Wisconsin Primary Thoughts

Wrong Wisconsin. My bad.

Looking at last night’s results: Wow.

Senator Obamacrushed. Crushed. Theexit polling breakdown is also interesting. Obama captured nearly every group measured. I feel kind of bad for Sen. Clinton, but Obama has been running a much better campaign. And people are passionate about him. I know that, in the dipshit world of the Kewl Kidz, passion = bad. But those fucks are wrong about everything else, so why listen to them on this?

Wisconsin has an open primary, and voters can register at the polling places on election day. So there really aren’t any barriers to participation. That, coupled with the high level of interest in this election, resulted in 1,502,304 total votes being cast (that’s with 99% reporting; thus, this total will increase slightly in the next few days). Those million-and-a-half votes represent 45.5% of all registered voters in Wisconsin.

Forty-five percent of registered voters turned out in four-degree weather to vote in a primary election. That’s news I like to know. Wisconsin traditionally hashigh primary turnout, but this level is amazing even by cheesehead standards.

Of those primary voters, 73.1% chose to vote for Democratic candidates. That makes me feel pretty good about the general in November. More than two-and-a-half times as many people chose to participate in the Democratic primary than the Republican one. In fact, here’s how good the news is for Democrats. The losing candidate on the Democratic ticket, Senator Clinton, still got more than twice as many votes as the winner of the Republican contest (Senator McCain). That’s astonishing. Sen. Obama picked up 2.88 times more votes than did Sen. McCain. Of course, participation in the Democratic primary in February is no guarantee of a Democratic vote in the general. There’s more excitement in the Democratic primary race, and thus more incentive to vote. Still, though, this is a state in which Kerrybarely eked out a victory four years ago. I think Wisconsin will be solidly in the Democratic column this time around.

I’m not saying we need to sit back and relax. Not at all. But, again, this information bodes extremely well for November.


Oh, and Sen. Obama won the Hawaii caucuses in a walk. That makes it ten in a row.

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin Primary Thoughts

  1. Older white women? My 69-year-old white mother changed her vote from Clinton to Obama in the last 24 hours before the WI primary.
    That would be my “Joe-McCarthy-was-a-good-guy” voted-for-George-Wallace-for-preznit 69-year-old white mother.
    Just sayin’. I never woulda thunk it. Glad I drove her to the polls.

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