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Happy Howard Photo



We want John McCain to obey the law with his own name on it.


Your President Speaks!

Today, at theWhite House.

There Is A Lot Of Good Folks

What I do want to share with you is that there’s a lot of good folks, and you know it, too, and I want to thank you all very much for these counterterrorism cells.

What The Governor Of New York Got

I look at the governor of New York, they got an unbelievably good fusion center in New York City.


Secondly, today — and I see that you’ve been given this book — this is a book which describes the faith-based and community organization initiative.

What People Have Got

Now, as you know, I’m a big believer that government ought to empower people who have got a great capacity to help change people’s lives.

Interface With Brothers And Sisters

But there are thousands of loving people who are willing, if given help, to interface with brothers and sisters across the country that need help.

The Federal-State Collaborative

And so this report is one that describes the federal-state collaborative that’s taken place.

There Is 35 Offices

There’s 35 faith-based offices set up in different states.

Ends Justify The Means

You know, we ought to be asking what works — not the process.

One That Made No Sense

First of all, inherent in the Medicare reform was one that made no sense not to provide prescription drugs for seniors.

What Seniors Have Got

For example, now seniors have got choices for a different drug plan. Drug plans are now competing for the seniors’ business. Seniors have got different options for other coverage in Medicare.

Cerbral Vortex

And as a result of the competition, fostered by the fact that folks have got different decision points to make — they say, if you want my business, you’re going to have to do better; in other words, a market-oriented approach — the estimated cost of Medicare is down by $240 billion over 10 years.

Medulla Ohmigodda

And also in that bill was the health savings account reform, which gives individuals more decision-making over their own health care, it allows for a catastrophic policy and health — tax free savings for monies not spent on ordinary expenses.

Grey Matter Scatter

Now, one of the interesting things that has taken place in the states, and one of — I think our jobs is — I said last night, you know, that the governors are policy entrepreneurs.

There Is Some Wonderful Things

In other words, there’s some wonderful things going on, all market-driven.

Advocates Undermining Private Medicine

And we just want to facilitate those decisions because, in my judgment, the opposite of having the government here in Washington be the decision-maker will undermine private medicine, will make quality care more difficult.


Jonathan Penner. Hey, if I’m gonna get dinged for watching Survivor, I’m at least gonna show you what the appeal is.

Seriously, though, this Barack Obama “patriotism” thing. This is why the whole electability conversation is basically crap. Nobody’s immune from the slime machine, and nobody should even worry about immunity, honestly. Nobody should even worry about defense. Nobody should even worry about how best to answer whatever hypothetical attacks the Republicans/press/stupid among us might come up with tomorrow. It’s pointless. Whatever you say in your defense, once you’re defending, it’s over, so don’t even bother defending.



Holy Shit

You might want to start doing a better job of looking for these.

Holy shit. I would like to believe thatthis is just a one-time fuck up. I really would.

Security details at Barack Obama’s rally Wednesdaystopped screening people for weapons at the front gates more than an hour before the Democratic presidential candidate took the stage at Reunion Arena.

The order to put down the metal detectors and stop checking purses and laptop bags came as a surprise to several Dallas police officers who said they believed it was a lapse in security.

Dallas Deputy Police Chief T.W. Lawrence, head of the Police Department’s homeland security and special operations divisions, said the order —apparently made by the U.S. Secret Service — was meant to speed up the long lines outside and fill the arena’s vacant seats before Obama came on.

“Sure,” said Lawrence, when asked if he was concerned by the great number of people who had gotten into the building without being checked.But, he added, the turnout of more than 17,000 people seemed to be a “friendly crowd.”

The Secret Service did not return a call from the Star-Telegram seeking comment.

Doors opened to the public at 10 a.m., and for the first hour security officers scanned each person who came in and checked their belongings in a process that kept movement of the long lines at a crawl. Then, about 11 a.m., an order came down to allow the people in without being checked.

Several Dallas police officers said it worried them that the arena was packed with people who got in without even a cursory inspection.

They spoke on condition of anonymity because, they said, the order was made by federal officials who were in charge of security at the event.

“How can you not be concerned in this day and age,” said one policeman.

You know, this is some serious shit. First of all, if there’s one city in the US where you’d want presidential-level security to be extremely tight, it’s fucking Dallas. Second, I had a bad feeling at the Obama speech in Madison. Now, I know that Madison, Wisconsin is not the most gun-friendly town in the US. But it only takes one fucking nut, y’know? There weren’t any metal detectors at all in Madison, and the gate security types only did the most cursory check–they just asked you to open your coat, and, if you had a purse, they glanced inside. Keep in mind that people dressed for a Wisconsin winter have lots of places to conceal weapons on their persons. All it takes is one douchebag with a nine tucked in the back waistband of his pants in a situation where security is that lax.

