Columnwhoring: Vote is a Vote


Naturally I would like to see our next president get as many votes as possible from as many parts of the country and kinds of constituents as possible, all the better to put an end to the idea that we are a country divided and the only style of governance is President Bush’s 51 percent arrogance.

I would like to see a president who can galvanize men and women, black and white, rich and poor, into a movement to fix our broken government and heal our country’s viciousness within and without.

I’d also like a pony and a tree that produces cotton candy and $50 bills.

The man or woman who wins the election is the man or woman who gets the most votes. Not votes from women, or votes from whites, or votes from blacks, or votes from people younger than 30 or older than 55. The most votes, period.

If that’s Obama because he turned out black voters, that’s Obama, nonetheless.

If that’s Hillary because she turned out women, that’s Hillary, just the same.


5 thoughts on “Columnwhoring: Vote is a Vote

  1. i want a goose that lays gold eggs.
    i also want a world free of teevee gnews. and bean counters.
    i got an e-mail from my aunt who lives up nort WI. formerly big bush booster jeff voted for obama WAY BEFORE his roll. and carla who was really freaked by 9/11 voted obama too.
    this is a god thing. AND pro-lie mom georgie voter is also leaning obama. ditto-head bro was for mittens. so not all good. will have to ask other relatives.
    so far it’s an obama landslide!

  2. You have a hyphen in place of an equals sign in yourlink to nowhere. And also, the person with the most votes does not necessarily win (though maybe that’s discussed in the unlinked article).

  3. This is a history nerd quibble but in 1787 it would have been better for slaves and abolitionists if slaves had been counted as zero-fifths of a person instead of three-fifths. The 3/5 compromise gave more power through representation to the states that supported slavery and relatively less power to their allies in free states.

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