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“people making the decisions can’t handle that responsibility anymore”

Face it there isn’t a number that could make theFreepi think it wasn’t such a good idea.

But somelocal families who lost loved ones to this war think 4000 is enough…

It’s nearly been three years since Mark Maida died while serving in Iraq.

At his parents home their is a whole room dedicated to the fallen soldier.

Pictures, plaques and even Mark’s drivers license.

There isn’t a day that goes by that they don’t think of him.

“I get up at 4am because that’s when he use to call. I still think
about him and can’t go back to sleep,” says Mark Maida’s father Ray.

There aren’t any pictures of Shane O’Donnell at his brothers apartment.

Eric O’Donnell says he relies on memories and this tattoo on his forearm to remember Shane.

“I thought it was something i could remember him by, i mean not that i
would ever forget him, but more like a badge of honor,” O’Donnell says.

Ray Maida’s other son also served in Iraq.

He remembers a conversation with his sons about their views on the war during their deployment
“Both didn’t feel like we belonged in Iraq,” Maida says.

Eric O’Donnell says his views on the war are up in the air, but
after reaching the grim milestone of 4,000 dead- he says one thing is

“I think it’s been obvious now that the people making the decisions can’t handle that responsibility anymore,” O’Donnell says.

Many have argued that pulling the troops out of Iraq now would mean that those who were killed died in vain.

But the Maida’s say keeping them their will mean more heart ache for more families.

“I personally feel I cant completely come to peace with Mark’s death until all the soldiers are home,” says Diane Maida.

86 Wisconsin Soldiers have died serving in Iraq.

Bush Administration Turned Down Post Katrina Foreign Aid

This has been known for some time but through FOIA’s CREW has uncovered the extent to which the Bush administration delayed, declined and failed to collect foreign aid pledged after Katrina.The Washington Post reports that CREW obtained over “10,000 pages of cables, telegraphs and e-mails from U.S. diplomats around the globe” and made them available to the paper. It is damning evidence of yet another Katrina failure by the administration of which CREW executive director Melanie Sloan stated, “It’s clear that they’re trying to hide their ineptitude, incompetence and malfeasance.”

Allies offered $854 million in cash and in oil that was to be sold
for cash. But only $40 million has been used so far for disaster
victims or reconstruction, according to U.S. officials and contractors.
Most of the aid went uncollected, including $400 million worth of oil.
Some offers were withdrawn or redirected to private groups such as the
Red Cross. The rest has been delayed by red tape and bureaucratic
limits on how it can be spent.

In addition, valuable supplies and
services — such as cellphone systems, medicine and cruise ships —
were delayed or declined because the government could not handle them.
In some cases, supplies were wasted.


In one exchange, State Department officials anguished over whether to
tell Italy that its shipments of medicine, gauze and other medical
supplies spoiled in the elements for weeks after Katrina’s landfall on
Aug. 29, 2005, and were destroyed. “Tell them we blew it,” one
disgusted official wrote. But she hedged: “The flip side is just to
dispose of it and not come clean. I could be persuaded.”

In another instance, the Department of Homeland Security accepted an
offer from Greece on Sept. 3, 2005, to dispatch two cruise ships that
could be used free as hotels or hospitals for displaced residents. The
deal was rescinded Sept. 15 after it became clear a ship would not
arrive before Oct. 10. The U.S. eventually paid $249 million to use
Carnival Cruise Lines vessels.

And while television sets
worldwide showed images of New Orleans residents begging to be rescued
from rooftops as floodwaters rose, U.S. officials turned down countless
offers of allied troops and search-and-rescue teams. The most common
responses: “sent letter of thanks” and “will keep offer on hand,” the
new documents show.

Overall, the United States
declined 54 of 77 recorded aid offers from three of its staunchest
allies: Canada, Britain and Israel, according to a 40-page State
Department table of the offers that had been received as of January

There is more and I highly recommend reading the whole article.

