4 thoughts on “Win

  1. A, one of your downstream posts deserves an Amen Sistah! And Obama’s speech today was transcendant. And TBogg’s Uncle Remus was hilarious. To be honest, as recently as 3 weeks ago, I would have sacrificed your boyfriend Chris Dodd and his much earned right to Senate Majority Leader in order to get Hillary out of the Presidential race. No longer. Let’s hope they give it to Dodd for his real leadership on FISA immunity and Hillary can go back to being the junior Senator from NY and eventuallt become a “lioness” of the Senate, much as Teddy Kennedy did after his presidential aspirations fell to the wayside.
    BHO is giving a major speech today in NC on the 5th anniversary of the war, and the next day on the war and the economy. So, he’s answering your what next question. Now we just need John Edwards to come out, even if he isn’t a super-delegate.

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