Insert Minnesota Joke Here

Fun with ballots in the recount:

This Beltrami County voter cast their ballot for Al Franken, but also put “Lizard People” as a write-in candidate, not only in the U.S. Senate race, but for several others. The county auditor/treasurer ruled that the vote should not be counted because it’s considered an overvote. Representatives for Franken challenged that decision.

Yes, I know, serious business. Shouldn’t throw rocks at the Gopher Hole State from my glass house in Chicago.

But … Lizard People?

Don’t even get me started on the dude who wrote in Michelle Bachman’s name for Senate. Lizard People starts to look like the smart choice.


6 thoughts on “Insert Minnesota Joke Here

  1. I-iiiiii-iiii am everyday lizard people.
    OT: Minnesota/Chicago observation
    Why is the new Univ. of Minnesota football stadium listed as one of the venues in the Chicago 2016 Olympic proposal? Last time I checked Minnesota wasn’t even an adjacent to Illinois, let alone the City of Chicago. I’ve been trying to visit Minnesota for most of my adult life on purpose but never managed it because it’s so out of the way. I can imagine some foreign tourist getting tickets to an event in Minnesota and trying to take the L to the game from downtown. Please no Minnesota in the Chicago Olympics. I don’t know who’s palm is getting greased to include Minnesota in the plan but it’s frackin’ ridiculous.
    [tab to the end of the photos to see TCF Stadium/MN]

  2. I think my favorite one of the Lizard People was the Indian. I’d totally vote for him over Bachman. Or the cop. Or the interior designer (the Pete Best of the Lizard People).

  3. Hey, don’t criticise the reptiles. I keep reptiles and look on them as pets – similar to cold blooded ferrets. Plus, I was in South Carolina when Bishopville had the Lizard Man.
    Seriously though, I actually see including Minnesotta as part of Chicago for the Olympics as a good move. The train goes directly from Chicago to MSP. Plus there are little airports in both towns.
    The Olympics have become so big that it puts a big financial burden on the host city including a lot of building that would be questionable in almost any other circumstance. By making the Olympics a regional affair, you spread out the crowds, save on the building, and hopefully make it financially viable.

  4. My boss is from Minnesota. Did you know they have 1000 different words for snow there? I note that Wisconsin is shut out of the possible Olympic venues in spite of the fact that Racine and Kenosha Counties are practically Chicago suburbs and Milwaukee has decent-to-excellent available venues. This will irritate Wisconsinites no end, given how much they hate those rampaging, road-raging, rude Bear-fan/Cub-fan Illinoisans as it is. Time to re-install the cheddar curtain.

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