It is gut wrenching to learn that offers of troops and search and rescue teams were declined when they were so badly needed. Since last April the remains of at least 25 bodies have been discovered in New Orleans. Just this week the Orleans Parish coroner stated he expects more will be found and there are still homes that are untouched since Katrina. There were people who returned home months after Katrina to find the decaying remains of family members. And then there was Kimberly Polk. She had been searching months for her missing 5 year old daughter Sarena. She knew her search had ended when she learned from news accounts that a child’s body had been found in debris on March 24, 2006 still wearing a backpack. Sarena always wore her blue backpack. Her body had been found by a search and rescue team. Bless the individuals and dogs who did this work. But the backing of the leaders in the federal government was not there to back them. To say the Bush administration mismanaged it would be too kind. Theirs was an abject neglect of responsibilityand the suffering incurred as a result is unquantifiable. When the history is written it will be considered a shameful stain on America.

Just think what almost a billion in foreign aid could have done for the Gulf Coast. But it was simply turned down or lost to those in such great need then and now by an incompetent and arrogant administration. I hope someone has to go before Congress and explain but I’d rather each and everyone of them explain to Kimberly Polk…


We’re #1 We’re #1 We’re #1

Well something like that…

Madison’s Snow Total Reaches 100 Inches

Truly a historic day in Madison weather history.


As of about 5:30 Sunday evening, the Dane County Airport received 0.4
inches of snow, sending our seasonal snowfall total over the century
mark at 100.1 inches.


This is a first for Madison, and 27 Weather Central meteorologists say it’s likely something you will never see again.


49.9 inches is average for the entire season. We have more than doubled that.


A passing cold front is responsible for the snow showers and flurries we saw on Easter Sunday.

What an awful winter but it is now 47 degrees and I am going out!

Opening Day

Hey, everyone.

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Things have been somewhat crazy. But these things happen.

Today, as you may know, was the first day of the 2008 Major League Baseball season. My beloved Boston Red Sox won their first game of the year in Japan. In honor of this momentous day, I present the 1946 Warner Brothers cartoon entitled “Baseball Bugs.” This short contains my very favorite quote from all of animation: “Meh, watch me paste this pathetic palooka with a powerful, paralyzing, perfect pachydermous percussion pitch.” Enjoy!

Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, at theWhite House.

Memories of JimmyJeff

I’m a good fisherman; sometimes I’m a good catcher-man.

Later, also at theWhite House.


Ambassador Kakouris of — to Cyprus is with us — from Cyprus to U.S. is with us.

Parts Is Parts

We miss you around these parts. I don’t know if you miss these parts, but we miss you around these parts.

The Many Governments Of Greece

Please thank your governments [sic] for those strong signals that liberty is universal, and that liberty will bring the peace we all hope.

Your Feelings Don’t Matter

Look. Maybe it’s just that I spent a weekend drinking and talking about writing and the art of avoiding being a pussy with people who don’t have the particular problem of not being able to separate their own personal bullshit from, you know, the things that happen in the world, but I am just about full up to my fucking ears with this sudden need tovalidate the feelings of people like this.

On the other hand, I am sick to death of black people as a group. The truth. That is part of the conversation Obama is asking for, isn’t it? I live in an eastern state almost exactly on the fabled Mason-Dixon line. Every day I see young black males wearing tee shirts down to their knees — and jeans belted just above their knees. I’m an old guy. I want to smack them. All of them. They are egregious stereotypes. It’s impossible not to think the unthinkable N-Word when they roll up beside you at a stoplight in their trashed old Hondas with 19-inch spinner wheels and rap recordings that shake the foundations of the buildings. . . .

Here’s the dirty secret all of us know and no one will admit to. There ARE niggers. Black people know it. White people know it. And only black people are allowed to notice and pronounce the truth of it. Which would be fine. Except that black people are not a community but a political party. They can squabble with each other in caucus but they absolutely refuse to speak the truth in public.And this is the single biggest obstacle to healing the racial divide in this country.

Glenn’s commenters do a pretty good job of taking apart most of it, but the part I’ve bolded there is what I want to talk about. Because, fucking seriously? The inability of somebody to adequately call somebody else out for having clothes and a car which are not to your taste is the single biggest obstacle to healing the racial divide in this country? Fucking SERIOUSLY?

Fifteen miles south of the center of Chicago is an almost entirely black town in which I spent a great deal of time as a reporter. I used to drive down and carefully stop at stop signs, only to realize I don’t really need to stop at stop signs here, because a couple of years back, just about the whole entire police force was indicted for selling badges and influence, so ain’t nobody there to pull you over for failing to stop at a sign so rusted it was just about ready to fall off its pole. The town’s only librarian lived in a house with broken windows. The library was two rooms at a school, with donated books.

