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Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Snopes and Dreams edition

Good morning, campers – It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Can you say “Benghazi”?

Sure – I knew that you could.

Trey Gowdy: Benghazi report will be out before conventions

Trey Gowdy: Benghazi report will be out before conventions
MSNBC ^ | 20 May 2016 | Matthew Kitchen

Posted on ‎5‎/‎20‎/‎2016‎ ‎6‎:‎54‎:‎45‎ ‎PM by mandaladon

It’s been nearly four years since a September 11, 2012, raid on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, left four U.S. citizens dead, including an ambassador, and more than two years since the House of Representatives formed a special committee to investigate the attack. The House’s report on the events is coming soon – very soon.

It just might not be the whole report.

In an interview with Chuck Todd on “MTP Daily” Friday, committee chair Rep. Trey Gowdy, a Republican from South Carolina, said he plans to release the much sought-after draft in June.

“We’re going to get the report out – it will be in the next month,” Gowdy said, “and then I’ll let the reader know: This is what we’re missing, these are the agencies that haven’t produced it to us, and if witnesses come forward after the publication of our report, I’ll let the readers know that.”

Gowdy admitted that for “personal and professional reasons,” he would have rather the report come out last summer, but said he agreed with Todd that the committee owes it to voters to release it before the Republican and Democratic national conventions this summer, when the parties will meet to declare presidential tickets and shore up current and future agendas.

The delay, Gowdy said, was due to his committee’s lack of access to necessary documents and witnesses relevant to the investigation.

Democrats instead see the delay as a strategic maneuver to discredit Hillary Clinton, secretary of state at the time of the attacks, who is seen by Republicans “as the official who should ultimately be held responsible for the failures in Benghazi,” according to the Washington Post. Clinton was considered the strongest contender for the presidential nomination when the committee was originally formed in 2014


Gowdy said Friday the committee’s report will focus on three questions: “Why were we there, and whether or not the facility was sufficiently secure. What happened during the pendency of the attacks? And whether or not the American people were leveled with in the aftermath.”
……………..Time for Hillary to come clean…
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Woo HOO!  If there’s anything that can get the Freeperati juices up and flowing, it’s some Gowdy Doodie!


To: mandaladon

Gowdy is making a claim here. I hope he can deliver. I’m not optimistic in his regard.

3 posted on 5‎/‎20‎/‎2016‎ ‎6‎:‎58‎:‎22‎ ‎PM by johniegrad

To: mandaladon

Gowdy has been a disappointment. All mouth, no action.

4 posted on 5‎/‎20‎/‎2016‎ ‎6‎:‎59‎:‎44‎ ‎PM by DesertRhino (“I want those feeble minded asses overthrown,,,)

To: mandaladon

Trey Goudy has proven to be one of my biggest disappointments. At first thought he might be the real thing but he turned out to be like the Wizard of Oz, just a big show. Imagine, with his skills, if he had real intent to get to the goods on Hillary. Sigh. Nothing will come of this.

6 posted on 5‎/‎20‎/‎2016‎ ‎7‎:‎05‎:‎02‎ ‎PM by Bronzewound (2016 GOP. A Timid Little Division Of The Democrat Party.)


To: mandaladon

I’m not getting all set up for anything involving Trey Gowdy.
Those days are over.

7 posted on ‎5‎/‎20‎/‎2016‎ ‎7‎:‎05‎:‎10‎ ‎PM by lee martell

“Why don’t we stop fooling ourselves?
The game is over, over, over.
No good times, no bad times
There’s no times at all, just the New York Times.”


To: mandaladon


He endorsed Jeb first. Expect him to clear Hillary just in time for the convention.

9 posted on 5‎/‎20‎/‎2016‎ ‎7‎:‎05‎:‎29‎ ‎PM by proust (Texans for Trump!)

Is the bloom truly off the rose?

I’m not holding my breath that anything will come of this ‘report’. It has been 4 long years of a giant nothing-burger from Gowdy.

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Did you want fries with that?
More doodie after the break.

