Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, at theWhite House, during an interview with Radio Farda (A US government-funded, Persian-language radio station that broadcasts propaganda into Iran from Prague)

People Respects

Secondly, that the United States — people of the United States respects the great Iranian history and culture.

Cerebral Vortex

The free — you know, there’s a chance that the U.S. and Iran can reconcile their differences, but the government is going to have to make some — make different choices.

Irony Gets A State Funeral

And the problem is, is that they have not told the truth in the past. And therefore it’s very difficult for the United States and the rest of the world — or much of the rest of the world — to trust the Iranian government when it comes to telling the truth.

Whereas Israel Has Nucelar Weapons Because They Match The Drapes

The problem is the government cannot be trusted to enrich uranium because one, they’ve hidden programs in the past and they may be hiding one now, who knows; and secondly, they’ve declared they want to have a nuclear weapon to destroy people — some in the Middle East.

Irony Is Dug Up And Reburied

The government has been duplicitous to the world. Very few people trust your government.


We intend to move forward with the — and the Czech Republic and Poland for the good of NATO.

4 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Radio Farda (A US governemtn-funded, Persian-language radio station that broadcasts propaganda into Iran from Prague)
    At last, a language Bush is fluent in…Farce-i.

  2. From the last quote, do I understand properly that the coalition of the willing is down to Poland and the Czechs (not Czechoslovakia, but just the Czechs).
    In total square miles, are these combined even the size of New Jersey?

  3. Where is this station in Prague? I may be there in the fall, could do with a bit of fun, checking out the ol’ “tax dollars at work” project.

  4. *chuckle* Those drapes must be orange (appalling colour sense those Israelis have), since the vernacular term for a nuclear warhead is a “carrot.” They’re great people, but they have no fashion sense whatsoever.*
    Actually, Israel has nuclear weapons because they were able to develop them before anyone else, let alone the World’s International Arbiter of Who Shall and Shall Not Have Nukes™ found out about it. Even Tom Lehrer, who at the time was sitting on the International Atomic Energy Commission, satirically mentioned that Israel wanted nukes — but by the time he released the song, they’d had them for a couple years, I think. (To my mind, that makes the song funnier.)
    More seriously, have very many Americans ever stopped to wonder whythey get to tell foreign countries whether or not they’re allowed to have nuclear technology?
    * Actually, this is not true — Israelis in general dress rather like Italians, but with better taste.

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