Is Dick Cheney A Muslim?


Some symbols, such as the color green, have been associated with Islam for a long time and in many areas; others are of more limited duration and extent.


Crusaders avoided using any green in their coats of arms, so that they could not possibly be mistaken for their Muslim opponents in the heat of battle.

I guess Dick Cheney doesn’t mind being mistaken for a Muslim.

AFP/Paul J. Richards

8 thoughts on “Is Dick Cheney A Muslim?

  1. Please tell me that he isn’t wearing the green sash for St. Patrick’s day.

  2. Now if it were Chimpy I think Maple’s inquirey would be quite legitimate…but since it is the Dick…the green sash is for Money

  3. IIRC, back in my interior design studio, one of my classmates presented a paper about Middle Eastern rugs and the various types therein. She mentioned that the color green was never used in rugs because of religious reasons… Which makes sense – flapping one’s footage all over a religiously respected color would be a tad disrespectful.
    As for Cheney, he’d wear whatever color put to him if he stood to increase his monetary might. The only colors he doesn’t care for are the American r/w/b. But then, he has all of our money already – he needn’t even pretend to like us anymore. Lousy motherf*cker.

  4. I think that it’s just a bib to catch his drool when he once again falls asleep during an important meeting.

  5. But Holden, if the picture were taken on the 21st, it would be for Good Friday – and green isn’t the proper liturgical color (for that matter, green is for Ordinary Time and we’re in holy week). If taken on the 20th, Holy Thursday, etc.
    Only reason I can think of green from the western perspective is St. Patrick (and apparently Cheney’s new book falsely claims that Cheney descended from Robert the Bruce – a particularly savage ruler). 😉

  6. “I guess Dick Cheney doesn’t mind being mistaken for a Muslim.”
    The Muslims, on the other hand, aren’t too happy with the idea.

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