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Through the Door: Game of Thrones Thread


This story is the worst of all fairytales, which is, they all come true.

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Movies About Women Enrage Men Which Has NOTHING TO DO WITH GENDERS!

My friend Keith is super-smart: 

Remakes already have a high bar to clear. A remake of a movie like Ghostbusters has a higher than usual bar. But all this extraneous sexist nonsense means it has to be undeniably as funny as one of the most beloved comedies ever made. Or else. And the “or else” here is serious business. Specifically, it means it will be even harder for women to anchor tentpole movies or head comedies (never mind that McCarthy has proven she can open a movie over and over). It’s already an environment in which CBS reportedly declined to pick up a Nancy Drew series because it “skewed too female.” Where the concerns of a toy companychanged the sex of a Marvel villain. And on and on. It’s an impossible situation.

Again: How did it come to this? Maybe that’s the wrong question. Maybe we should consider this: The roll-out for the Ghostbusters remake didn’t create all this sexist animosity so much as it has exposed what was already there.

And his commenters are super-fun, because this goes from zero to WELL ACTUALLY faster than anything I’ve ever seen:

As I said yesterday in the comments for the article about the new trailer – the worst part of this is that it looks like a sarcastic/snarky “spoof” of the original. Ghostmockers. Every bit of dialog is “joking the joke” in this. It has nothing to do with genders. Paul Feig is an agenda-driven attention whore. and a terrible director. He’s the female-centric Brett Ratner. it’s like his driving ambition is “why can’t women have fart jokes and casual racisim too??!!” Listen to the dialog in the trailers. It sounds like it was written by Donald Trump, and none of the actors had any natural ability or leeway to improvise – which is what made the original work. It’s like the hired Paul Feig to do Gender-Centri PR for this movie, but it was really made by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer.



Outrage Fatigue

Oh for fuck’s sake.

Do your damn job. Your damn job is to report on the story you see in front of you.

It isn’t your job to worry about what is “sticking” and what is not. It isn’t your job to worry about what will spur a Congressional hearing, and what will not. It isn’t your job to wonder if this thing today will “take down” somebody who you’ve discovered is a horrendous bastard who is going to hell. It isn’t your job to notice, despairingly, that every ugly thing that’s discovered about a politician makes his poll numbers go up.

All this bullshit, this “outrage fatigue” and “people will start to tune it out” and blah blah blah, it’s just worrying about your influence. It’s worrying about whether you, Mr. Upstanding Journalist, can Create Change by Breaking the Scandal That Brought Down the Powerful. It’s worrying about your brand, your image, your status, making you afraid that if you publish a story that so-and-so is a  war criminal who is breaking the law on the regular and people do not rise up and topple him, YOU will look bad.

When you worry that something isn’t “sticking,” you are worrying about who will LISTEN. That isn’t your job, to make sure someone will listen. Your job is to SPEAK.

It’s hard covering an endless flood of bullshit, just as it was difficult in the dark days of George W. Bush? It’s hard making time for each and every dumbass thing politicians like George W. Bush foisted on the country, and Donald Trump is threatening to foist? It’s a major bummer?

Guess what else is a major bummer?

Being the only Muslim kid in your kindergarten class and hearing your fellow five year olds talk about how your family is a bunch of terrorists.

Spending three tours of duty in Afghanistan, getting your left leg blown off, only to come home and have to wait 3 months for benefits to kick in.

Watching your grandbaby drink from a lead-poisoned tap because you can’t afford to move.

Hearing politicians spend hours and hours, days and days, discussing how mean they can be to one percent of the population that just wants to be left the fuck alone.

I swear, this is the election of everybody’s goddamn feelings and I’m about ready to send us all to bed without supper. Bernie bros muttering about conspiracies and elites, Hillary stalwarts complaining that young women haven’t paid their proper dues by being born after the Real Struggle, Republican “thinkers” writing 3,000-word essays about how awful they feel about having to lower themselves to associate with racists and plebes … These are groups of people who are going to be okay under Presidents Sanders, Clinton or even Trump, and they are filling up the Internets with high dudgeon over how they are Being Treated. Which, except for the recent incident of violent threats, is NOT A REAL THING. Almost none of it fucking matters.

