“The Next Ronald Reagan”

Sosaid Rush recently of La Gov Bobby Jindal. Yeah that’s the Ticket.
Oh Wait…

Gov. Bobby Jindal gave a handful of lawmakers free tickets to a
Hannah Montana concert weeks before calling them into session to ban
free tickets from lobbyists for legislators.
(Baton Rouge Advocate)

And fromJindalWatch comes this great video to bring you up to speed onall this. Hat tip to Oyster. Enjoy

3 thoughts on ““The Next Ronald Reagan”

  1. Uh, I don’t get it.
    Is Jindal a hack actor/turncoat union leader?
    Then how can he be the next Saint Ronnie? Has he been hanging out with a chimpanzee?

  2. Honestly, the situation is bad enough that the ethics crowd used free tickets they should have had their staffers stand in line/wait on hold for and been paid for…but my mind is STILL reeling that “Hannah Montana” is some sort of phenomenon…for the love, she’s some stupid Disney-trumped up pseudo-star. After the last year of the Houston Rodeo when my coworkers were literally DESPERATE for tix to HM’s appearance (and then the whatzit “cheetah girls”??!), they were on the verge of spending HUNDREDS of dollars to get their little girls into the show…?!?!?!? WTF is WRONG w/these people? And so many “good parents” DID spend ungoddessly sums of lettuce on the tix…for what? A flippin’ hour (if that) of “concert” in an acoustically-challenged stadium – AFTER an evening of damned-near/for sure animal abuse…!?!?!?
    I know I don’t have kids, and my horror at such tales of overspending for no return on investment besides no tirades for about 24 hours around the event is very apparent, but dammit, there are MUCH better things to blow that kind of money on – like food/clothing/shelter, not some stupid ‘wunderkind’ merchandising moll’s trilling and dancing. I don’t get it.
    Do parents no longer possess the ability to say “I am sorry, darling, but your personal c.d. player/mp3 player/blu-ray dvd player and associated HM-related media will have to suffice, we just cannot go.” Or, in briefer terms “Hell no!”?!?!?!?!?
    And goodness knows, I have seen more than my share of “hannah montana”-related cakes (oh, and “high school musical”) on cakecentral to make me throw up at the merest mention… I refuse to do ‘character’ cakes of such “licensed” crap.
    Sorry, that shit just ticks me off. And to think, the Louisiana gub’mint was GIVEN tickets and considered it such a ‘special’ thing, like an audience w/someone who actually makes a difference to humanity’s plight, not Disney’s coffers…I am flummoxed.
    arrrrrrggghhh!!!! So, since I did the pedestrian thing by buying my tickets to see Marilyn Manson in a few weeks and am eagerly awaiting the Cure’s concert in June (that I have floor seats to) – I am not ‘honorable’ in the eyes of the political movers/shakers of Louisiana?
    Okay – rant subsiding…Hannah Montana, hock ptoooey! and to the Louisiana gub’mint takers – I fahrt in your zhenerall directionnn!!!

  3. apparently hannah is safer than, is there a new tiger beat boy?
    i think this is a baby boomer influenced ‘disease’. the beatles generation is remembering when their parents did or didn’t let them see the beatles or whatever band they adored. it’s the concert generation cubed.
    i always prefered a record or CD that i could play and replay. pfft. how much for a ticket???

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