Chimpy just hit his all-time low job approval rating in theZogby Poll: 26%. And his fellow Republikkkans are finally giving up on him.

The gains in job approval ratings made by President George W. Bush and Congress over the past few months from their all-time lows last year have reversed course in this latest poll.Approval ratings for the President stand at just 26% this month, down from 34% who gave him positive job approval marks in February. Bush has lost ground across the political spectrum, including among likely voters in his own party –fewer than half of Republicans (48%) view his job performance favorably, down from 61% last month. His support among political independents has fallen to 19% from 29% last month, and among Democrats, stands at 9%, down from 13%.

His previous low mark in Zogby was 30%, set inDecember 2007.

2 thoughts on “Pony-Up!

  1. 9% fucking percent of Dems view his job as “favorable”? What, did they intentionally phone Zell Miller, Joe Lieberman, and Fred Phelps?

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