That the feds weren’t concerned about a presidential candidate’s security is, at best, a fuck-up of colossal proportions.

I know it’s really difficult to provide meaningful security at large gatherings, but passing through a metal detector should be a bare minimum.

A black man is a serious contender for the Presidency of the United States. To say that this fact does not sit well with a lot of people in this country is a massive understatement. Security should be especially vigilant around Senator Obama. I wish that wasn’t the case, but I’m afraid it is. In living memory, black men and women have been killed not just for leading, but for daring to stand up. There are the well known cases, like MLK and Medgar Evers, and lesser-known incidents, including the one I’d like to share with you now.

Once upon a time near Hattiesburg, Mississippi, there lived a man named Vernon Dahmer, Sr. He owned a farm, a sawmill, and a general store. By the standards of small-town/rural Mississippi in the middle of the 20th century, he was quite well-to-do. Oh, and he was black. That detail will become very important to the story. He was active in the local NAACP, and worked diligently to get other black Mississippians registered to vote. That’s right. He wanted citizens to vote. He wanted them to vote so badly that he paid the poll tax for many local black residents out of his own pocket. Clearly, this man was a dangerous radical whose continued rabble-rousing just could not be tolerated.

So, in January of 1966, the local KKK came calling at the Dahmer house. They firebombed his house. Dahmer grabbed his shotgun and laid down covering fire (the Klan started shooting, attempting to kill his family as they escaped the blaze). He drove off the attackers, but was so badly burned that he died the next day.

That was 42 years ago. In 1998, a racist asshole named Sam Bowers was finally convicted of murder for ordering the attack, and that sorry bastard died in prison a few years later.

Think about that: Not too many years ago, a group of “concerned citizens” attacked and murdered a man (and attempted to murder his family)because he wanted black people to vote. That was his “crime.”

If you think there are no more people like Sam Bowers in this world, then I’m afraid I have to tell you you’re very, very wrong. Consider the recent episode in Jena, LA, where some white people hung a noose from a tree because a few black kids dared to sit in the shade.

So please, Secret Service. Get on the fucking ball. Oh, and that deputy police chief who said that the 17,000 people in attendance were a “friendly crowd” needs to either smarten the fuck up or shut the fuck up. You’d expect a cop to know better than that shit.

On The Road Bookblogging: Pictures, Reviews Edition


You all turned out in FORCE today. THANK YOU.

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Had a Pocketful of Horses, Fucked the Shit out of Bears

As the good people atLawyers, Guns, and Money remind us, today is Washington’s birthday.

And, just as I have for the last few anniversaries of that portentous birth, I submit the above: an entirely factual video review of George Washington’s life.


Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

Oh, Lord.Snott Stanzel Blames The Trial Lawyers

Q Okay, and one quick follow up on that. As I understand it, the sticking point is really about retroactive immunity for the telecoms, not prospective immunity. So help me understand the administration’s argument that without this retroactive immunity, the telecoms would be reluctant in the future to cooperate with a surveillance request. If prospective immunity is already assured, I don’t understand how retroactive immunity has any effect.

MR. STANZEL: Well, retroactive immunity is something that the DNI has spoken regularly about. He spoke last weekend about it on one of the Sunday programs. And it’s important that we provide that retroactive immunity for companies that were alleged to have helped after the 9/11 attacks.

What we have is a situation now where the Protect America Act was let to expire, calls into question prospective retroactive — or prospective immunity. And the more uncertainty there are on these issues, the less willing these companies are going to be, presumably, to put their shareholders at risk of these multi-billion dollar lawsuits.

Q But let’s assume it was passed with prospective immunity — which is had, you know, six months ago — but retroactive immunity wasn’t there. Wouldn’t that solve the concerns?

MR. STANZEL: We have always been supportive of providing retroactive immunity to the companies that felt a patriotic duty to help their country in the aftermath of the most significant terrorist attack in the history of this nation. We think that’s important.

The opposing arguments for that I assume are because they want trial lawyers to be able to sue those companies. We don’t think that’s right. We think that we should provide that immunity and we think that that’s necessary.

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Friday Ferretblogging: Don’t Go To Work, Mom Edition


“At least, not until AFTER I claw my way in here, shred your presentation and eat your lipstick!”


Thank You!

To everybody who came out to the first book event last night.