You know what does? 

“I can’t even begin to picture how we would deport 11 million people in a few years where we don’t have a police state, where the police can’t break down your door at will and take you away without a warrant,” said Michael Chertoff, who led a significant increase in immigration enforcement as the secretary of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush.

So give me a fucking break with this crap about it’s hard for the media to get their shit together when people are this evil in these quantities. It’s not hard. They just have to get over themselves, which in and of itself is a luxury. Your hardest day involves an existential crisis, half a bottle of Chardonnay and some soul-searching.

Your next hardest involves realizing that nobody gives a shit about your feelings, your brand, your image, your influence, or anything else about YOU. Focus on the damn story in front of you, and if you can’t, if you’re too tired and it’s too hard, get out of the chair. I got ten people in a line who’ll kill for the shot you have.



Sunday Morning Video: Guy Clark Live In Texas

The great Texas singer-songwriter Guy Clark died earlier this week at the age of 74. Here’s a set from the 1996 Kerrville Folk Festival:

Saturday Odds & Sods: Parallel Lines


Early Sunday Morning by Edward Hopper, 1930.

Other than the odd online brawl with Dudebro Nation, I had an uneventful week until Thursday night. I was about to work on this post when a spectacular and terrifying light show began. It was as intense as a thunderstorm can be without rising to the level of a hurricane. It did, however, show some signs of an eye and organization. Give me a blind, sloppy and disorganized storm any day. We didn’t lose power here at the Adrastos Virtual Cafe but I slept fitfully. Oscar cowered along with me whereas Della didn’t give a shit. As for Dr. A, her ability to sleep through storms that rattle the windows is unparalleled. This one, however, briefly stirred her to wakefulness.

A friend of mine recently asked why I hadn’t used a Todd Rundgren tune as the theme song for this feature. I had no coherent answer; not that anybody expects coherence from me. I told him that I was planning to do so some time in the near future. There’s no time like the present. Parallel Lines comes from the great 1989 album Nearly Human;  it’s my favorite Rundgrenian (ite?) ballad. I’m presenting two renditions beginning with the studio version followed by a teevee appearance with David Sanborn:

It’s lagniappe time. I could have sworn that I’d seen a version of Parallel Lines from Live From Daryl’s House but I cannot for the life of me find the bugger online. In lieu of that, here are two sons of Philly singing another tremendous Todd tune at his humble abode in Hawaii in 2011:

You’ll hear more about Daryl Hall anon. That’s a fancy way of saying later. La-de-da. Now that we’ve called in the Hall monitor, it’s time to munch on some Oates and move on to the break.

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Friday Ferretblogging

How to scritch one’s Claire:


Friday Catblogging: Lovers Of The Sun

Oscar and Della Street are experts at finding sunbeams:

Lovers of the sun

I am an expert at using Jayhawks songs as post titles:

Morley Safer, R.I.P.

Morley Safer

Morley Safer, 1931-2016.

I grew up watching Morley Safer. I never met the man but I’ve always called him by his first name. In short,  he was my favorite 60 Minute Man. I loved his raspy/silky voice, perfect diction, and elegant prose. I missed seeing him during my boycott of his program because of the whole Lara Logan mishigas. To their credit, Morley and Steve Kroft tried to get her lying ass fired, but they lost the battle. It was typical of Morley who was a street fighter despite his gentlemanly demeanor. Morley Safer died earlier today at the age of 84 after being retired for what seemed like 60 seconds.

I just read Doug Brinkley’s fine biography of Walter Cronkite. Morley played a supporting role in the book from the mid-Sixties on as one of Cronkite’s friends and proteges at CBS News. Cronkite defended Morley’s reporting from Vietnam and instead of getting fired for-in LBJ’s memorable words-“shitting on the American flag,” Morley became a star after joining 60 Minutes. I’m going to play some of Morley’s greatest hits in tribute to a great reporter and even better writer. With Morley it was all in the words.

