Insert Minnesota Joke Here

Fun with ballots in the recount: This Beltrami County voter cast their ballot for Al Franken, but also put “Lizard People” as a write-in candidate, not only in the U.S. Senate race, but for several others. The county auditor/treasurer ruled that the vote should not be counted because it’s considered an overvote. Representatives for Franken challenged that decision. Yes, I know, serious business. Shouldn’t throw rocks at the Gopher Hole State from my glass house in Chicago. But … Lizard People? Don’t even get me started on the dude who wrote in Michelle Bachman’s name for Senate. Lizard People starts … Continue reading Insert Minnesota Joke Here

“Minimally Adequate” dida series of commercials in the late 1990s that tried to capture the sense of how you likely didn’t want to be whatever it is you turned out to be. (The kid who says “I want to claw my way up to middle management” was one of my favorites in that commercial.) The commercials were funny and sad at the same time because you really couldn’t imagine yourself ever saying anything close to that when you were a kid. You wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a firefighter, an astronaut or other things we all think … Continue reading “Minimally Adequate”

Quitting Time Booster Shot

– Here’s a perfect example of why letting computers do the work for you might not always be the best idea. Usually database pairing of ads with a story works. Here, not so much. “Hey, there was just a school shooting in Savannah! I wonder what it’d be like to go down there and enjoy the trolley!” – From the “Think, verify, then report” department: I wonder how many times people are going to get all sexed up by some Web site that tells them some “insider” information before they start to realize that an internet connection and a cursory … Continue reading Quitting Time Booster Shot

Fold up the sidewalks

If you’ve not yet seen David Modigliani’s documentaryCrawford, it can be viewed in its entirety atHulu. Highly recommended, and entirely apropos now, during the lame-duck End of Days, and in light of the election 2008 bullcrap aboutReal America. The pic above is part of a great post about Chicago real vs. Crawford real over atBAGnewsNotes. Athenae riffed on this stuff a few days back inthis post: I’m pretty damn excited about a president who comes from where I come from, who sees cabs and bikes and elevated trains and subways and buses every day, who doesn’t have an “estate” or … Continue reading Fold up the sidewalks

‘Students May Not Know Your Political View’

Good Christ. Forget Obama vs. McCain or even Bush vs. Kerry, this is the part of the story that stood out to me: “As per the Code of Ethics and the above state School Board policy, students may not know your political view,” it continued. “This could be construed as using your position to influence others. It is my expectation, that in the future as you teach students to clarify and express their own political views, you will remain neutral.” Because while I get that you wouldn’t want to turn every day of school into Political Debate Day, nor oppress … Continue reading ‘Students May Not Know Your Political View’

For The Love of Steve: Health Beat!

Mr. A and I have a bet going. Not really a bet. More like a prediction game. A depressing one. A depressing prediction game that’s also kind of a drinking game, except that we can’t do it for more than one newscast or we’ll go blind. Game goes like this. Is tonight’s HEALTHBEAT or YOUR HEALTH or whatever asinine “medical” segment the affiliate comes up with going to be about a) liposuction b) fad diets or c) erectile dysfunction, or will they pull a wild card and go with a breast enlargement story just so they can say the word … Continue reading For The Love of Steve: Health Beat!

Hurricane Ike dead thought to remain in debris

TheHouston Chronicle has an article on Governor Perry’s outrage that Texas is not getting the same level of FEMA reimbursement for debris removal that Louisiana received after Hurricane Katrina because Texas has a budget surplus. One common similarity though with Louisiana’s post Katrina experience is this which is found at the end of the article: Former Harris County Judge Robert Eckels, who will chair the new disaster recovery commission, said Chambers County is in particular need of help. Debris piles stretch for miles in some areas, he said. Chambers County Commissioner Mark Huddleston, who attended the news conference, said it’s … Continue reading Hurricane Ike dead thought to remain in debris

Palin Around With the Wingnuts

One good bit of news is that it now looks like there won’t be a special election in Alaska to replace convicted felon Ted Stevens. The voters seem to have taken care of that problem themselves. On the other hand, Governor Palin sure continues to hog the spotlight, no pun intended. And while I don’t doubt her particular brand of scattershot anti-intellectualismappeals to some, I’d like tothink thethinking public will growtired of her schtick. And maybe the media will, too…eventually. But part of me worries that the very things about Palin that I find so goddamned odious–particularlyher comfort with the … Continue reading Palin Around With the Wingnuts

In The Name Of Reconciliation

Jeebus Marie: Awarding Steve Hadley the Medal of Freedom would cost Mr. Obama nothing, save possibly a few howls from the Daily Kos. Surely it is not beyond a candidate who has already conceded that the surge has “succeeded beyond our wildest dreams” to bestow the Medal of Freedom on the public servant who made that success possible. Erm. Anyone remember the halcyon days of Early Bush II, when the Wall Street Journal was calling for Bush to award Bill Clinton and Al Gore medals of freedom for Kosovo? Anyone else remember that? Bueller? Bueller? A. Continue reading In The Name Of Reconciliation

