Scandalous…He’s so scandalous.

Oh noes! McCain scandal!

Cue 2Pac:

Dangerous and ambitious, while schemin on gettin riches
I’m spittin at tricks cause I’m addicted to pretty bitches
Currency motivated, not easily terminated
Now that we made it, my homiez can never be faded

Oh yeah. He’s so skandalouz.

Everyone’s heard aboutthis story by now.

What negative effect will it have on McCain’s candidacy? I’m gonna go out on a limb and make a prediction: None.

That’s right. None.

The story came out on Wednesday evening, one day after McCain effectively locked up the GOP nomination. There aren’t any more contests for two weeks, so the story has time to make its way through the news cycle and die. Even if there’s still some negative press for the next couple of primaries, this story cannot last until after the conventions. Six months is an eternity in political time. Don’t believe me? Six months ago, Rudolph Giuliani was the front-running Republican.

We don’t have a dedicated cable news channel or a slew of radio talk shows to keep flogging this (a la Whitewater), and we probably wouldn’t, anyway. So he may have had an affair eight years ago. That’s shitty, but it’s a private matter for the McCains to sort out. I’m deliberately ignoring the lobbyist/influence peddling angle, because that’s not the sort of story that sticks, and that’s not how I saw the story presented on television. They’re playing up the affair part–naturally, since it’s the less serious, more salacious, higher-ratings-getting portion of the story. I’d like for this to make a dent in the MegaMaverick image (because it really is just an image), but fat fucking chance of that happening.

The McCain people were on all the morning shows (Today, GMA, etc) and the cable channels pushing back today, touting McCain’s honesty (and using made-up words like “legitimatize”) and pimping the story that Walnuts McBlowuptheworld is the nemesis of lobbyists and special interests. Interestingly, they’re not as worried about the affair angle. They know what’s important–the “Straight Talk” image. That’s the kind of storyline that pays off, and thus must be guarded jealously.

If anything, I’d guess this will boost McCain’s wingnut cred. You know, the “liberal” NY Times is attacking another poor Republican, etc. Remember–no matter what happens, it’s always good news for Republicans!

Anyway, that’s the way I see it. Hows about you?

8 thoughts on “Scandalous!

  1. I dunno, Jude, it seems to me that this would be quite the opportunity for those who were rending their garments and gnashing their teeth at the prospect of McCain as the nominee. It would be one thing if the entire Republican party and all its noise machine were behind him, but they aren’t. I think if this story gets traction (and the influence-peddling angle is the one I’m keeping my eye on–the Times and WaPo have more than they’ve given so far), then Romney gets back in the race.
    And Huckabee will go ballistic.
    All that talk of how bad it would be for the Dems to have a brokered convention? Nothing compared to what happens if McCain is forced out of the race now.

  2. And may I add, as one of the feminine persuasion who is of an age with Vicki Iseman,
    Was she hard up, or what?
    Sorry, but I had to say it.

  3. You know, the “liberal” NY Times is attacking another poor Republican
    True, except the NYT endorsed McCaindidate in the NY primary over the hometown boy. If the wingnutz actually read the Times it might curb some of those knee-jerk reflexes.
    The nutters may not care, but this could seriously damage his standing with independents who identify with his carefully groomed “outsider” image…and at this point, the GOP needs to peel off as many independents as possible to stay viable.

  4. Oh, BuggyQ–
    This was eight years ago, when McCain was a studly young, uh, 63. Yeah.
    Y’know, I just don’t see the appeal in women half my age. Partly because they’re not quite of legal age yet. But, more than that, we just don’t have anything in common. Maybe that will change when I’m sixty and half my age is thirty. But I fuckin’ doubt it.

  5. I actually completely agree with you, Jude. The people who get off on faux-outrage over “OMG THE CHILDRUN!!!11” are already venting their outrage at the oh-so-liberal New York Times on this.
    Which should be a lesson for the Times, really. No matter how many times you hire Bill Kristol, THEY HATE YOU ANYWAY and always will. It just takes one story that doesn’t openly carry water for someone remotely associated with Republicans, and all of a sudden, you’re right back to trying once again to prove your conservative street cred. It’s an impossible task, and it would piss me off watching them try to “neutralize” attacks that have absolutely fuck-all to do with anything remotely fact-based, except that I’m so embarrassed for them (did they think it would WORK?) that I can’t watch.

  6. I’m wondering several things
    1) Looking at McCain’s wife and the possibility of the lobbyist – why is everyone McCain goes out with not even 1/2 his age?
    2) I can hear it now: Clinton did it first!
    3) If he threw laws, reguations, and contracts for a lover, that is malfeasance. If he does this as a Congressman, won’t he have more power to do this as a prez?
    4) As I used to live in SC, I remember how he got swift-boated there and have to give allowance to the idea that this is swift-boating.
    OTOH – there is no way at all that I would ever vote for McCain.

  7. liberal media. this is the conservatives getting pissy mittens wasn’t picked by the sheeple. this just trying to make mcinsain look alive.
    and this was 2000 or so. ancient history. mcinsain was probably trying to avoid this woman.

  8. I’m with ya Jude, nothing,zip,zilch,nada… and it’ll give him conservative street cred. The nasty liberal NYT is attacking him He must be a true conservative.
    A., please do a visit to the dark side, Freeper edition for this. Please, pretty, please.

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