We begin with Morley discussing a prank he played on his frenemy Mike Wallace:

Some of Morley’s best stories were set in the art world. Here are two of my favorites. The first is an ode to the great Edward Hopper, and the second story is a profile of the world-class forger David Stein:

One more clip. Here’s an interview with Morley about his legendary Cam Ne story, which showed American soldiers torching huts in a Vietnamese village:

I’m glad that I saw the 60 Minutes tribute to Morley last Sunday night. I suspended my boycott just for him amd I’m glad I did. He will be missed.

Malaka Of The Week: Kenny Havard (Not Harvard)

The last time a Louisiana state legislator wore the malakatude crown of thorns, his name lent itself to a punny parenthetical aside as well: John Milkovic (Not Malkovich.) In both instances, the legislator in question made an ass of himself in public and had no idea that he’d done so. Such cluelessness is malakatude in a nutshell, and that’s why Republican State Rube Rep Kenny Havard (Not Harvard) is malaka of the week.

Since Malaka Havard (Not Harvard) attended Jackson High School,  I briefly considered calling him the Jackson Jackhole but I didn’t want Bravo’s Andy Cohen coming after me with some angry Real Housewives in his wake: Nene Leakes scares the shit out of me, y’all. And jackhole is Andy’s jam. I’ll just flip a table and stick with mine: malakatude.

Malaka Havard (Not Harvard) came on my radar screen for the first time yesterday. The Gret Stet House was debating a measure about adult dancers; a nice way of saying strippers. There are legitimate concerns about underage dancers so the proposal in question requires they be 18 or older. A measure that even Silvio Dante might enforce at Bada Bing. Mr. Havard (Not Harvard) offered a patently sexist “joke” amendment to the bill. Here’s how the Advocate’s Rebekah Allen described the scene:

State Rep. Kenny Havard, R-St. Francisville, officially submitted a written amendment to legislation that would have mandated dancers at strip clubs be no older than 28 and no heavier than 160 pounds. When challenged by other legislators, he quickly withdrew the amendment and later called it a joke about overregulation.

“Looking out over this body, I’ve never been so repulsed to be a part of it,” Rep. Julie Stokes, R-Kenner, said on the House floor after the amendment was pulled. Stokes said the amendment was just the latest exercise in commonplace misogyny that women in the Legislature frequently endure. “It has got to stop. That was utterly disrespectful and disgusting.”


As the bill was being presented, Havard — saying he wanted to “trim the fat” — offered his amendment. He withdrew the amendment after another lawmaker called it offensive.

But Havard didn’t apologize and said he doesn’t regret his joke.

“No, it was meant as a poke that we’re overregulating everything around here,” he said in an interview. “It was a joke, that’s why I pulled it. But it was satire to say, ‘Hey, when are we going to stop overregulating everything?’ ”

Despite his objection to overregulation, Havard voted for the bill, which passed the House 96-0. He said it was unnecessary to apologize but that he respects Stokes.

During debate on SB468, other legislators made light of the situation by throwing single dollar bills on a table next to the podium.

Dollar bills? Cheap bastards. Here’s the deal: there’s a time and place for satire and the floor of the state lege ain’t it. And offering “joke” amendments on the people’s dime is neither funny nor appropriate. Besides, jokes about people’s weight and looks aren’t funny: kicking down rarely is. There is, however, some fat that *could* be trimmed, that ugly mass sitting atop Havard (Not Harvard’s) neck. He’s clearly a fathead as well as a malaka:

Malaka Havard (Not Harvard) trying to measure up. Photograph by of the Advocate staff photo by Stacy Gill.

Malaka Havard (Not Harvard) trying to measure up. Advocate staff photo by Stacy Gill.

Why is it that guys who say sexist shit like this in public are always toads? Malaka Havard (Not Harvard) should look in the mirror some time. He’ll either see himself, Rush Limbaugh, or perhaps Ed Rendell. Unlike Havard (Not Harvard,) Rendell has apologized for his ugly comments. He *is* from Philly, after all. That’s not an excuse just an explanation. BOOOO.

