyone is up in arms against the Biden administration because of the rapid spread of the Omicron variant. Focusing solely on the administration only obscures what the real exacerbating issues are. First, and maybe most importantly, Omicron is a game changer. It evades the immunity conferred by vaccination so it is spreading to many, many more people than any previous iteration of Covid. There is literally nothing that the Biden administration could have done to prevent its existence. Second, the lazy mainstream media, which is still collectively angry at Biden for leaving Afghanistan, fetishisizes the stupidest shit, like home rapid … Continue reading The Blame Game

Ahh For The Good Old Days

The Game of Risk

In the last two years COVID has inspired lots of people to embrace nostalgia for the past. TV shows from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s are the “go-to” viewing for millions. Safe, warm, inviting, and you know how it all turns out anyway (Rachel doesn’t get on the plane). People are rereading or reading for the first time books from out of their past, even the ones you had to slog through in English Lit 101 and couldn’t understand why anyone ever thought this was any good (looking at you Jane Austen).  Baking bread became a talisman for happier times when you came home from school to the tantalizing smell of something Mom just pulled out of the oven, a pleasant certainty in a time of complete uncertainty.

Even in politics there seems to be a desire to return to what we grew up with. A time when the President of the United States didn’t call Nazis “good people”. A time when Supreme Court nominees were distinguished legal scholars or experienced jurists who got a full and fair hearing in front of the Senate. A time when street protests were the province of the left and editorial handwringing was the province of the right. A time when the violent overthrow of the government of the United States was the stuff of political suspense novels. In other words, a time when you knew who the good guys were (us) and who the bad guys were (them).

So thanks Vladimir Putin for bringing back a remnant of an earlier time: Russia versus America in The Great Game. Just when you were thinking there would never again be a solidly black and white issue where we as a country stood together against the Evil Empire, Vlad decided it was time to sprinkle his troops along the border between his country and Ukraine and threaten to invade. All that’s missing is Brezhnev’s bushy brows, Nixon’s nattering nabobs, and Kissinger’s krafty kreepiness. Geo-politics is always better with alliteration.

Yes, Russia has it’s troops poised to invade Ukraine like so many plastic armies on a Risk game board. Meanwhile Russian and American diplomats hold talks in that citadel of diplomacy and spy craft called Geneva to try and hold off any sort of military confrontation. You can almost feel the strings being pulled by the various players and emissaries. In the meantime George Smiley is sending his people back into the cold. The main difference this time is that the ideological aspects of the Cold War are gone. This isn’t the Communists versus the Democracies, it actually harkens back to an even earlier version, the Fascists versus the Democracies.

And I hate to say it, but it’s a bit frightening to harken back to that earlier era of confrontation, mostly because we know very well how it played out and how it played out was not all that well. The similarities make it even more frightening.

Wanna see more? Click the link below

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What Are We Doing?

If you could just ignore that positive COVID test and come into work tomorrow, that’d be great.

Corporate America is pretty much turning into Lundberg as far as how it is dealing with COVID. For those unfamiliar, Lundberg is the smarmy, passive-aggressive boss from the excellent 1999 workplace satire, “Office Space,” and is pictured above.

Lundberg’s most memorable character trait was sneakily making his employees work weekends and not telling them until the end of the day Friday.

Fast-forward to the present day and now it seems management has had it with your COVID concerns and is going to need you to come in even if you’re sick. For example, at Red Lobster you may get some COVID from your server along with those cheddar biscuits:

Full disclosure: Not a fan of Red Lobster, mainly because I grew up an hour north of Baltimore/Chesapeake Bay and I could get much better seafood elsewhere. And everything is too salty there, not to mention if you get any fried seafood, it all tastes like KFC Extra Crispy.

That said, this is completely insane and irresponsible to the fans of Red Lobster. Also, as Legum points out in that Twitter thread, his reporting found that the ol’ myth that if retail corporations provided paid sick leave they would immediately go under is pretty much, well, an ol’ myth.

So much for all that “essential workers are our lifeblood” propaganda we saw in the spring of 2020. Now we have the employee version of how the Red Army used to have special soldiers to shoot any Soviet troop who was retreating in WWII (look up “barrier troops for more).

Teachers are increasingly being told that they, too, are virus fodder. A good example of this is the teacher’s union battles with Professional Awful Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who is leading the charge against Chicago Public School teachers who want to avoid dying in a pandemic. This excellent thread by Guardian reporter Julia Carrie Wong raises a good question – how is forcing teachers to teach in person going to work if lots of them get sick?:

Indeed, it’s not the teacher’s unions creating the problem, it’s the VIRUS that’s creating the problem. Meanwhile, Georgia has decided that if you got the COVID and you aren’t showing symptoms, get back to work, teachers. “But they are requiring masks for such people” says the moderate reasoned person in my head. “Have you seen how great people are wearing them?” I reply.

As has always been the case, the virus also doesn’t cooperate with such policies. The battle cry for the REOPEN SCHOOLS OR ELSE crowd has been “children aren’t at risk” but COVID being COVID, it apparently isn’t listening to the Nate Silvers and Matt Yglesiases of the world.

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Letter From New Orleans: A Tale Of Two Krewes

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell was elected in 2017 as a progressive. After four years of an increasingly incoherent mayoralty, it’s hard to tell what if anything she stands for. She was easily reelected but without any opponent of stature with the money to mount a serious challenge. Mayor Teedy believes she has a mandate but for what? Beats the hell outta me.

I realize that this post may qualify as inside-New Orleans baseball to some readers. I started out as a hyper-local New Orleans blogger in 2006, after all. Sometimes I revert to that form.