In this town, when I worked there, there was neither gas station, nor bank, nor restaurant. No stores, of any kind, not a single one. The schools have chains on the doors and the windows when you’re lucky open all the way in the summer and close all the way in the winter. If you’re lucky. Sometimes you’re not, so you either swelter or freeze. Don’t ask about air conditioning. The principal paid for a new coat of paint out of his own pocket, and an eighth grade boy, class president, told me he knew kids from other towns thought he and his classmates were losers. Thirteen years old.

But the inability of somebody to say that young black men this needy creep saw on a street corner should pull up their pants, that’s the biggest obstacle to healing the racial divide in this country.

It is long past fucking time we stopped equating things which are vastly unequal. The Chicago Tribune this morning has announced that we must all begindealing with our feelings, and it’s all very nice, that some people are going to feel better, but it is past fucking time that we cease to make feeling better our highest national objective, over, you know, DOING better. Yes, there needs to be greater understanding, tolerance and compassion. However, I don’t think the way you start the process towards that is equating decades of systemic discrimination which affects every aspect of someone’s life with having to see people wearing things you don’t like them wearing, or playing loud music or putting shiny hubcaps on their cars.

I don’t think you start a conversation towards racial healing with rewarding people who think their contrarian tendencies make them brave, who think it’s some kind of sincere rebellion to spout a bunch of ignorant horseshit, by making it important that they feel better in their ignorance. There’s a huge gulf between acknowledging white resentment is real, which Obama did, and putting sentiments like the above on a level of being the single most important obstacle toward healing the racial divide. Because, fucking no, okay? Fucking hell to the no, it doesn’t work that way, and if we are going to have this conversation, that’s where it needs to start, with telling this dude who thinks the biggest obstacle toward healing the racial divide is that he can’t say the N-word without risking getting his pasty ass beat, telling that dude to take his feelings and shove them in one of the many, many places where the sun doesn’t shine.


ps. Bravo’s Top Asshole up there is also a good time in that he demands all black people repudiate a short list of black people he finds offensive, in order to prove to him that they’re worthy of his love, or something. This kind of demand never fails to remind me of the abusive parent who tells the kid he’ll stop beating the child when the child stops being bad. It’s never true, it’s never fair, and it never fails to turn my stomach, so again, fold it four ways and go play in traffic.

Friday Ferretblogging: In Which We Learn That Not All Pet Gates Are Created Equal

Our kitchen door, which we use to keep the ferrets from crawling under the stove or behind the refrigerator, is busted at the moment. While we wait for Mr. A to get tired of looking for another solution and just let me weld the damn hinge back together already, we put up a gate to keep them in the dining room. It’s working out really well:

(We got a new plexi-glass gate off Amazon the next day.)


Summer Camp

I regret that I have but one country to give for my ego:

Only two weeks after the elections in November of 2008, The United States of America, a nation of former greatness lay in absolute desolate ruin. Within the previous 72 hours a series of eight successive, delayed nuclear devices had been detonated. Indescribably large portions of metro Washington D.C., Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and two thirds of the island of Manhattan have been turned into steaming craters. Millions are dead, President George W. Bush is in intensive care, two-thirds of the Cabinet – including the Vice President missing or dead.

President-elect Barack Obama faces the most enormous challenge of any incoming President in the history of the nation.

But why?

How did it happen?

Turn back the clock to the week of February 5, 2007. With a courageous handful of dissenting votes against the measures, the two houses of Congress – purposefully ignore the pleas of General David Petraeus and both pass non-binding resolutions that condemn the President’s call for victory. One comes from the Democratic controlled House condemning the President, his plan, and by implications the troops and the other from a U.S. Senate that ceases to even feign any faint resemblance to standing for victory.

Teh Crazy via Tbogg and World O’Crap.

I’ve never met anyone so in need of summer camp as Kevin McCullough.

Let me explain.

