How The Game Is Played

The Editors, commenting further on the “today’s racist fuckwad” issue:

If this is how the Republicans run, they lose. And it is how they will run. They’ll try to keep it under the radar, but this is how they will run.

I hope you’re right. Judging by the ‘there, I said it!” catharsis and self-congratulation over there, there’s probably no way this sort of thing will be quiet at all. My worry is that Chris Matthews and Tim Russert will find it excitingly white working class down at the working-man’s bar and authentic, and end up asking Obama to denounce all of Allen Iverson’s tattoos, one at a time, in order to prove that, deep down, they aren’t metrosexual liberal English majors who wear make-up and put on shows, but are quite butch men of the people.

I don’t know how many times I have to type it in all caps, people:


You can spend all day, every day, from now until doomsday denouncing everything they want you to denounce, and at the end of ever denunciation you’ll face just one question: “Oh yeah? What about THIS?!” You’ll have gone through Iverson’s tattoos, past Dennis Rodman, straight through the lexicon of sportos through those commericals where Shaq rides a horse, and at the end of it all, just one question. Because the point is to prove something to them, and that something? It’s just how much you want their love.

No matter how much you prove it, it’ll never be enough for them. Never.


6 thoughts on “How The Game Is Played

  1. No matter how many times you describe a rainbow to a blind man, all he knows is the rain.

  2. commericals where Shaq rides a horse
    WTF? I don’t know what you’re talking about, but unless he’s “riding” riding, and not merely, you know riding a horse, I can’t imagine what I would denounce. Black people don’t even get to ride horses now?

  3. When do the denoucements of Tim McVeigh start? I wouldn’t want to miss out on them.

  4. And I won’t be satisfied until he denounces my homemade chili. It is really bad.

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