Oh Noes!

Listed for a cold cocking…

And Furthermore Notice

UPDATE II: On a more serious note are these questions fromDambala at American Zombie blog

Nagin claims that the picture the TP published of him pointing a gun at
Cheif Riley has been picked up by racist blogs and websites. Where are
they? Which sites is he talking about? I’ve been looking for about 2
hours on Google and I haven’t found a single one. Can anybody point one

3 thoughts on “Oh Noes!

  1. One of my favorite videos. I originally saw it with the title, “Why sumo is better than karate.” 😉
    My first reaction to your note about Nagin is that it would make a nice picture for a racist blog. But then I started thinking that machine guns are high tech and the people in the photo are nicely dressed. The NeoNazi crowd would want a disheaveled looking black man with a lower tech weapon.

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