A couple of years ago I was driving home from work listening to NPR, and they did a whole series of audio diaries about summer camp, and life at camp. One of the things that interested me the most was a story about a guy who was nobody, he said, in his regular life. But at camp, he was The Big Guy, the one who could win the archery contest and paddle the canoe fastest and generally do a whole lot of things in a really awesome fashion that had no application in his non-camp life. Camp was where he was important. Camp was where he felt valued and good.

And let’s be honest, we’ve all got those places. I got into journalism because my entire life, my parents had been begging me to shut up. The joke is that I started talking at nine months and never stopped, but more than that, I was sarcastic and argumentative and always buzzing around pissed off about something, with my teenage authority issues and need to keep up a running commentary about everything. My college newspaper was the first place where people didn’t tell me to shut up. They told me to talk MORE, argue more, question more, write it all down. And when I did, they rewarded me with compliments and bylines. I was in heaven. I’d found the place where everything about me that was ugly and awkward and wrong was gloriously right, and you’d have to pry me away from the memory of that iwith a crowbar.

We’ve all got these places, spheres in which our skills are useful, our personalities fit. We’ve all got these places, into which we step and it’s like we’re doing what we were born to do. We’re uplifted, transformed, complete, singing to our gods in the voices given us. For the guy on the radio, it was summer camp. For you it might be music, or painting, or ditch-digging, or the law. Your local bar, the army, a sorority. We’ve all got these places.

I’m hideously disturbed by the idea that for Kevin McCullough and the rest of the bottom-feeding Town Hall rape-fantasy-and-torture-scenario crowd, the picture he paints above is his place. There’s a certain gleefulness about it, right? Like he can imagine himself fitting perfectly into this flattened dollhouse, all smoke and ruin and validation of his deepest hatreds and fears.

I’ve said for a hell of a fucking long time that lots of people took the attacks on 9/11 as either an excuse to be the asshole they’ve always wanted to be or some kind of personal petting from God, and that both responses diminish the attacks and make conversation useless. I’ve said for a long time that anybody who needs a major terrorist attack to give his or her life meaning is severely slacking at life to begin with, but the fact remains that there’s a hell of a lot of people who felt that hey, the earth’s caving in, all my GI Joe figurines will finally come in handy.

And the hardest part of finding your place is that sometimes you didn’t. Sometimes it’s a lie, sometimes it goes bad, sometimes it collapses. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and you realize that it wasn’t about the place at all, it was about you, and aren’t you a narcissistic bitch, and the whole myth you’ve built up, the story you’ve been telling yourself, just fucking falls apart in your hands.

Do you go looking further, or do you decide that what’s really important is that you’re proven right, and you scribble down some war-porn NC-17 fanfiction about a crisis scenario in which you’d be the hero everyone would look to and say, if only we’d heeded that wise man’s words? Like some horrible political theater production of Wait Till Your Dad Gets Home? Because in the end it’s not about the dead people, it’s about you being so very sure that here, you can win the archery contest, paddle the very fastest canoe?

Kevin McCullough needs to go to summer camp. He needs to realize that there are ways for him to feel valued that don’t involve irradiating American cities.

He needs to make lanyards for a while.


Creationists Rock

At least their idiocy gives rise to this:


So the other day I mentioned the Creationist Museum where dinosaurs are depicted as coexisting alongside human beings.

I realized the main reason why I know it isn’t true, or at least the reason why they couldn’t have been around as late as Jesus’ time: the Roman Empire. Because dammit, if the Romans had had access to dinosaurs, they woulda had twelve-year-old boys fighting as mounted skirmish archers on Deinonychus (the only dromaeosaurid big enough to carry an adult was Utahraptor, and its name should tell you why the Romans wouldn’t have had access to it). And they woulda had ceratopsians mounting ballistae, and trained packs of hunting raptors, and sauropods being used as huge armoured archery platforms and siege weapon carriers. And there would have been one or two recorded instances of tyrannosaurs being employed on the battlefield as random weapons of terror, or in the Colosseum against packs of slaves.

Let’s face it: if dinosaurs had existed during Jesus’ time, we’d all be speaking Latin now. This is, of course, assuming that Alexander hadn’t employed them in place of his silly war elephants, in which case we’d be speaking Greek. (And then the dinosaur names might be exactly the same as they are now, what with them mostly having Greek roots and stuff.)

And this all brings me to the best movie concept EVAR:Raptors of Rome.