Back to Kenny Havard (Not Harvard.) His wikipedia entry has already been updated with his latest dubious triumph:

On May 18, 2016, Harvard [sic}, in an apparent attempt at humor, introduced an amendment to a bill requring [sic] that strippers be over 21 years old. His amendment mandated that strippers also be no more than 28 years old and weigh no more than 160 pounds. He later withdrew the amendment but would not apologize when accused of sexist disrespect by a female member of the legislature, claiming that his amendment would have applied equally to male strippers.

What a card. One interesting factoid I learned whilst scanning his wikipedia entry is that he’s apparently married to one of the Shondells but it’s not Tommy James.  Seriously, his wife’s name is Shondell. I wonder if Crimson and Clover is their song? He should really stop making jokes about Hanky Panky and try some Crystal Blue Persuasion instead. Btw, I quite like the name Shondell. I hope she gave him a stern talking to after yesterday’s legislative mishigas. I doubt it would help: guys like Kenny never listen and rarely learn from their mistakes. He oughta just drink some Sweet Cherry Wine, shut the fuck up, and stop wasting the taxpayer’s time and Mony Mony. End of extended classic rock pun riff. Please pass the bubblegum…

The only good thing to come of this is that it kickstarted a discussion of sexism at the Gret Stet lege. I know you’re shocked to hear that such a thing exists. This episode deserves ridicule whereas the anti-choice laws coming out of the lege are no laughing matter. I ranted enough for one week yesterday hence today’s mockery of  the Jackson Jackhole. There’s worse to come from the Gret Stet lege, and that’s another reason why Kenny Havard (Not Harvard) is malaka of the week.

I’ll give Tommy James without the Shondells the last word:

Holy crap, I’d forgotten that REM covered Draggin’ The Line for an Austin Powers flick. I better give them the last word then or they’ll take away my Michael Stipend:

So Many Choices It’ll Give You A Headache


Nick Hanauer — again — argues that being rational/objective also means enlightened self-interest:

To be clear, I am not making a moral argument for the real economy (though there is surely a moral argument to be made), but rather a cold and calculated economic appeal based on self-interest properly understood. You see, I am an entrepreneur and venture capitalist invested mostly in technology companies that pay the sort of middle-class wages that enable our workers to fully participate in the economy as consumers of other companies’ products. That’s the way a market economy is supposed to work. We buy your products. You buy ours.

In other words, businesses like Wal-Mart and McDonalds are…bad for business. Hanauer also asserts they’re the real “dependent on government” deadbeats, paying so little in salary that their employees can only make ends meet with public assistance.

Today, a majority of the money we collectively spend on anti-poverty programs doesn’t go to the jobless, it goes to the working poor. According to a recent analysis by the Economic Policy Institute,69.2 percent of all public benefits go to non-elderly households with at least one working member, nearly half of whom work at least full-time.

But…here’s the real point: it doesn’t have to be that way.

…there is no line of work worth doing that cannot command a living wage. For every Walmart, there’s a Costco. For every McDonald’s, there’s an In-N-Out Burger. For every single mom waiting tables at the local diner for $2.13 an hour, there’s a healthier, wealthier counterpart earning $13 an hour or more (soon to be $15!) in Seattle or San Francisco or in the thousands of real-economy businesses nationwide where management understands that the “minimum wage” is meant to be a minimum, not a maximum.

So, Atlas could go to the Costco without compromising his inner objectivist … and his only quandaries would be the sheer number of choices and whether anyone really needs an entire pallet of one item.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Kiss The Blood Off My Hands

I searched for a cover with butler in the title but ended up with this book written by Gerald Butler. I hope Mr. Senecal won’t find the title inspirational.

