9 thoughts on “Oh My

  1. If I hadn’t seen this on Olbermann, I’d think you were pulling my leg.
    BTW – check out the speech she gave at the pardoning where she declares herself friend to all creatures great and small (as opposed to your clip where she brags that she is in charge of the turkey).
    Her pardon also declared that the turkey hadn’t had a trial, must less been found guilty (kind of like Gitmo?)

  2. During the video, a reporter asks a question about “state programs being on the chopping block”.

  3. It still scares me how close this clueless wonder came to being our (vice)president. She really has no friends, does she? No one among the crew or bystanders onsite, or among the editing staff afterwards, willing to look out for her by pointing out the obvious?

  4. Virgotex, thanks for the info. Now I must go lay down in a quiet dark room with a cold cloth on my head.

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