Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Paralyzed From Within!!!11!

Let the McCain revisionism begin. Five seconds after he wins Wisconsin, the Freepi have begun to forget how much they hate his ass and have turned their attention to America’s true enemy:

Very good speech by McCain. Laced with humility.

I have to agree, I haven’t seen much of him this year, but this one was very very good.

He took on Obama head-on, placing a nice gut shot on foreign policy.

More great lines: “I am not the most youthful candidate but I am the most experienced”

He also said that he owed America far more than it owed him. That one is particularly humbling given his sacrifices in Vietnam.

When compared to Obama, he’s a right wing extremist.

Liberalism is what is killing us. Not Islam. We can easily deal with radical Islam and those idiots who espouse it, but only if we are not paralyzed from within by liberalism. McCain will fight Islamofacists in Iraq but let em in wholesale across our southern border. He has no respect for your rights, he doesn’t like conservatives, and he will continue the now time-honored (by the MSM) path towards the internal disintegration of this nation. The muslims are the least of our worries.

OK, good night and sweet dreams. McCain gave a great speech and I meant it.

McCain 2008

It doesn’t matter whether you want a part of it or not. If you’re an American you’re part of it. Obama is gonna win the dem primary. He’s an inexperienced socialist who is convinced that government is the answer and you my friend are there to fund it. He will cripple our ability to fight and detect terrorists. He will spend yours and my tax money funding abortion worldwide. He will work every day to disarm us. McCain will do none of that. my posts…i am as anti McCain as someone was…but he did give a good speech..and I can’t stand demorats and osama…therefore i am on board…Go McCAin..

This is going to be so much FUN.


7 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Paralyzed From Within!!!11!

  1. OT: I have a fun apolitical version of your Obsession with the Freepi.
    I read the YouTube comments on 80s metal videos.
    Def Leppard, ‘Rock of Ages’:
    “i’m 12 now, but i remember when i was like 10 i loved hip hop and rap… what a mistake i made… my parents always listened to the 80 and 70’s and stuff in our house and i became addicted! i love it! ROCK ON DEF LERPPARD!”
    “I am eleven an I am growing up listining to this rap and hip-hop shit, and all I hear is talking. They don’t make music like this anymore… Long live the 80’s!”
    Motley Crue, ‘Home Sweet Home’
    “They used to have a competitive phone in show for videos on MTV (top 10) and for months and months it was this video, “A Shot in the Dark” by Ozzy, and some WASP video in the 1, 2 and 3 in some order or another. The same 3 day after day. I think they finally gave up and canceled the show.
    Anyone else remember that? Anyone else remember when they actually had videos on MTV?”
    “i know what you mean
    all that emo and MTV shit.
    im 15 but that doesnt mean jack
    my gen is keepin this stuff alive”
    “damn those stupid emos who killed the really good rock.”
    “what’s “Emos?”
    Motley Crue, ‘Kickstart My Heart’
    “saw em when i was 13 in duluth MN, they opened with Kick and it blew my fkn mind. I was only 13 but i was foever rocked.”
    “this probibly the best sonh ever made by Montley Crue”
    “this song is what made me start skydiving!”

  2. The happy banker who set up my latest financial business was named Osama. I just mention it in case some Freeper or other is reading. (You know, dudes, if you’d stop being opposed to rational healthcare, you wouldn’t be in the poorhouse from stroking out…)

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