Nagin loses it

On WWL today, Nagin went off on a rant against local media and others.You can see video and read transcripts of Part Ihere and Part IIhere. As I watched the video I thought Nagin seemed sad, pathetic, infuriating and though I hate this word–unhinged. At one point interviewer Sally Ann Roberts even questions his mental health.

When Nagin stated…”I don’t know if I can work any harder than I am right now”… ironically and unfortunately I think that is the most honest statement of self awareness from the Mayor though not in the way he intends it. I don’t know why anyone would look to Nagin doing more or better any time in the future. Nothing in the past demonstrates he has stepped it up. It would seem all there is to look forward to is his departure from public office.

Adrastos andDangerblond have more.

Here are 2 parts of the transcript…

Nagin: My
disappointment is the way some in the media are handling me
personally…Our local newspaper for example had me pointing a gun at the
police chief, this got all over the internet, all over the nation, and
is now sitting on the most racist web sites in America, hate groups now
have that picture, so now I am personally more at risk, my family is
more at risk. 

And I’m a little
upset with this station cause you advertising about the ratings, about
what’s getting ready to happen with my schedule, you put my personal
schedule out there, I am coming back to the station and me and your
news director are going to be out in the parking lot having a good one
on one.

You do not put my family at risk.

Paulsen: This was a schedule from last year.

Nagin: I don’t care. That schedule has formal stuff on it. It has
patterns on it and now you have these Aryan race people focused on me
and you have some mental cases out in this community and you’re getting
ready to put my schedule out there. Where are the other elected
official’s schedule? Are you going to do a follow up on that? This has
gone beyond the point of reasonableness.


People who are listening to you speak, people who care about you, may
be worried about you because of your emotional state.

Nagin: Because it’s crossed the line Sally, it’s gotten personal now. I
don’t appreciate the fact that I’m being exposed and my family is being
exposed now. That was not part of this deal.

Paulsen: You’ve gotten a lot of heat over the past couple of years. I’ve never seen you this emotional.

Nagin: Well because, your newscast, the local newspapers, are feeding
these awful, ugly talk shows that are feeding these blogs. If you go
look at some of these blogs out there and some of the stories that come
from the paper and you read the comments, it’s some of the most vile,
angry, people that I’ve ever seen in this community.

Paulsen: Are you concerned about your safety?

Nagin: I’ve got coverage. If somebody approach me wrong, I’m going to
cold cock them. That’s the bottom line. You can come with that
foolishness if you want, but you’ll see a side of Ray Nagin that you
haven’t seen.

Uh Oh

Replace “Totem Pole” with “Iraqi Freedom,” and that’s about right.

So.Turkey has invaded Iraq. Turkish TV reports that just under a whole division (10,000 troops) has crossed into northern Iraq. Can shit get any more fucked up there?

Also, for the record, this is the kind of understatement the British are famous for:

A senior U.S. State Department official said the land incursion was “not the greatest news.”

Ya think? I’m guessing the Brits might get mad at our State Department for horning in on their massive understatement action.

Say it with me: “No one could have anticipated the Turkish invasion of northern Iraq.”

All we need now is a First Draft pool for time until some Bush official makes the previous statement. I’m gonna go with the Press Secretary in today’s press briefing. Your thoughts?

Oh Noes!

Listed for a cold cocking…

And Furthermore Notice

UPDATE II: On a more serious note are these questions fromDambala at American Zombie blog

Nagin claims that the picture the TP published of him pointing a gun at
Cheif Riley has been picked up by racist blogs and websites. Where are
they? Which sites is he talking about? I’ve been looking for about 2
hours on Google and I haven’t found a single one. Can anybody point one

Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: McCain/Lobbyist Meltdown!

They’re stunned. If you hadn’t nailed them to the perch:

Bye bye McCain, this is the bombshell that will destroy McCain, it is allover for the GOP this election, the only question is will it be Hillary or Obama now the McCain is 100% finished…

Yes, now John McCain will see, I hope, that the news media is NOT his friend.

Did he think the dems wouldn’lt use this against him? He’s dreaming. The liberal press puts him out there as the only candidate who can win, then discredit him so that obama and hillary can have a clear field…

So that’s the FLAILBOAT edition. Then you have the defenders, who go right to the “but Obama had gay sex with hookers while high on coke” place:

Obama…gay sex and drugs in limo…

Hillary…relationship with Huma and Hubbel…

McCain…likes to pretend he’s 25…

Oh, and Hillary’s a lesbian, too. It’s just one big orgy in the biggest closet in the whole world.