I have no idea what the plot should be like, but it would involve the Roman military. Maybe some kid’s rise to power, through the ranks of the raptor archers to the height of general, through betrayal and suchlike. And at intervals we’d have to see some kickass battle scenes. We couldn’t lose! It’s like, if Gladiator and 300 had sex in the back of a ’57 Chevy, this is what you’d get.


Via Metaquotes.


My Question Is You Suck

I’m really sick of all those Canadian kids driving their sleds down the street really slow playing polka music at all hours and throwing fish at my house.

And so on. Look, I read and watched Obama’s speech the other day. I read the great piece by Chris Caldwell in Financial Times. If Tom Maguire thinks that when Obama was writing his speech and Caldwell was writing his piece, what they had in mind for a candid discussion about race was a bunch of jackasses stating “Here is what I hate about niggers,” then he probably really didn’t understand the speech or the FT piece.

Hilariously, that is EXACTLY what a certain subset of pissed off, self-pwning white dudes think when told there is going be an “honest” conversation about race somewheres. They think to themselves, “Finally, I will be able to vent my ill-informed rage against all black people, which I base upon that one time this dude in a stupid hat cut me off in traffic.” Promise them a chance to be honest, and they won’t say to themselves, “Hmm, perhaps I will come to admit that I am not king of the world because of my own mental shortcomings and lack of ambition, and because I am a whiny pussy unable to see all the ways in which I’m truly victimized through the haze of my Rush-induced intellectually fuzzwaddery.” They’ll say, “Finally someone will say what no one in the history of the world has ever said, which is PULL UP YOUR DAMN PANTS YOU KIDS and while you’re at it, off my lawn!”


Jobs Are For The Little People

Via Wolcott, we find The Anchoress’s commenters making fun of bookstore employees and plotting murder:

The staff of book stores are almost always out on the left tail of the curve of political opinion. They either don’t realize that setting the temperature that high will drive away customers or they don’t care all that much since it is just a slightly above minimum wage job to them and if the store closes they will either write that great novel that they have been thinking about or go to work at Tas-T-Freez. The Democrat bigshot already lives in a gated community and with his family already secure in government jobs is not likely to experience any of the less pleasant consequences of massive immigration.


Can you hear the “Let Them Eat Cake” attitude coming out of the mouths of those “gated community” inhabitants?

We all know what happened the last time someone said precisely that: head, guillotine, some assembly required. That’s something to ponder on.

Right out of college, I worked part-time in a little bookstore. We didn’t have sub-zero air conditioning, either, not because we were conserving energy but because thanks to the Dickens characters that were our landlords, the store barely broke even and there wasn’t enough money in the budget to double the electric bill every day in the summer. So yeah, it was warm, we kept the windows and door open, sold used books and hosted whoever wanted to make our place their hangout, recognizing that the more people who spent time there, the more stuff we sold. Like Wolcott, I hear the dulcet tones of utter bullshit in the unsolicited political commentary from the clerks and fellow customers; never once does anyone in a service job do that to customers, not and expect to keep her position. But what really stood out to me in these comments was the sense that the clerks … eh, fuck ’em, they’re just losers, really, who don’t need the job anyway. Because jobs are just toys, really, and another one can always be had.

Back then I badly needed that job to pay my own rent, since freelance writing then as well as now doesn’t exactly rake in the big bucks. It wasn’t something I was doing to pass the time before I wrote my novel (though I can’t speak for my fellow employees) and it certainly wasn’t something I was doing because the burger joint wasn’t hiring. I would have worked at that job quite happily the rest of my life had I not had to leave town, and to this day I consider the owner the best boss I ever had. I was working there because I loved books and literary people, because I needed a paycheck, because it was what I’d wanted to do since I first set foot in there years before.

Oh, and last I checked, writing a novel wouldn’t have gotten me out of part-time work, either. People who aren’t writers need to talk to a few before they mouth off about how we’re all living like Stephen King these days.

I’d say — without even touching the charming call for guillotining imaginary gated-community Democrats — that this is your typical rightwing contempt for the little people who need their jobs to survive, but that would be engaging in the kind of generalizations that, as the Anchoress herself so charmingly puts it, just alienate us from one another. God, I hate when that happens, too.