Kiss the Blood off my hands

Kiss The Blood Off My Hands was made into a pretty darn good Burt Lancaster-Joan Fontaine film noir in 1948:

kiss the blood

It’s trailer time:


Wednesday Night Music: They Can’t Take That Away From Me

I rarely write in anger as I did earlier today. It was quite therapeutic, so it’s time for some Gershwin. Here are Ella and Nelson Riddle followed by the divine Diana Krall:

Finally, the Chairman of the Board does Gershwin with Nelson Riddle along for the ride:


Speaking In Dudebromides

This was the week that Dudebro Nation ramped up its effort to alienate everyone who disagrees with them. I’ve been measured in my criticism of Team Sanders because I prefer a unified Democratic party, and it’s such a pain in the ass to criticize them at all. The whining is cacophonous. The worst of the Sanders supporters speak in cliches, talking points, and bromides. Hence the post title. Btw, the term Dudebromides was coined by Dr. A.

Let’s see, this week I’ve been called condescending because I actually know something about politics and history. I’ve been called a neo-liberal dupe because I don’t think some of the junior Senator from Vermont’s proposals are realistic, and I must be a dupe because I feel heartburn, not the bern, when dealing with Dudebros. I’ve been called a corporate shill as well. That’s my favorite, a shill is someone who’s paid to advocate for a person or product. I *wish* someone would pay me to express my opinions. I haven’t sold out because the “establishment” hasn’t attempted to bribe me. The list of Dudebromides goes on and on. It should be familiar to anyone who spends time on Twitter interacting with Dudebro Nation.

It’s vexatious (a word I’m trying to revive) that they think the way to win support is by insulting and bullying people. As a man I haven’t been subjected to the “your a man hater” line of attack. The misspelling is deliberate: spelling isn’t their strong suit. I guess that’s for the corrupt establishment types. You don’t need to be able to spell when you speak in Dudebromides. Here’s a typical exchange:

I did not know that I was responsible for Wendell Pierce. Who am I now? Jimmy McNulty?

That long Maddowesque introduction brings me to the point of this post. Although I never supported Senator Sanders, I was impressed by the early stages of his campaign: his focus on policy and refusal to indulge in petty personal attacks. That changed when Team Sanders thought they had a chance to win the nomination. That’s when the tone shifted and some of their supporters began spewing conspiracy theories and bile. It’s gotten to the point that a number of non-MSM pundits who were originally pro-Sanders either dropped their support or stopped defending the excesses of Dudebro Nation. Come on down, John Cole, Boo Radley, Manny Schweitz, Markos Moulitas and Josh Marshall. Here’s how that “establishment stooge” Charlie Pierce put it after the Nevada fiasco:

That being said, this whole mess was over four freaking delegates, and the Sanders people should know better than to conclude what has been a brilliant and important campaign by turning it into an extended temper tantrum.

I voted for Bernie Sanders. I even wrote about why I did here at this very shebeen. But if anybody thinks that, somehow, he is having the nomination “stolen” from him, they are idiots.

They also think it’s the Sixties all over again with a hated Democratic President embroiled in an unpopular war. Wait a minute, Obama has a 90%+ approval rating with Democrats. The sour grapes and sore loserdom coming out of Dudebro Nation *are* reminiscent of the bitterness Gene McCarthy spent his post-1968 life wallowing in. He eventually supported Ronald Reagan. I suspect some of the worst of the Dudebros will vote for Trump to “blow up the establishment.” Come on down, VI Lenin.

Back to my disappointment with the tone of Team Sanders and their refusal to encourage supporters to stop throwing tantrums or to criticize them for doing so. I don’t want to get into the weeds about what happened at the Nevada mishigas. It’s confusing as hell. But I hope that decent people would criticize those who posted Nevada State Chair Roberta Lange’s cell phone number on Twitter and left the following voice mails:

MALE CALLER: Hi Roberta Lange. This is a citizen of the United States of America and I just wanted to let you know that I think people like you should be hung in a public execution to show this world that we won’t stand for this sort of corruption. I don’t know what kind of money they are paying to you, but I don’t know how you sleep at night. You are a sick, twisted piece of shit and I hope you burn for this!