Fortunately, there are people who throw the ice-cold water of “who ELSE you gonna vote for, chump?” on the whole business:

Why should this destroy McCain? After all if true it is his private life. Isn’t this what we were told in regard to the bent one? It is his business not ours. Slimes are in the sewer again along with the scum at msnbc. We will be better off with McCain rather than the two empty suits that the democrats have out there.

But we’ll all be okay once Mitt gets back in it:

McCain must now step aside, and Romney needs to get back in. Romney endorsed McCain and sent him his delegates. Now McCain must return the favor. For the good of the party.



Scandalous…He’s so scandalous.

Oh noes! McCain scandal!

Cue 2Pac:

Dangerous and ambitious, while schemin on gettin riches
I’m spittin at tricks cause I’m addicted to pretty bitches
Currency motivated, not easily terminated
Now that we made it, my homiez can never be faded

Oh yeah. He’s so skandalouz.

Everyone’s heard aboutthis story by now.

What negative effect will it have on McCain’s candidacy? I’m gonna go out on a limb and make a prediction: None.

That’s right. None.

The story came out on Wednesday evening, one day after McCain effectively locked up the GOP nomination. There aren’t any more contests for two weeks, so the story has time to make its way through the news cycle and die. Even if there’s still some negative press for the next couple of primaries, this story cannot last until after the conventions. Six months is an eternity in political time. Don’t believe me? Six months ago, Rudolph Giuliani was the front-running Republican.

We don’t have a dedicated cable news channel or a slew of radio talk shows to keep flogging this (a la Whitewater), and we probably wouldn’t, anyway. So he may have had an affair eight years ago. That’s shitty, but it’s a private matter for the McCains to sort out. I’m deliberately ignoring the lobbyist/influence peddling angle, because that’s not the sort of story that sticks, and that’s not how I saw the story presented on television. They’re playing up the affair part–naturally, since it’s the less serious, more salacious, higher-ratings-getting portion of the story. I’d like for this to make a dent in the MegaMaverick image (because it really is just an image), but fat fucking chance of that happening.

The McCain people were on all the morning shows (Today, GMA, etc) and the cable channels pushing back today, touting McCain’s honesty (and using made-up words like “legitimatize”) and pimping the story that Walnuts McBlowuptheworld is the nemesis of lobbyists and special interests. Interestingly, they’re not as worried about the affair angle. They know what’s important–the “Straight Talk” image. That’s the kind of storyline that pays off, and thus must be guarded jealously.

If anything, I’d guess this will boost McCain’s wingnut cred. You know, the “liberal” NY Times is attacking another poor Republican, etc. Remember–no matter what happens, it’s always good news for Republicans!

Anyway, that’s the way I see it. Hows about you?

Your President Speaks! AGAIN!

Today, inMonrovia, Liberia.

John McCain Has Been Getting Some “Liberty” On The Side

The name of your country, Liberia, means, “land of the free,” and there is no place I feel more welcome than a land where liberty is love and the hope of freedom reigns.

Lessons Learned, Again

You know, one of the things I’ve learned, and I suspect the people of Liberia have learned: It’s easier to tear a country down than it is to rebuild a country.

Also today, also inMonrovia, Liberia.

When Homilies Collide

And so our desire in the United States is to answer the universal call to love a neighbor and to help those — I believe to whom much is given, much is required.

What It’s All Aimed At

And so our initiative on malaria, or the AIDS initiative, is all aimed at saving lives, which in essence helps save societies.

What You Got To Do

I hope you’re not nervous. I bet you’re not, because all you got to do is tell us what’s on your mind.

Your President Speaks!

Today, inMonrovia, Liberia

Your President Offers An Eloquent Toast

I can’t think of a better place to finish than in — with our dear friend, Liberia.

Lessons Learned

It is easy to destroy a country; it is hard to rebuild a country.

Columnwhoring: Vote is a Vote


Naturally I would like to see our next president get as many votes as possible from as many parts of the country and kinds of constituents as possible, all the better to put an end to the idea that we are a country divided and the only style of governance is President Bush’s 51 percent arrogance.

I would like to see a president who can galvanize men and women, black and white, rich and poor, into a movement to fix our broken government and heal our country’s viciousness within and without.

I’d also like a pony and a tree that produces cotton candy and $50 bills.

The man or woman who wins the election is the man or woman who gets the most votes. Not votes from women, or votes from whites, or votes from blacks, or votes from people younger than 30 or older than 55. The most votes, period.

If that’s Obama because he turned out black voters, that’s Obama, nonetheless.

If that’s Hillary because she turned out women, that’s Hillary, just the same.