20 thoughts on “Man or Woman?

  1. My Blog came out as one written by a man. (and I thought I was one for years. LOL) Maybe ot’s my emulation of Ashley.
    If I send them a correction, will it mess up their system?

  2. A, you and Jude both do some symphonic cussing. You two’re the Mozart of profanity–not so complex to be annoying, yet pleasant to listen to, and even better to sing.

  3. I was extremely pleased the last time I checked that my blog came out as written by a female. The key is to look at what is in the the underlying algorithm (or Al Gore Rhythm as the kids say).
    I rarely or ever swear on my blog. “Don’t work blue” was what my hero Red Skelton said, and I try not to.
    I wonder what “grade level” my blog is at? According to the Microsoft Al gore Rhythms most of my writing is at the 7 or 8th grade level. I suspect it is because I choose words I can spell and simple sentence construction. I used to be ashamed of that, now I realize that writing clearly and simply is actually a good thing.

  4. That’s funny, Spocko, I was extremely pleased when my blog came out as written by a male. 🙂 My comedic heroes always did “work blue,” and I tend to do that myself. On the other hand, when I was growing up, “You Can’t Do That On Television!” was one of my favourite shows, and if you’re going to do things you can’t do on tv, you might as well go all the way. 🙂 The thing is, you’re much, much nicer than I am. I got tired of people kicking me in the teeth (figuratively or literally) years ago, and somewhere along the line, it made me, well, if not mean, then at least not inclined to take shit from people. As I like to say, “I’m not one of those nice liberals.”
    These days, I’m taking advanced classes from Ginmar, my anger mismanagement specialist. 🙂

  5. we guess htttp://xnerg.blogspot.com [skippy the bush kangaroo] is written by a man (56%), however it’s quite gender neutral
    as i try to be!

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