Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: We Survived the Hurricane!

By all accounts, it is Gloriously Obtuse day on the Internet, as the Freepi discuss Sally Kern. First up, we have the Freepi fighting over which REAL enemy is the MOST REAl:

Our nation’s MOST serious and important threat is MARXISM!

Then we have “I’m fine, what’s YOUR problem?”

We can survive a nuclear suitcase bomb. Didn’t we lose an entire city to a hurricane? Didn’t we survive?

Who’s WE, motherfucker?

But wait! Sally Kern just meant RICH gays! You know, the ones who want to elect Iranians to kill them!

Largely ignored in this uproar is Kerns’ explanation that “her remarks were directed at wealthy, politically active homosexuals who are contributing money to gay and lesbian candidates for public office.”

Since these candidates are largely associated with the pro-defeat left, they are at least complicit in empowering terrorists. Since (as Ahmedinejad has assured us) there are no homosexuals in Iran, one wonders if the gay community might not be as much of a threat to itself as to anyone else.

Sally Kern needs your LOVE to survive! Clap harder!

Help this Patriot to withstand the al_Queera assualt against her and America.
Here’s a fight we can WIN – give her a call or email a supportive message.
Its us against THEM – the evil ones.

Wrap your mind around the ENDTIMEWARTHINGY.

As I have posted here often – the real fight now is the CultureWar and the Islamic threat is part of that AND that this “war” is a three-way fight. That the Islamist have been at this since they started in 635AD is a given but the fight is much older than them.

Only now is it coming down to the “EndTime War” that all this is working into a finale war is what makes it seem so “unreal” and too much to get ones mind around.

Then they go straight over the edge, passing delusional on the way down:

It matters what people post on this Forum.

Proper capitalization, however, doesn’t meanshit.


6 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: We Survived the Hurricane!

  1. big LOLs:
    “pro-defeat Left”
    these bozos never, ever tire of presenting clownish stereotypes of themselves, do they?
    honk honk! everybody back in the car!

  2. Who’s WE, indeed.
    Every time I read one of these I am a little more thankful that I am not, myself, obsessed with the Freepi.

  3. So they’ll believe Ahmahdinejad when he says there are no gays in Iran (which is patently not true, as we saw from the case of the young UK asylum-seeker and his executed boyfriend), but they otherwise wouldn’t believe the guy if he said up was up, let alone that he doesn’t have nuclear capability and isn’t actually interested in getting his country flattened by the US.
    All. Righty. Then.
    (Which slogan you might, actually, use to describe Free Republic itself, lo?)

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