Your President Speaks! AGAIN!

Thursday, at theWhite House, during an interview with the Pentagon Channel/Armed Forces Network.

The Has Gots

Generally what happens is, is that, in a place like Walter Reed or Bethesda, a solider will look at their Commander-in-Chief and say, I can’t wait to get back in the battle, which obviously — first of all, it’s just so inspiring to me, but also has got to change the perspective of their family a little bit.

We Knew This

I’m a crier, at times.

He’s The Comforter-In-Chief

And I say that oftentimes the comforter-in-chief is the person who gets comforted, because of the strength and courage and great love of country of these folks.

2 thoughts on “Your President Speaks! AGAIN!

  1. Again, I say – he wouldn’t know about the desire to go ‘back’ into battle – he never went in the first place!!!
    Impchthmthrfkralrdy!!! kthxbai!

  2. I’m sure I would never claim the title of Comforter-In-Chief on my resume for a war in Iraq based on lies I perpetuated, but Bush is caught up in his own illusions of grandeur comforted by the prayers of his 29%. I wonder if he puts a small sign on his desk in the Oval Office with the title engraved when he meets with his private meetings with war widows. I know that’s rediculous, but I do wonder at times if he might actually be craven enough think that would be an appropriate office touch for the occasion.

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