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Maybe it’s that it’s dark at 6:30 p.m. now (whoallows this?) or that I’m trying to finish all my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving so I can actually enjoy the season, but I’ve got holidays on my mind. I love Christmas. Could take or leave birthdays, LOATHE Thanksgiving, Easter’s kind of … I mean, whatever, resurrection, rebirth, fine, meh, but Christmas I’ve always loved.

What’s your favorite holiday?


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  1. I always liked Christmas too. I’m from a large family so we seemed to always have kids in all age groups around. This is good because as you get older, you get stuck with stuff grown-ups think you need, not the really cool toys that seem to come out just as you get ‘too old’ for them.
    With little brothers (or sisters) you can still play with the toys under the precept that you’re ‘showing them how it works.’ That is until they started screaming that you won’t let them play with their own toys.
    Nevertheless, toys aside, we still got socks and underwear, Grandma’s knitted mittens, and a Christmas stocking filled with candy, oranges, and toothbrushes.
    The one part of Christmas I didn’t care much for was Midnight Mass. As a kid, we went this side of nuts waiting for Christmas morning. It seemed ludicrous to go to bed at 8, get up at 11:00, get dressed in a stupid shirt and tie, go to church for what seemed like a thousand years, then come home and go back to bed. Try and go to back to sleep after that.
    By the way, I always considered lighting the candles of Advent a Catholic countdown to Christmas morning. On Sunday, I was always thinking “Come on Father, light the damn candles. Let’s get this month over with!”

  2. New Year’s.
    If it was a bad year, it’s a chance to put all of it behind me and believe that a new years brings new promises.
    If it was a good year (so far 2008 is probably going in this column…a Big Blue tidal wave on 11/4 would help cinch it), it’s a chance to celebrate all that was accomplished.
    (yes, i’m a bit sappy, what of it?)
    And I’m with you A – I absolutely hate Thanksgiving.

  3. Well, I”m going to be contrarian here and say that I enjoy thanksgiving. In my family, we spend it serving food at a local food bank, nursing home or shelter. We usually do this every month though, so Thanksgiving itself isn’t so special really-it just means my kids can do it in the middle of the week. We’ve also celebrated community feasts when everyone in our small town would gather to eat, enjoy each other’s company, and just be thankful to whatever forces exists that keep this old world turning.
    The stupid historical revision that the kiddos learn has noting to do with our holiday.

  4. hate thanksgiving? turkee gravee??? i detest Xmas now that santa/USA have glomed onto in and everfuckinglasting xmas carols. alfucking ready i am hearing them!!!! santa gan go fuck hisself!
    i always like T day. family and food. helps i have a banal functional family-both sides. keith dying right before didn’t help, but…i loves gravee. ham? not so much. cause it would be easter as there are no easter carols, yet,
    4th of july as a kid rocked as it was up nort at the lake and much celebration and family too.

  5. I like Thanksgiving, too. Maybe because we spend it with my wife’s family, and not mine.
    It’s a tradition that all the kids gather at my brother-in-law’s house. Among them are a prosecutor, a cop, two CIA, one enlisted grunt, a special ops officer and a soul singer.
    There’s a surprising variety of thoughtful political opinion with a range of experience to back it up, and because everyone loves what they do, the conversation is never boring.
    The food is great and the drinking is non-stop.
    Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

  6. I’m all about Thanksgiving, mainly because it is everything that Xmas is without the hyper-commercial aspect. Sure you can buy Thanksgiving paraphenalia and whatnot, but there is not this oppressive push to buy, buy, buy and feeling of guilt when you don’t get someone a present. I love hanging out with my family (even if they can drive me crazy) and giving thanks for being with them and for the good food that we are lucky enough to eat.
    OT: I just found out freerepublic is based in Fresno, CA, which is where I live. I feel dirty and ashamed now.

  7. Columbus Day.
    My friends and I (32 of us this year) go camping for the long weekend in Maine, and we spend the whole time alternating between worshiping the bonfire and feeding our pie-holes, each in an effort to stay warm.
    It’s just an awesomely good time. All of you are invited.

  8. Thanksgiving is the day for me. I hate Christmas with a passion. Christmas is when I have to spend a month in advance feeling bad that I can’t and don’t want to spend so much money on presents that won’t even be appreciated for people who already have everything they want. And, all of the stores are so crowded I can’t enjoy shopping even for myself. Then, there is the constant drumbeat about how wonderful I am supposed to feel about it, but I don’t. By far the best part of Christmas is January 2nd.

