Palin Around With the Wingnuts


One good bit of news is that it now looks like there won’t be a special election in Alaska to replace convicted felon Ted Stevens. The voters seem to have taken care of that problem themselves.

On the other hand, Governor Palin sure continues to hog the spotlight, no pun intended. And while I don’t doubt her particular brand of scattershot anti-intellectualismappeals to some, I’d like tothink thethinking public will growtired of her schtick. And maybe the media will, too…eventually.

But part of me worries that the very things about Palin that I find so goddamned odious–particularlyher comfort with the sleaziest of Rethuglican tactics while at the same timeclaiming the mantle of victimhood–might well be popular enough with the mouth-breathers.

Now, I’m in pretty deep red-state ‘Meruka, so perhaps my points of contact are a little skewed–or, at least, I sure hope they are. But I’ll continue to be concerned for Palin’s appeal to simple minds–or pinheads, if you prefer–until it becomes more than a little evident that her personalPeter Principle has maxed out as…Governor of Alaska.

Imagine–she makes George W. Bush look worldly.

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