6 thoughts on “It’s Raining Ponies

  1. WTF? 19% JAR? Down from 34% a month ago?
    If it’s not an outlier, something weird is happening. Maybe the Koolaid is wearing off.
    My theory? I think the more people see of the president-in-waiting (no matter which one you think it will be) the less they like the current resident.

  2. That, BuggyQ, and the long-delayed acknowledgment of the collapse of the housing bubble.
    We should note here that ARG has not been the best polling group lately. I’m not sure why. I couldn’t find any material about their sampling frames during my quick perusal of their site.
    Yeah, I’m a statistics nerd. My bad.

  3. The real question in my mind is what strange processes are going on in the minds of the 19% who still thing little George is doing a good job? Those must all be CEO’s of major corporations, contemplating their golden parachute agreements, and major stock holders in the armament industries, contemplating the looming need to totally resupply the military.

  4. Holden should get a frigging stallion.
    And David Broder, what should he get except the manure from all of those horses?
    This vindicates my long-held numerical analysis that indicates that the true crazybase is really only 17% of the population, who are really so easily led and so insulated from any real news that they can stay in their bubble.

  5. stallion? how bout a flying clydesdale.
    yeah, the coming change and more obama speeches. we can kiss anymore press conferences goodbye.

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