  9. Unlike A., I like birthdays. I’ll have my 61st a week from today. The thing is, at my age, given that the women in my family tend to die young, I’m grateful for every birthday I get.
    Like Christina, I’ll take New Year’s for my holiday. It’s the annual chance to start over, count up the good from the previous year and throw away all the sucky stuff. I like popping the Champagne cork at midnight exactly, and sharing the first drink of the year with my husband.
    Hoppy, I share your feelings about Christmas. As for shopping — that’s what the intertubes are for! I haven’t left my house to Christmas-shop in years.
    Peace, V.

  10. I love the whole season from Halloween to Christmas. My favorite is Christmas, but it’s like the top three countdown this time of year…”Coming in at number three, it’s orange, it’s black, it’s fun…it’s…Halloween!!!”
    Part of it is the food. I adore turkey and dressing–I always make turkey soup after Thanksgiving or Christmas (whichever one we go to my family for–I feel kinda weird about asking Mr. BuggyQ’s mom for the turkey carcass)–and all the rest of the fixins. Green beans (I miss Grandma’s version with bacon in it–need to get that recipe), the mandarin orange salad my brother began making years ago, all of it.
    My mom always did Christmas cookies a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving. She’d make this huge batch of sugar cookies, and we’d spend hours decorating them. Both my mom and I have been collecting cookie cutters for years, and we’re now to the point where we can make a ginormous batch without duplicating any.
    But we always do a bunch of the original set we used for years–a couple that my dad made out of old coffee cans (a big christmas tree and a little christmas tree) and six that my mom found (a spirally triangle, a fluted square, a heart, a scalloped fan, a star, and a wreath). After my brother moved out, my mom started inviting the neighborhood kids over for the decorating party. The last few years, since the kids all grew up, it has just been my mom, Mr. BuggyQ and me, with my dad dropping in occasionally to do some. (He does gorgeous ones, but he takes so long to do one that he tends to lose steam fast…)
    Christmas itself was more about the stockings for us. My dad had this set of a dozen socks that he got when he was in the Army, stationed in Maine in the late 50’s. They were originally supposed to be long enough to pull up, then fold over so they’d be double thickness along the whole of the calf. But they’ve stretched over many years of use so they’re now about four feet long. There’s always an orange in the bottom, and then anything you can think of. Each person gets stuff to put in each stocking–candy, goofy things (like the pen with an Etch-a-Sketch on the end), miniatures for the doll house we were working on for a long, long time… Most of Christmas morning is taken up with the stockings. Then breakfast–bacon always seems to taste better to me on Christmas Day–then off to Grandma and Grandpa’s originally, but since they moved to a retirement home, and then Grandpa died, it has alternated between my aunt’s house and my mom’s house. The dinner (usually around 2ish, depending on when my perpetually late cousin and her family arrive) is huge–the most I think we’ve had was 22 people one year, but usually there are at least 12 or 15. Then games after dinner (the best is the dictionary game, where one person finds an obscure word, then everybody tries to make up a plausible definition, and points are awarded for guessing the right one and for getting others to pick your fake one), with continuous snacking on leftovers.
    Since I got married 7 years ago last Monday, we’ve alternated Thanksgiving and Christmas with each family. Christmas and Thanksgiving with my husband’s family is a lot more about food and talking, but they’re such wonderful people (and good cooks to boot) that it’s almost as much fun as being with my family. (To give you an idea of the food, the first Thanksgiving I went to at Mr. BuggyQ’s mom’s, she had a prime rib, a spiral cut ham, a deep fried turkey AND a roast turkey (because how else are you to make the gravy?), plus all the fixins. For six people. Yes, six. You have never seen such a kitchenfull of food!)
    Sorry for the length, but I do love this time of year, and most of it is because I love my family, both my own and my in-laws. I consider myself truly blessed.

