2 thoughts on “Hilarious

  1. Ah, memories of the girls in grade school and Jr. High. My greatest, er I meant their greatest science fair projects were an integrated steel mill made of wood blocks and wine carafes; and a 2 liter pop bottle rocket. I had a pretty bad burn on my hand and arm trying to figure out how to get the pop bottle rocket to go, but it was worth it! (Never did win any ribbons in the regional’s though, dammit.)
    I my defense I made the kids do all the work, and fill out all the data charts, etc. The big winners were always the ones where the parents totally took control. I would only go halfway, getting honorable mention instead. These things put a lot of pressure on geeky parents with tech backgrounds/jobs.

  2. God, I hate science fair and history fair. Punishments inflicted on parents for stupidly reproducing. So I picked “EVPs: Voices from the Beyond” for my spawn’s last science project. Trips to cemetery included.

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