New Orleans is among the most interesting cities in the world and Carnival is central to our local culture. I have oversimplified at points to make this post comprehensible to those who are, as we say in the 13th Ward, from away.

Carnival disputes have often served as proxies for political warfare in New Orleans. In 1992, a Mardi Gras anti-discrimination ordinance passed shaking up the staid, stuffy, and often racist Carnival order. It led some of the snootier all-white krewes such as Comus and Momus to stop parading for good. It was a much-needed shakeup that led to the birth of some new and more diverse parading krewes such as Orpheus and Muses and eventually to quirky marching groups such as the 610 Stompers, Pussyfooters, and Laissez Boys to name a few.

It’s happening again. The city has decided to press on with Carnival even with Omicron raging. Ironically, the only thing Mayor Teedy did right in her first term was combat COVID. City Hall has announced that parade routes will be compressed and altered supposedly because of an understaffed and overwhelmed police department. In fact, this is a change  that has been long sought by the NOPD and they’ve managed to accomplish it under cover of COVID. They’ve wanted to consolidate the peak parade route onto St. Charles Avenue, and they’ve gotten their way for at least 2022.

The changes directly impact the parades that roll up Magazine Street in Uptown New Orleans. It means that these krewes will no longer parade around the corner from Adrastos World HQ. That’s no big whoop for me this year: I plan to stay away from the parade route. I’ve managed to go this long without getting sick during the pandemic and while I love Carnival, it’s not worth getting sick over. Nothing is.

There’s one krewe that has been rolling up Magazine Street for many decades: the Krewe of Thoth. They’ve made it a point to parade past hospitals and other health care facilities with the aim of bringing good cheer to patients and staff alike, especially at Children’s Hospital.

Thoth is the parade I will miss the most. There’s an annual neighborhood party at the corner of Valence and Magazine Streets. It was missed last year but it will be impossible this year as the parades will begin nine blocks away. I hope to feel safe during Carnival 2023 but it’s uncertain if Thoth or the other Magazine Street parades will return.

City Hall consulted with some of the parading krewes. Thoth was not among them.

One krewe that was not forced to move its route is Endymion. They parade across town in Mid-City. They’ve been allowed to stay on their customary route with a few tweaks That’s why this post is called A Tale Of Two Krewes.

Endymion is an obnoxious parading krewe with political clout and money to burn. Most of its members live in suburban Jefferson and St. Tammany Parishes. The latter is the reddest and richest parish in the Gret Stet Of Louisiana. Yet, they have more clout than Thoth, which is based in the bluest parish with an allegedly progressive mayor. What’s wrong with this picture?

A personal note: I hate Endymion and the people who camp out for days on its route. Hardcore New Orleanians call these creeps the Krewe of Chad because one year some jerk named Chad painted his name on the neutral ground of Orleans Avenue. I am not making this up:

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Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Cruzin’ for a brusin’ edition

(note – Cruz groveled to Fucker Carlson after I wrote this, but I took a look over at Freeperville afterwards, and they’re not buying it. The play stands as called.)

Jeez – I used to liken Freeperville to a toxic waste dump, but these days it’s a circular firing squad.

Observe :

Ted Cruz Calls January 6 Riots “A Violent Terrorist Attack on the Capitol”
Ace of Spade ^ | 1-5-22 | Ace

Posted on 1/5/2022, 6:07:24 PM by Brookhaven

Video of @tedcruz today that the Jan 6th mass trespassing event violently cracked down by police was a “violent terrorist attack on the capitol.”

The game is over, folks.

Go home and get a life.

You are wasting your time with the GOP.

Video at link.
1 posted on 1/5/2022, 6:07:24 PM by Brookhaven
I don’t think I even need to post my “DangerClose” meme at this point.
To: Brookhaven

Cruz has “leftist infection”. Worse, much worse than anything a virus can do.
Best cure for Cruz now is to turn him over to the Daleks.
Sad. He once had a brain.

3 posted on 1/5/2022, 6:12:34 PM by Da Coyote

To: Brookhaven

I have always supported TC but now?

I did not like what I saw and I want to see the entire statement, not the excerpt.

5 posted on 1/5/2022, 6:12:49 PM by TLI (ITINERIS IMPENDEO VALHALLA)

Ask and ye shall receive.
To: Brookhaven

Heard this on local DC radio, WMAL today.Ted sucking up to the deep state to run against Trump.

Never forgvive(sic) him for this.

7 posted on 1/5/2022, 6:13:19 PM by lizma2
To: rxsid

Lying asshole.We need a total restart of our Republic starting with term limits .

23 posted on 1/5/2022, 6:17:32 PM by jimbug

To: Brookhaven

Well phuck Ted Cruz then.

25 posted on 1/5/2022, 6:17:55 PM by WMarshal (“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither.”)

You know, there was a time, not so long ago when either of the last two posts above would have gotten both of them lifetime ban-a-roonies. Either Jim Rob allows this language now, or he just needs the money so damned bad he looks the other way.
Please enjoy our forum, but also please remember to use common courtesy when posting and refrain from posting personal attacks, profanity, vulgarity
Jim Robinson
Oh well – I guess it’s “phuck courtesy”, then.
To: rxsid

And Trump doesn’t help with his vaccine crap. It’s like that are all lost in an alternate world.

31 posted on 1/5/2022, 6:20:12 PM by D Rider ( )

To: lizma2

Forked toast he is.

43 posted on 1/5/2022, 6:25:30 PM by Paladin2



44 posted on 1/5/2022, 6:26:02 PM by RoseofTexas

Perfect Old Senator?
Plane On Standby?
More civility after the phucking “Continue reading”.

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