  11. I’m really torn. I’m not really sure I have a favourite holiday. I kind of enjoy the big family dinners, in that I get to eat things I don’t normally get to eat, but on the other hand, my family has a habit of, say, slathering the turkey with lactose-rich margarine, or putting butter in everything, which means I either don’t eat much or else I eat it and then spend three or four days with my guts in an uproar. Also, I don’t get along well with my family all the time.
    I will say, Iloathe loathe loathe Christmas. My mom and dad always host it, and my mom is a Christmas fanatic. She spends a couple days every year decorating the whole house, and loves all the “old standard” Christmas carols. Me, I’m so bloody sick of them that if I never heard any of them again, it’d be too soon. There’s really only so many times a cranky music snob like me can hear “Jingle Bells,” “Mary’s Boy Child,” and that abomination some Victorian jerkoff murdered “Greensleeves” into (if I believed in an afterlife, I’d hope like crazy that Henry VIII was slapping that person silly for, oh, ten, fifteen thousand years).
    Then there’s the small problem that I’ve been broke most of my adult life and still expected to provide gifts for everyone… Shopping malls are hell normally, and they’re worse once they turn on the Christmas Muzak.
    Also, the whole premise of Christmas is just ridiculous…why does my whole culture go utterly nuts for weeks about the presumed birthday of a mythological figure? (Celebrate it if you believe it, but do it in private, and for squid’s sake, do you have to inflict it on everyone else?!)
    Loathe. Loathe.
    On the upside, at least my Thanksgiving has been over for a few weeks already, so it’s not like one winds up with two big turkey meals within mere weeks of each other. I have the carcass in the freezer, just waiting for me to haul out the Ginormous Frickin Stockpot (which will take the intact carcass of an 8kg turkey without blinking) and make a big batch of turkey soup.

  12. As always, I’m with Jude: Mardi Gras. I love having the day off while most of the rest of the world is laboring. I also celebrate Groucho Marx’s birthday but nobody else does. Pity really.

  13. I’m pretty much in agreement with the original post…I love Christmas. Although, it’s not exactly the same now with my mom gone, me living in a too warm climate and married to someone that celebrates Hanukkah:-) Actually, we do both…I still prefer Christmas…not even close.
    Could care less about Easter, pretty much. T-day is OK, I suppose, but it would be better, for me, to spend it ‘back home’ (PA).
    Don’t care for Hallowean OR New Year’s Eve…
    Back to Christmas… I’m not so much into the religious part of it OR the commercialization of it…so I suppose I like it because we had a Christmas tradition…always the same Christmas Eve dinner at the same places (parents house)…same basic dinner. Funny thing is…my Jewish wife basically took over the cooking for that dinner instead of my sisters…LOL
    BTW, I found this site, somehow, by way of the current campaign season. Great job.

  14. Groundhog Day!
    A unique “holiday”, without ANY political or religious significance, or even a day off work!
    Unless you’re Bill Murray, that is.

  15. I’d have to go with Thanksgiving. Growing up, it was a low-pressure holiday with massive amounts of family gathering at the farm to spend the early parts of the day cooking and catching up on one another’s lives. A huge late lunch that took two hours plus with platters and serving dishes in continuous circulation around a table seating more than two dozen. If you pushed away hungry, it was your own doing.
    These days I’m a Halloween fan but that’s because Halloween is also Nevada day and this year not only involves a day off work on a Friday but is also my neighborhood early voting day. So I’ll put on my Ren Faire gear and stroll into my local grocery store to cast another GOP vote for Obama and enjoy the kids wandering door-to-door through the neighborhood that evening on my way through a three-day weekend.
    It’s gonna be nice.

  16. Oh, comeon. Halloween’s the awesomest by, like, a mile.
    You guys must enjoy spending time with your families or something. Weirdos.

  17. Totally a Halloween gal myself (well Samhain in my path) – always have been always will be. I mean, c’mon – you get to dress up, eat all sorts of goodies, be macabre (our current American culture so fears death and tries to avoid it so desperately), and you DON’T have to stress over buying gifts for folks!!! 🙂
    But, like Jude, Mardi Gras works my mojo, too! (even tho’ I am way not Catholic).
    Granted in New Orleans, Halloween has a dose of the Mardi Gras wildness and Mardi Gras has the anonymity of Halloween – so yet two more reasons to love New Orleans! 🙂
    Christmas as a family holiday used to mean something to me, but the joy and warmth of it died after my grandparents did. I just can’t get excited and my mom seems to expect big things gift-wise – I just want to stop the whole gift giving stress and get together to make/eat good food and maybe watch “Christmas Story” just one more time – “)!@&)*!) BUMPUSESSSSS!” 🙂

  18. I like Mardi Gras, but like it even more when I can take Ash Wednesday off. Thanksgiving is high on my list, too.
    Count me as another who no longer gets the ‘Christmas Spirit,’–I’m a little embarrassed as to my youthful commodity fetishism.
    The other day, via Google Maps street view, I vicariously relived a number of Madison New Year’s Eve staggerthons. I’m a little older–and quieter–these days.
    Oh–as a State employee, I appreciate all sorts of holidays like MLK Jr. Day, Inauguration Day, etc. etc., or, as I like to think of them, days to catch up on sleep and chores.

