Hurricane Ike dead thought to remain in debris

TheHouston Chronicle has an article on Governor Perry’s outrage that Texas is not getting the same level of FEMA reimbursement for debris removal that Louisiana received after Hurricane Katrina because Texas has a budget surplus. One common similarity though with Louisiana’s post Katrina experience is this which is found at the end of the article:

Former Harris County Judge Robert Eckels, who will chair the new
disaster recovery commission, said Chambers County is in particular
need of help. Debris piles stretch for miles in some areas, he said.

Chambers County Commissioner Mark Huddleston, who attended the news
conference, said it’s likely that bodies are in some of those piles.
Residents continue to contact the county seeking news of loved ones who
have been missing since the hurricane, Huddleston said. (my emphasis)

I know it is arduous and dangerous work to search debris and reclaim victim remains and sometimes the task is impossible. Yet somehow I would have expected an advanced society and great nation to put forth a good faith effort to see this through. As with Katrina it appears once again that isnot the case…

Despite pleas, the task of recovering remains has been slow, if not altogether absent in some remote areas.


State game wardens, volunteers with trained cadaver dogs and others
have worked for weeks to search remote debris sites and flag areas that
possibly hold human remains. But four weeks after the storm, no one has
been able to excavate so-called “hot spots” identified by dogs.

It’s a very sad reality that there still appears to be a gap between the heroic efforts of cadaver dog teams and the reclaiming of victim’s remains.

TheLaura Recovery Center still lists 55 people as missing after Hurricane Ike.