Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: No We Can’t!

John McCain: America shouldn’t suck.


Voting for McCain will be tantamount to kissing our national sovereignty good bye.

Don’t let an opportunity to bag someone’s military service pass you by.

He was less of a traitor sitting in the cages in N. Vietnam.

Lean like a gringo!

Should I vomit now, or on election day when you create the first “Pray to…er, FOR El Jefe Presidente Juanito McAmnesty” thread?

Cylon Model Number Three weighs in.

Agree. Between Love and Fear, Fear is most certain to elicit the desired response and Love will only have an affect on those who have a conscience. In National Security matters I prefer to have a position that is based on strength (A Proxy for Fear) as opposed to depending on allegiances based on love. You can have both but you cannot have any reliable alliance or restraint that is only ‘Love’.

This guy got his copies of the Left Behind series SIGNED.

The first part of the op-ed had me gagging at his desire to reach out to allies in all things. Phrases like “democratic solidarity,” “transatlantic alliance,” “new global compact,” “League of Democracies,” “shared interests,” and “collective will” sound just like the Left. I don’t have a problem with respecting our allies and working together, but McCain goes way overboard as he does with calling for a “New Global Order.”

I want defense of our country to come before some world opinion… or world government.

This one’s determined not to let the Kossacks hog all the meta.

Back up your assertion that Calcowgirl is a Hillary lover.

Since I agree with her, show where I am a Hillary lover. My posts are there for all to see.

I don’t care if you are pro-Navy.

I want to see facts. Not tirades. Not personal attacks.

Your move.

And … wait, what?

McCain is nuttier than a rat turd in a pistachio factory.

Is that what the kids say these days?


5 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: No We Can’t!

  1. That stuff is going to rot your mind; you’d better be careful not to make too much of a habit of it. Yeah, I know, you can quit whenever you want to.

  2. That first quotehas to be a troll. “Tantamount” is an awfully big word for a Freeper to use…

  3. I just don’t get this election year. After the divine trinity of Reagan, Bush, and Bush, the repubs are turning on their own who appears to be duly elected by non-contested primaries. Now just wait till he doesn’t proclaim himself to halt abortion and birth control.
    On the demo side was a slate that included a number of really good candidates. It appears down to 2 who are virtually even in candidates. The returns from state to state look to me to be within the bounds of probability for a country that is 50/50 between them (I haven’t done the ANOVA). So the Clinton supporters are saying they won’t vote for Obama and vice versa. And the two appear to be spending their political energy and funds in painting their opponent as worse than the repub.

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