Hey, a “progressive” who’s in favor of public executions. How nice. Here are two more samples of the wit and wisdom of Dudebro Nation:

MALE CALLER: Oh Roberta, Roberta, Roberta, you old, old hag. Oh, we watched the whole thing in Nevada. You’re really kinda screwed, lady. Um, yeah. Really stupid. Fuck you.

MALE CALLER: That was pretty terrible. You probably just guaranteed fire is in Philadelphia. I’m not a psycho Bernie supporter, but there are some out there and you may have made a bad decision by completely ignoring the democratic process tonight. Thanks.

It *should* be a no-brainer for Sanders to condemn this disgusting nonsense but thus far he has not. Either Sanders is afraid of his supporters or he has no problem with sexist hate calls. Some revolution. It’s what happens when you speak in Dudebromides instead of remembering that two wrongs don’t make a right.

The reason that this corporate shill for the evil establishment uses the term Dudebro is that I am well aware that the majority of Sanders supporters are not Lefty Insult Comedians. I prefer to paint with a narrower brush even though I agree with what Amanda Marcotte said in her piece Bernie Bros out of control. I guess she’s a condescending corporate lackey even though she’s one of the original net roots bloggers and works for the site that publishes Ha Ha Goodman.

I will be thrilled when this is over so we can focus our fire where it really belongs:  on the Trump Tower of Babble and the Republican party. I do, however, have a constructive suggestion before closing. It’s past time to abolish caucuses and hold primaries in every state. Caucuses are inherently undemocratic and lead to the sort of shenanigans that happened last weekend in Nevada. Let’s also try discussing things like adults instead of speaking in Dudebromides.

Album Cover Art Wednesday: The Six Wives Of Henry VIII

I wrote about Tudormania and made a Rick Wakeman reference last Saturday. I guess using The Six Wives of Henry VIII in this feature was written or some such shit.

In a fit of 20th Century Tudormania, Wakeman was inspired in part by the BBC mini-series about the psychopathic Monarch that aired in 1970. He also spent his first tour with Yes plowing through four books about Henry and his crazy court. The result was this 1973 prog-rock instrumental opus, which was commercially successful in both the U.S. and U.K. The critics didn’t care for it, but they felt obligated to deride prog-rock, especially Jann Wenner’s minions at Rolling Stone.

The cover features the prog-rock Liberace strolling past Henry and his doomed spouses. It was designed by Mike Doud who was a prolific rock art director in the 1970’s:

Six Wives

The back cover featured portraits of the Six Wives with capsule biographies. It’s rather hard to read them on this scan:


Below are two variations on the gatefold. The original has track and musician listings and is harder to read than the back cover. Hence these substitutes. These pictures should make the gear obsessed out there-yo, Tommy T-quite happy:



Time for the whole darn LP. I hadn’t heard it in years and it *is* bombastic and somewhat pretentious. Having said that, I still quite like it. I may even have to don a sparkly cape.

There Will Be No PUMAs in the GOP

Just as soon as Paul Ryan is satisfied that enough people are talking about Paul Ryan being a good enough and brave enough and strong enough and Conservative Principle-d enough person not to endorse Trump, Ryan hauls out the non-endorsement endorsement.

He Distinctions Without Difference Trump: 

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Tuesday said he agrees with a new poll showing that GOP voters trust Donald Trump rather than himself to lead the Republican Party.

“I hope it’s Donald Trump. He’s getting the nomination,” Ryan, the highest-ranking elected Republican in the country, told reporters at a news conference.

An NBC News/SurveyMonkey online poll released Tuesday morning showed that nearly six in 10 Republican voters “trust” Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, to lead the party. Only four in 10 voters say they have more faith in Ryan, the 2012 vice presidential nominee, as the party’s leader.

Asked directly if he believes Trump is the leader of the Republican Party, the Speaker replied: “Good Lord, I hope it is, because the person who is getting the nomination is the person to lead our party.”

Once those pretending to be above Trump have their vanity satisfied by staying away from Trump, they’ll need their vanity satisfied by getting close to him again.