Mr. MBA President

The cynic in me wonders if there’s some sort of method to themadness. Maybe they really do want theeconomic base to be so gutted that the incoming Obama administration is handcuffed if not fully accessorized with cement shoes. Or maybe it’s just history repeating itself–Mr. MBA and failure go way back. Indeed, his only “success,” if it can be called that, came inbaseball, a licensed monopoly (and even then, value was added mostly by some eminent domain arm-twisting mixed with sweetheart deals and political connections to construct a new stadium financed largely with taxpayer dollars.) As the economy lurches towards … Continue reading Mr. MBA President

Day of Remembrance

I wonder if Mike Huckabee knows that just this past year, 27 people were murdered because they were transgendered. Sixteen of those were in the United States, 11 from other countries. I wonder what he might say looking at the list. Cause of death: “beaten to death and tossed in a dumpster.” “Repeatedly beat in the head with a brick.” “stabbed to death” “Severely beaten causing fractures to the head and face before being run over by a car.” “Was found in her apartment, she had been stabbed in the throat.” “Beaten, gang raped and stabbed then left to die … Continue reading Day of Remembrance

The Hillary-As-Secretary-Of-State Rumors

I don’t think she’d be bad at it, or the wrong choice for it; she could likely do just about any job in the new administration and do it just fine. I do not buy into the “she’ll secretly sabotage Obama from HIS OWN CABINET MEETINGS!!!11!” scenario of which MoDo seems enamored. If she was gonna scuttle him she’d have done it during the campaign, plus, stupid. I just wonder why she’d want it. She has a pretty good job now, looks to me. Chime in on this, wouldja? A. Continue reading The Hillary-As-Secretary-Of-State Rumors

Michele Bachmann blames Chris Matthews

Good Griefmore stupid from Bachmann: In her talk to the Rotary Club, she blamed Chris Matthews, the host of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” for setting the stage for her controversial comments about Obama. “Sometimes you make a decision about going on a show … I probably should have said no to Chris Matthews.” “I had never seen his show before,” she said. “I probably should have taken a look at what the show was like … A trap was laid, but I stepped into it.” If only shehad hidden in the bushes and reconnoitered Matthews… Continue reading Michele Bachmann blames Chris Matthews

Okay, See, THIS is Why I Was Afraid of Huckabee

Because he comes across all nice and normal at first, and then opens his trap andthis comes out. Said Huckabee: “People who are homosexuals should have every right in terms of their civil rights, to be employed, to do anything they want. But that’s not really the issue. I know you talked about it and I think you got into it a little bit early on. But when we’re talking about a redefinition of an institution, that’s different than individual civil rights. We’re never going to convince each other…But here is the difference. Bull Connor was hosing people down in … Continue reading Okay, See, THIS is Why I Was Afraid of Huckabee

Kathleen Parker Has Left The Building

Exited right, gotten into her car, and sped off into the sunset as fast as she can drive: Religious conservatives become defensive at any suggestion that they’ve had something to do with the GOP’s erosion. And, though the recent Democratic sweep can be attributed in large part to a referendum on Bush and the failing economy, three long-term trends identified by Emory University’s Alan Abramowitz have been devastating to the Republican Party: increasing racial diversity, declining marriage rates and changes in religious beliefs. Suffice it to say, the Republican Party is largely comprised of white, married Christians. Anyone watching the … Continue reading Kathleen Parker Has Left The Building

Go Cheney Yourself, Joe

The most charitable possible reading of whatjust went down isScalzi’s: LIEBERMAN looks around at the other men in the room, who stare at him impassively. Finally, LIEBERMAN sighs, reaches down into his pants, and detaches his TESTICLES. He raises them up to look them, wistfully, then moves to offer them to OBAMA. OBAMA No. Give them to Carl. OBAMA nods toward one of the Secret Service agents, who is holding up a lunch-sized paper bag. LIEBERMAN drops the TESTICLES into the bag. CARL quickly folds the top of the bag over twice, three times, and once the TESTICLES are secure, … Continue reading Go Cheney Yourself, Joe

Weekend Question Thread

Maybe it’s that it’s dark at 6:30 p.m. now (whoallows this?) or that I’m trying to finish all my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving so I can actually enjoy the season, but I’ve got holidays on my mind. I love Christmas. Could take or leave birthdays, LOATHE Thanksgiving, Easter’s kind of … I mean, whatever, resurrection, rebirth, fine, meh, but Christmas I’ve always loved. What’s your favorite holiday? A. Continue reading Weekend Question Thread

Imagine George Bush as mayor of your town

That’s pretty much what it’s likeliving in New Orleansunder Ray Nagin. Only with less competence. One small personal example: theplugged drain in front of my house is about to celebrate its first birthday, yet Nagin wants toraise taxes on residents still recovering from disaster, to pay for New Orleans’“high performing government”. Continue reading Imagine George Bush as mayor of your town

Gagg(l)ing In New Orleans

Live from New Orleans, it’s guestblogger Maitri! First off, big shoves and quiches to the First Draft team for keeping my fair city alive in your minds and then inviting me to put up 2.5 cents at their house. From the New Orleans activists and blogging community: Thank you! We love you! Come back any time and bring more friends. As Scout has documented, we need a lot more help given how slow recovery is in the city that care and, now, the nation almost forgot. A little about me: Shortly following the end of the Arab oil embargo, I … Continue reading Gagg(l)ing In New Orleans