The Hillary-As-Secretary-Of-State Rumors

I don’t think she’d be bad at it, or the wrong choice for it; she could likely do just about any job in the new administration and do it just fine. I do not buy into the “she’ll secretly sabotage Obama from HIS OWN CABINET MEETINGS!!!11!” scenario of which MoDo seems enamored. If she was gonna scuttle him she’d have done it during the campaign, plus, stupid.

I just wonder why she’d want it. She has a pretty good job now, looks to me.

Chime in on this, wouldja?


13 thoughts on “The Hillary-As-Secretary-Of-State Rumors

  1. Hillary has no future in the Senate. She is too junior to too many others and will never have a committee chairmanship. She can never be Majority/Minority leader due to lack of seniority. SOS would be an ideal next step for her.

  2. I have to admit, I’m a bit baffled by that question myself. In fact, I had told Mr. BuggyQ when the Andrea Mitchell story first hit that I thought somebody had scammed Andrea, because there’s no way that Hillary would want the job.
    The only thing I can figure is that this is a way of coming out a winner. Sort of a “See, I’m big enough to overcome my own dislike of the President to serve him, and I’m important enough that he *needs* me to serve him.”
    If I were Obama, I’d be a little nervous about having her in the Cabinet. I loved Team of Rivals, but it seems to me that the rivals in that time were quite a bit different from how they are now. I’m not sure the modern media circus would allow for true rivals on a scale like Clinton/Obama to overcome their egos enough to really work well together. There are simply too many ways for backroom acrimony to make it to the front pages, something I don’t think would have been the case in 1861.
    I don’t see a MoDo situation, but I do think there would be times when those two personalities would clash. Such things are inevitable when big egos meet (and I don’t mean that derogatorily. Big egos are common in presidential candidates–you have to be pretty impressed with yourself to think you could do that job). And the press would be ALL OVER such a clash, even if it were transitory. I think that would make working together pretty difficult, even under the best circumstances.

  3. Well, things are so completely screwed up around the world that a huge opportunity exists for some real change globally. If Hillary helps to engineer that change, she could then turn that experience into another run at the White House.

  4. She’d be giving up a helluva lifetime position in the Senate (given NY’s everblueness) for a four-year stint that could include a lot of problems with Bill’s many side deals with international magnates and potentates these days.
    I think she’d make a helluva Senate Majority Leader.

  5. From a lot of perspectives, the idea gives me the warm fuzzies: It shows reconcilliation between her and Obama and recognizes her value (whether she accepts or not, the offer accomplishes this). She already has a working relationship with key folks throughout the world. She would potentially bring in some of the relationships of Mr. Clinton also.
    Now does it stand up to cold logic? Maybe she would be more effective in the Senate. Are Mr. Clinton’s current activities problematic or not. Does she want to perform the role? Does she want to work for Obama’s decisions?

  6. I think what bothers me most about the second-guessing and the coverage of this, and all the other talking head static about every move Obama makes or plans to make, is that it is all based on the assumption that everything we now take for granted as concrete will necessarily still be true and concrete after Obama takes the presidency. Part of that is just because they all have to have something to yammer about, but part of it is based on their (media/punditocracy)certitude about the legitimacy of how they do what they do, and the lack of any self-reflection about Village mores, and the effect of their symbiotic relationship with the Administration during the last eight years. The narrative in their playbook is already written. HRC and BHO are rivals, HRC is a CLinton first and foremost, more than an effective statesman. If they weren’t so dependent on that narrative, they wouldn’t be so dependent on Goddwin’s book. Yeah, it’s supposedly a good book, but the pundits are using it like a OUija board fer Chrissakes. They seems to be unable to work without a predefined script.
    I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I don’t think Obama has some magical transformational power that’s going to change everything he touches, including the media, and certainly not including Congress, but it does seem like he’s intent on Doing Things in a New Way in terms of his cabinet, it also seems like his choices are coming from the top down, it’s not like Clinton can come in and run completely amok. It would be in her better interest re the future to play along and try to increase the chances of success for the historic Obama presidency. It’s a better gamble for her legacy than hanging on for four more years in the Senate after a failed presidential run.

  7. as SoS, she can make a huge impact right NOW. in the Senate, she will not get so much as chair of a major committee for at least another 4-6 years. If I were her, I would not want to wait. she got cut out of the deal on healthcare legislation, and she doesn’t have a real platform to accomplish anything as a Senator that she has not already done. so rise, Hillary, rise! she’ll be great.

  8. I want to see Hillary as Senate Majority Leader, and get rid of that old dishrag, Harry Reid. I don’t know how she voted on keeping Holy Joe LIEberman, but I like to think she would have kicked him in his shriveled crotch and sent him out the door.

  9. I think SoS positions Hillary for the presidency in 2012. Even if Hillary leaves after six years to position her candidacy, she’ll probably have a vast number of successes and hopefully a Nobel Peace Prize on her resume.
    And Sarah can then give that concession speech she’s been wanting to give.

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