How The Game Is Played

The Editors, commenting further on the “today’s racist fuckwad” issue:

If this is how the Republicans run, they lose. And it is how they will run. They’ll try to keep it under the radar, but this is how they will run.

I hope you’re right. Judging by the ‘there, I said it!” catharsis and self-congratulation over there, there’s probably no way this sort of thing will be quiet at all. My worry is that Chris Matthews and Tim Russert will find it excitingly white working class down at the working-man’s bar and authentic, and end up asking Obama to denounce all of Allen Iverson’s tattoos, one at a time, in order to prove that, deep down, they aren’t metrosexual liberal English majors who wear make-up and put on shows, but are quite butch men of the people.

I don’t know how many times I have to type it in all caps, people:


You can spend all day, every day, from now until doomsday denouncing everything they want you to denounce, and at the end of ever denunciation you’ll face just one question: “Oh yeah? What about THIS?!” You’ll have gone through Iverson’s tattoos, past Dennis Rodman, straight through the lexicon of sportos through those commericals where Shaq rides a horse, and at the end of it all, just one question. Because the point is to prove something to them, and that something? It’s just how much you want their love.

No matter how much you prove it, it’ll never be enough for them. Never.


HUD’s “Grand Manner Style” portraits

From theDanbury Connecticut

NEWTOWN — Last September,
local artist Daniel Duffy was under the gun to complete a five-portrait
commission for the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development
by mid-October.

“I was going loony, working 18-hour days,” he said of painting pictures of HUD’s current secretary and his four predecessors.

he met the deadline and on Wednesday, the paintings, which range in
size from 30 by 40 inches to 30 by 48 inches, will be unveiled in HUD’s
Washington headquarters.

They represent a renewal of a
portraiture tradition that lapsed during the George H.W. Bush and
William J. Clinton administrations.

The article goes on to say that Duffy had “received an e-mail
from HUD officials last June asking if he would be interested in
submitting a proposal for a portrait of its current secretary, Alphonso
Jackson.” He sent off a proposal and quote of $20,000 for the portrait. HUD responded that for that price “they wanted a frame included.” In the end Duffy earned $100,000 because…

HUD also wanted portraits of
Jackson’s four predecessors, Mel Martinez, who served under the current
President Bush; Clinton appointees Henry Cisneros and Andrew Cuomo; and
Jack Kemp, secretary under President George H.W. Bush.

paintings were to be done in the grand manner style — formal
three-quarter portraits, ornately framed.
(my emphasis)

Now with all the money the Bush administration has squandered I suppose what’s another $100K? But when I read of the concern that payday loans at interest rates “as high as 800
percent” areexacerbating the housing crisis and I read how economists are staring into the abyss pondering its depth and I read that thelast hope in a weak economy for some people in their 50’s is to move back in with their parents…well somehow “grand manner style” portraits “ornately framed” seems just a bit in our face. Not to mention the irony of Alphonso Jackson’s apparent hopes to hang on the walls of HUD forevah giventhe investigations into possible cronyism and corruption andrecent calls for his resignation from members of the Senate.

WTF is wrong with these people?

Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: No We Can’t!

John McCain: America shouldn’t suck.


Voting for McCain will be tantamount to kissing our national sovereignty good bye.

Don’t let an opportunity to bag someone’s military service pass you by.

He was less of a traitor sitting in the cages in N. Vietnam.

Lean like a gringo!

Should I vomit now, or on election day when you create the first “Pray to…er, FOR El Jefe Presidente Juanito McAmnesty” thread?

Cylon Model Number Three weighs in.

Agree. Between Love and Fear, Fear is most certain to elicit the desired response and Love will only have an affect on those who have a conscience. In National Security matters I prefer to have a position that is based on strength (A Proxy for Fear) as opposed to depending on allegiances based on love. You can have both but you cannot have any reliable alliance or restraint that is only ‘Love’.

This guy got his copies of the Left Behind series SIGNED.

The first part of the op-ed had me gagging at his desire to reach out to allies in all things. Phrases like “democratic solidarity,” “transatlantic alliance,” “new global compact,” “League of Democracies,” “shared interests,” and “collective will” sound just like the Left. I don’t have a problem with respecting our allies and working together, but McCain goes way overboard as he does with calling for a “New Global Order.”

I want defense of our country to come before some world opinion… or world government.

