Your President Speaks!

Today, at thePentagon.

Opens By Insulting The Coast Guard

Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Coastmen — Coast Guardmen [sic], thanks for coming, thanks for wearing the uniform.

Pressure Sicness

General David Petraeus took command with a new mission: Work with Iraqi forces to protect the Iraqi people, pressure [sic] the enemy into strongholds, and deny the terrorists sanctuary anywhere in the country. And that is precisely what we have done.

After Which In The Following

To allow this to happen would be to ignore the lessons of September the 11th and make it more likely that America would suffer another attack like the one we experienced that day — a day in which 19 armed men with box cutters killed nearly 3,000 people in our — on our soil; a day after which in the following of that attack more than one million Americans lost work, lost their jobs.

Actually, It’s About 1400 Miles

About the same time as we launched Operation Iraqi Freedom, coalition forces, thousands of — hundreds of miles away launched an assault on the terrorists in the mountains of southern Afghanistan in an operation called Operation Valiant Strike.

What The Enemy Doesn’t Got

When Americans like Spanky Gibson serve on our side, the enemy in Iraq doesn’t got a chance.

100% Casualty Rate?

You will always remember the comrades who served with you in combat did not make the journey home. America remembers them as well. 

8 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. He can’t remember the comrades he was in battle w/because he WAS NEVER IN BATTLE…lousy, stinking, chimp-wannabe!

  2. The speech might’ve meant something if Bush had hauled his cowardly yellow ass to Baghdad and delivered it in public outside the Green Zone.

  3. I can’t bear to listen to one more word of any of this stupid motherfucker’s “speeches”. Somebody enlighten me: Who the fuck is Spanky Gibson and why the hell should I be glad that some yokel with a name straight outa some 1930’s kids’ comedies is on our side?

  4. Holden: Do you have a good recent example (or the best example) of Bush’s standard joke insulting the PhDs and university presidents? I want to use a specific example followed by what I’d love for them to say after they have been insulted.
    “Mr. President. Thank you for attending. But no thank you for the insult. You have insulted hundreds of hard working educated people over the years and I for one am sick of it. Stop it.
    I’m sure that you think you are an inspiration to C students everywhere, but did you really have to insult my hard work and the hard work of all the students here who got good grades? What message are you sending to the hard working A and B students? That picking the right family and having the right friends is really what matters? By your insisting that you show your dominance over the educated in this public forum you think that you are connecting to the “regular folks” who are uneducated, but most regular people that I know don’t have multi-millionaire and billionaire family friends pulling strings to get them opportunities for education and jobs like you did. Opportunities that you then squandered. They didn’t go to the private schools like Andover, they didn’t get the shot at the elite education of Yale and Harvard that you got. So how dare you turn around and insult those who worked hard to get good grades as a cheap way to align yourself with “the regular Joe”. For years the professors and educators that you have insulted with your cheap joke– your gambit to connect you with “the regular folks”– has gone unanswered. Sadly we have all been too polite and too afraid of retribution to say, “Stop it.”
    Why the insults? Do you think it endears you to the regular Joe? Regular Joes and Janes don’t usually take the opportunity to insult their host’s hard work and education every chance they get. You clearly don’t value education, because if you did you won’t mock those of us who think that it’s not just the grade but also the effort that counts and you aren’t honoring the efforts of real C, B or A students. Our country needs smart people who are also hard workers. You are neither.
    My name is Dr. (insert name) I was a hardworking student and now I have a PhD and I’m damn proud of it. And remember Mr. President, I don’t work for you. You work for me. I don’t ever want to read another news story about you opening up with your standard insulting joke. That “joke” earns you an F. Not as a student, but as a President and human being.”

  5. Right on, Spocko–The Nitwit-in-Chief thinks that his insults bestow some kind of honor to the insultee. How inferior does one have to be to insult others in order to feel superior?

  6. “To allow this to happen would be to ignore the lessons of September the 11th and make it more likely that America would suffer another attack like the one we experienced that day. . .”
    The biggest lesson to be learned from “September the 11th” is that the Chimp-in-Chief FAILED TO PROTECT AMERICA, even when provided substantial warnings of an impending attack, and that the Republican Party is WEAK ON NATIONAL SECURITY!!!

  7. “thanks for wearing the uniform.”
    You know I think the asshole thinks that this is all that is involved in serving your country. I mean after all, it is pretty much all he did.

  8. Spocko, I need a cigarette after reading that post, and I don’t even smoke.
    Interrobang, Hons. BA, MA, “A” student, Dean’s List 1996 & 1997…

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