In The Name Of Reconciliation

Jeebus Marie:

Awarding Steve Hadley the Medal of Freedom would cost Mr. Obama nothing, save possibly a few howls from the Daily Kos. Surely it is not beyond a candidate who has already conceded that the surge has “succeeded beyond our wildest dreams” to bestow the Medal of Freedom on the public servant who made that success possible.


Anyone remember the halcyon days of Early Bush II, when the Wall Street Journal was calling for Bush to award Bill Clinton and Al Gore medals of freedom for Kosovo? Anyone else remember that? Bueller? Bueller?


11 thoughts on “In The Name Of Reconciliation

  1. I’ve so blocked out the Bush crime team that I didn’t remember a single thing about Stephen Hadley. I was thinking Stephen Hayes, Cheney’s biographer. I had to Google him and I’m all like ‘Stephen Hadley is the Sally Jessy Raphael guy!’. Also, I think he was centrally involved in the lies about the aluminum tubes so fuck him. He gets a Medal of Freedom only if it weighs about 90 lbs and he has to swim across the Potomac wearing it.

  2. D’oh. It was the yellowcake, not the tubes (although maybe both?).
    Here’s a good summary of the run-up to and early day of the Iraq War

    I got it wrapped up in this special CIA napkin!

  3. A, I figure you’ve got about as much enthusiasm for this idea as you would for awarding Dougie Feith a Medal of Freedom.

  4. Yes, I do remember the medals of freedom that Bush awarded to Clinton and Janet Reno. The ceremony was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. Of course I’m 72 and my memory sometimes tricks me, but I’m glad to see that at least this memory is a true one.

  5. Au contraire! The Bushies don’t hand out medals for SUCCESSFUL or BENEFICIAL actions (unless said actions successfully benefit BUSHCORPS)!

  6. Joe*3,
    I think I’d like to see Steve try to swim the fetid Potomac with a CEMENT OVERCOAT.
    Failing that, I think the only way he could earn a PMOF is to endure some of the waterboarding torture he signed off on.
    F’in war criminal.

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