Michele Bachmann blames Chris Matthews

Good Griefmore stupid from Bachmann:

In her talk to the Rotary Club, she blamed Chris Matthews, the host of
MSNBC’s “Hardball,” for setting the stage for her controversial comments
about Obama.

“Sometimes you make a decision about going on a show … I probably
should have said no to Chris Matthews.”

“I had never seen his show before,” she said. “I probably should have
taken a look at what the show was like … A trap was laid, but I
stepped into it.”

If only shehad hidden in the bushes and reconnoitered Matthews…


5 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann blames Chris Matthews

  1. yeah, he laid a trap and then you opened yours, over and over and over again.
    I guess she was ACTUALLY planning to talk about something entirely different, like the icky gay folks, or the economy or something. And that “UnAmerican” stuff just came out of nowhere.

  2. Look, I understand being a Congressperson must make one awfully busy.
    But Hardball has been on since 1997, and Chris Matthews has been on longer than that. And Bachmann has only been in Congress since 2006.
    So when she says “I had never seen his show before”, you think just maybe she might be lying?

  3. Robert-
    I’d say she’s probably lying, but then again maybe not. I’ve never watched Hardball. Never. Never even thought to see it. Hell, I couldn’t find it on my cable guide if pressed to do so. That said, I’ve got a million friends who watch it, I know what the guy tends to do and so I can kind of imagine what the show is about.
    Even if she hadn’t seen it let’s imagine for a moment that A)the show is called “HARDBALL,” so it’s likely not to be full of questions about if you love your kitten and B) it’s on a TV station that has a bigger reach than your average college radio station, so people are likely to hear what you had to say. Thus, if you say something stupid, it’s not just between you and “Tweety.”
    I think people are afraid of looking like they’re searching for answers any more, so they don’t pause and engage their brain before they talk. Searching makes us look weak, action is king! That’s how you get a lot of really dumb comments that fly out of people’s mouths and help populate the “Overheard” sections of magazines like Time and Newsweek and that fill up YouTube and the Daily Show.
    It’s not the fault of the guy or gal who asked the question. That’s that person’s JOB. It’s about how we don’t want to slow up and say, “Let me think about that for a minute.”
    In all fairness, I’ll be a guest subject on election night on a local radio talk program, so I’m going to have to try to take my own advice without creating enough dead air to have the FCC check our transmitter…

  4. What is up with Minnesota? They are proving to be as obtuse as Texans. Why do they feel the need to elect racist, anti-democracy, reactionary evangelicals? Go Michele Bachmann, just keep saying the tape of you accusing Obama of being anti-American is an urban legend. Palin – Bachmann in 2012.
    See it at http://crooksandliars.com/node/24155

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