Okay, See, THIS is Why I Was Afraid of Huckabee

Because he comes across all nice and normal at first, and then opens his trap andthis comes out.

Said Huckabee: “People who are homosexuals should have every right in terms of their civil rights, to be employed, to do anything they want. But that’s not really the issue. I know you talked about it and I think you got into it a little bit early on. But when we’re talking about a redefinition of an institution, that’s different than individual civil rights. We’re never going to convince each other…But here is the difference. Bull Connor was hosing people down in the streets of Alabama. John Lewis got his skull cracked on the Selma bridge.”

As the ONTD commenters point out:

I didn’t know that only when violence is committed against you in the manner of a hate crime, you deserve civil rights.

See, I was under the stupid impression that we should fight for rights for everyone BEFORE the violent deaths and beatings. Silly gays! They have it all BACKWARDS!

Tell that to Matthew Sheppard’s parents.

There is no Suffering Olympics. I felt this way during the primaries and I feel this way now: Things that happen to you that suck do not suck less because somebody else has it worse. Nor do you get anything out of claiming that nailing YOU to the cross took longer than HIM, because your cross was made of hardwood and thus took longer and they had to use twice as many nails because you’re bigger-boned and it was hotter the day you were nailed up andyou’re both still crucified, okay?. It’s a way of shutting down argument, that whole “starving children in China don’t evenhave brussel sprouts” thing we do on the chatter shows. This isn’t a contest. You certainly don’t want to win it.


4 thoughts on “Okay, See, THIS is Why I Was Afraid of Huckabee

  1. Is there any question that gays are singled out for “special treatment” by their middle and high school peers? Is there any question that this persists throughout life? I would think that most high schools would fall under the anti-hazing laws – and I recently saw where one metro school district has formed gay high schools (although I do wonder about the longterm effects of this separation).
    Was not “gay” one of the slurs directed at political candidates a mere month ago – even though there was no evidence. In short, “gay” = “boogeyman” = “unfit”
    and I haven’t even gone to the examples of extreme anti-gay violence. I could easily see a stereotypical group of skin-heads going out specifically to look for gays. Am I off? You’ve already mentioned the torture death of Matthew Shepard.
    In short, Huck needs to learn a little compassion.

  2. This is creepy, but a guy played a tape of the Reggie White (former GB Packer) at the State House in 1997 for a class I saw today. He was making the same argument that basically civil rights (meaning racial equality) wasn’t the same as what gay people were deserving of (because homosexuality is a choice, he argued).
    White noted that gay people were never castrated or never killed in large groups. The radio anchor who was doing the package noted that White’s history was a little hazy in that thousands of gays were killed during the Holocaust.
    A’s point is a good one: Screwed is screwed. No point in saying it’s a better or worse screwing. That said, I also think it’s important to realize that some folks just see that they have suffered and that there’s no way anyone else could have suffered as much as they did so these new folks don’t deserve the bennies.
    Kind of sad. Well, more than kind of…

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