This one’s determined not to let the Kossacks hog all the meta.

Back up your assertion that Calcowgirl is a Hillary lover.

Since I agree with her, show where I am a Hillary lover. My posts are there for all to see.

I don’t care if you are pro-Navy.

I want to see facts. Not tirades. Not personal attacks.

Your move.

And … wait, what?

McCain is nuttier than a rat turd in a pistachio factory.

Is that what the kids say these days?


Your President Speaks!

Thrusday, at theWhite House, during an interview with Voice of America’s Persian News Network (PNN?).

The People Respects

Secondly, that the people of the United States respects the people of Iran; that we respect the traditions of Iran, the great history of Iran.

Can’t Disinguish Iran from Iraq

It’s just sad that the leadership is in many ways very stubborn, because the Iraqi — the Iranian people are not realizing their true rights. And they’re confusing people in Iraq, as well, about their desires.

What The People Of Iran Got To Understand

Well, part of the problem is that it’s very hard for people to trust the Iranian government because they haven’t told the full truth, and that’s why the people of Iran have got to understand there are great suspicions right now, not only in the United States, but around the world.

Synaptic Static

But there is a better way forward. And I thought, for example, the Russians proposed an interesting way, that says — and I have said publicly, and the Iranian people need to know that I believe Iran has the right to have civilian nuclear power.

Calls The Iranians “It”

It would help solve the problem, and that is the Iranians wouldn’t need to enrich, it would have fuel for their reactor and the people would have cheaper electricity.

Words To Live By

In other words, I — once a nation hasn’t told the truth, it requires a lot of work to convince people that they’ll be telling the truth in the future.

Gender Issues

I’m concerned about a child wanting to gain the knowledge so that he or she can realize her God-given talents.


And any time a government is failing to meet the needs of people — or a lot of times, not “any time,” but a lot of times governments have failed to meet the needs of their people, particularly in relatively non-transparent, non-free societies they always look for somebody to blame.

It Is Irresponsible Remarks

It is irresponsible remarks like that which cause great credibility loss with the Iranian government, the actions of which are affecting the country.

Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: We Survived the Hurricane!

By all accounts, it is Gloriously Obtuse day on the Internet, as the Freepi discuss Sally Kern. First up, we have the Freepi fighting over which REAL enemy is the MOST REAl:

Our nation’s MOST serious and important threat is MARXISM!

Then we have “I’m fine, what’s YOUR problem?”

We can survive a nuclear suitcase bomb. Didn’t we lose an entire city to a hurricane? Didn’t we survive?

Who’s WE, motherfucker?

But wait! Sally Kern just meant RICH gays! You know, the ones who want to elect Iranians to kill them!

Largely ignored in this uproar is Kerns’ explanation that “her remarks were directed at wealthy, politically active homosexuals who are contributing money to gay and lesbian candidates for public office.”

Since these candidates are largely associated with the pro-defeat left, they are at least complicit in empowering terrorists. Since (as Ahmedinejad has assured us) there are no homosexuals in Iran, one wonders if the gay community might not be as much of a threat to itself as to anyone else.

Sally Kern needs your LOVE to survive! Clap harder!

Help this Patriot to withstand the al_Queera assualt against her and America.
Here’s a fight we can WIN – give her a call or email a supportive message.
Its us against THEM – the evil ones.

Wrap your mind around the ENDTIMEWARTHINGY.

As I have posted here often – the real fight now is the CultureWar and the Islamic threat is part of that AND that this “war” is a three-way fight. That the Islamist have been at this since they started in 635AD is a given but the fight is much older than them.

Only now is it coming down to the “EndTime War” that all this is working into a finale war is what makes it seem so “unreal” and too much to get ones mind around.

Then they go straight over the edge, passing delusional on the way down:

It matters what people post on this Forum.

Proper capitalization, however, doesn’t meanshit.


Is Dick Cheney A Muslim?


Some symbols, such as the color green, have been associated with Islam for a long time and in many areas; others are of more limited duration and extent.


Crusaders avoided using any green in their coats of arms, so that they could not possibly be mistaken for their Muslim opponents in the heat of battle.

I guess Dick Cheney doesn’t mind being mistaken for a Muslim.

AFP/Paul J. Richards