6 thoughts on “4,000

  1. I was thinking the same thing, spocko. Damn. Whatever we’ve accomplished there, the cost is too high.

  2. BuggyQ. Yep. Nobody talks about the Christians who are soldiers. Onward Christian soldiers! I guess it’s different since they don’t SAY they are killing for religion, but for the needs of a oil hungry country and a president who will make up stories to get a war. But that would be interesting to hear if they exist. Is there a soldier out there who will say “I’ve been killing these Iraqis in the name of Jesus.” I’m sure there are white pastors like Pat Robertson who will bless that.
    I heard on talk radio the weird comparison, “Well we lost 58 thousand in Vietnam and people are always trying to compare this to Vietnam and Vietnam was much worse. They caught themselves after the prompting of a caller who said, “all lives are precious” But they really DO like to point out that, heck, 4,000 is nothing compared to Vietnam. When they are really rolling they like to pull out WWII “We lost 4,000 in one battle in WWII!” Jerks.

  3. *shakes head* Hell, WW2was a mistake. The mistake in question was called the Treaty of Versailles…
    For what it’s worth, the Toronto Star had an article about the US casualties hitting 4000 on its front page online yesterday, but I didn’t see anything similar on a US newspaper site.

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