Quitting Time Booster Shot


– Here’s a perfect example of why letting computers do the work for you might not always be the best idea. Usually database pairing of ads with a story works. Here, not so much. “Hey, there was just a school shooting in Savannah! I wonder what it’d be like to go down there and enjoy the trolley!”

– From the “Think, verify, then report” department: I wonder how many times people are going to get all sexed up by some Web site that tells them some “insider” information before they start to realize that an internet connection and a cursory class on PhotoShop canset up an “Insta-Hoax” in about 20 minutes. First rule of journalism: If your mother says she loves you, go check it out. Internet corollary: Ask mom. Don’t look it up on a Wikipedia…

– Of course you didn’t always need the internet to put on a good hoax.This one was officially debunked today in 1953.

MTV finally did something we all had been hoping they’d do for about five years now. Still, it’s one of thecoolest databases ever. Of course, you’ve likely been looking for (and finding) most of this stuff on YouTube, but hey, let’s not be upset that MTV’s coming late to the party and be grateful they showed up at all. Of the 16,000+ videos uploaded, they’ve yet to add this classic, which I remember watching at my grandmother’s house eons ago when she had cable and we didn’t.

– Sadly, it seems post-West Wing work is kind of hard to find these days for Aaron Sorkin’s acting troupe. Saw Toby (Richard Schiff)as a soon-to-be-dead guy on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and last night Will (Joshua Malina)was pooping in a dish for the woman he loves on Gray’s Anatomy.

Then again, it could be worse…

– And finally, here’s your one-stop shopping site for governmental stupidity. Enjoy…

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  1. No Janel Moloney updates? OK, I’ll share. She’s been on 30 Rock, Law & Order, and House, MD. Not bad work. And Mary-Louise Parker continues to rock!

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