  19. Not to dis your choice, but I totally prefer Thanksgiving. I started hosting it at my house last year and that’s why it’s my favorite. We always have to drive everywhere at Christmas to visit my family or my wife’s family. It gets to be way too busy and there’s very little time with just my family.
    The first Thanksgiving at my house was hilarious. My mother-in-law wanted to go to Hometown Buffet because she didn’t want to cook. I said, “No way. I’m cooking.”
    Of course, she didn’t trust me and made a completely separate Thanksgiving Feast and brought it over. I must say, for my Asian friends, it must have been the best Thanksgiving ever. She’s Korean, so in addition to the traditional thanksgiving fare (Turkey, Ham, 2 stuffings, mashed potatoes, country gravy, biscuits, cranberry sauce, pumpkin and pecan pies, we also had Kimchi, Sushimi, Kalbe.
    My friends said it was the best Thanksgiving ever and they hope she continues to distrust my cooking. By the way, my first Turkey came out awesome. The interwebs are cool, you can look up recipes and stuff.

  20. Oh, Thanksgiving is truly “Turkey Day” for me – granted I am thankful for having at least what I do have (especially this year) – but the turkey is the thing. I love turkey, I could eat it everyday. But as to fave holiday – I stand by my Halloween/Mardi Gras declaration earlier. Dang, what time does Boston Market open?!?! I want some turkey & mashed potatoes!!! 🙂

  21. I’m also partial to St. Patricks day, but only because it’s a holiday in Boston. Sure, they call it ‘Evacuation Day’ and claim we’re celebrating the departure of British troops… but we all know better.

  22. Halloween, because it pisses off the fundies. At the public library we had fundies who refused to bring their kids to storytime the week of Halloween because we read scary stories to them. Sheesh.
    And one day of the year I get to be something I’m not!

  23. heh
    Guy Fawkes Day…tw cracks me up.
    I am partial to Thanksgiving. I love turkey dinners, and at my mom’s there are TWO turkeys. One for the dinner and one for leftovers (?!). OK.
    I like the four day weekend…the football…the way winter looks fun, that is until I am sick of it, and I can always find something to be grateful for.
    I like the novelty of christmas decorations (but this has changed as now they are put up way earlier than thanksgiving) and I like the way I eat so much more than I should that I literally have to lie down for a few hours before I can breathe properly.

  24. Thanksgiving-Turkee all day with lots of mashed pots and stuffing and turkee gravy and pumpkin pie with whipped cream and leftovers and turkee gravy on turkee sandwiches, of course I can’t really eat all that anymore on account of my colon, but I can taste it a lot and take extra drugs!! And that includes me doing the cooking.
    Passover-Coz I got this thing about egg matzo and gefilte fish.
    Any Holiday that pays me to not work.
    You can have Xmas, except for the paid time off from work and the chance to pig out and the excuse to buy stuff. Okay, fine, giving stuff and cash away to nieces and nephews and friends that I actually care about. And to random strangers.

  25. Okay, okay, I give: I like Victoria Day! I get a day off work, the weather is nice (it’s the end of May), and it’s so exceedingly Anglo-Victoriana it makes people scream. 🙂 There’s just something about kicking off the summer by doing something zany on the “May Two-Four Weekend” that I really enjoy. It’s also usually the first weekend anyone can even think about hitting the beach, even if swimming is still out of the question.

  26. I host Thanksgiving dinner for my family, but we get together on Friday which works out wonderfully. I have Thurs to prep, dinner on Friday (turkey on the Weber, always), Sat. to recoup, and Sunday to do whatever. Nice having a 4 day weekend as my employer always closes Thurs and Fri.
    Christmas is OK, Easter, eh, I’d like Easter better if 1. I was Xian, and 2. I got a day off for it.
    4th of July Rocks. 3 day weekend in the middle of summer. More of these, please!

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