What’s On the Table for This Fight


Johnson praised the passengers of United Flight 93 while addressing the Wisconsin Republican Party on Saturday, saying that it was “American” of them to hold a vote before confronting hijackers and taking down the plane on 9/11, The Associated Press reported.

“November 2016 we’ll be taking a vote. We’ll be encouraging our fellow citizens to take a vote,” Johnson said, as quoted by the AP. “Now, it may not be life and death, like the vote passengers on United Flight 93 took, but boy is it consequential.”

Johnson said Monday in an interview with local radio station WTMJ that he’s told the story “dozens of times” because it inspires him to “keep moving forward, to never give up on this country.”

“I used my unique contact with the finest among us and visiting them in Walter Reed and the inspiration they provide, and the inspiration provided by these heroes of 9/11 who — who — knew that their plane had been turned into a weapon, OK, but still took the vote,” he said.

Doc and I were talking this weekend about stuff that idiot political pundits do, like comparing elections to wars or declaring everything to be “a Katrina” or talking about welfare policy as if it was a hypothetical scenario being run on a computer instead of the actual way people need to feed their babies.

And there’s a lot that goes into that, the isolation and the echo chamber and the idea that if you are a moderately well off political person you mostly deal with other moderately well off political people and not with, say, poor people who are actually affected by your snide shit. But what I kept coming back to was the idea that some things are not fair game for the fight you are having.

The fight you are having, about whether you can Appear To Be Serious, is not about real things. 9/11 involved lots of real dead people and it didn’t happen primarily to give meaning to the life of Ron Johnson, the creature. 9/11 and the people who died are not yours, to pull out so as to make clear your “unique contact” (so much going to fuck yourself, pal) and impress us all with your depth of feeling.

(I remember being in an idiot newsmeeting after 9/11 where we all pitched stories about the ongoing collapse of the entire world, and this very earnest girl stood up and said that we should be writing about people going back to church because she had gone back to church, because the pile of ash in lower Manhattan had given her life so much more meaning.

Which was a lot of pressure to put on New York, just at that moment. To give meaning to this girl’s life. Like, they had enough to do just then, so get in line.)

I fully believe Ron Johnson is genuinely too dumb to understand what fight he’s having, much less parse out what you get to slap on the table during it. His moronic comments are symptomatic of a political class that has lost touch not just with “real America” or whatever we’re calling this country’s vanishing middle class, but with the idea that politics is more than social experiment theater. There is a human cost to the examples you cite, so if you’re going to say what you’re doing is like storming the beaches at Normandy you’d better be under some serious artillery fire.

If all you’re doing is running a craptastic, inept campaign for re-election, maybe don’t make out like you’re Shackleton at the Pole.


Tweets Of The Day: David Dukkke Edition

Every once in a while I like to check in on the erstwhile Gret Stet Fuhrer Wannabe. When I get the urge, I’m glad I can scratch it by checking his Twitter feed instead of his web site. The times I’ve looked at his site, I’ve needed delousing whereas a shower will suffice after scanning his tweets.

In addition to the usual anti-semitic and racist nonsense, Dukkke is putting himself forward as a running mate for the Insult Comedian. Here are two examples of his Vice Presidential dreams:

Chickenhawk draft dodger Donald Trump as Andrew Jackson? Interesting. Trump is doubtless more interested in Jackson’s presence on the currency but, as a Louisianian, Dukkke is trying to ride the New Orleans monuments controversy for all it’s worth. Not that anyone with any clout is suggesting the removal of the General President’s statue from Jackson Square, but Dukkke has gotta eat and he lives off book sales and fundraising.

The second tweet is more overtly racist as well as even more inartfully done. It’s pinned at the top of Dukkke’s feed. I guess that means he’s proud of it. Why, I’ll never know:

It looks as if Duke is suggesting GW as the third leg of the Trump-Dukkke stool, tripod or some such shit. These two slogans are a more honest version of the underlying theme of Trump’s campaign. Of course, as I said last week, the Donald is the lyingest liar who ever lied. Dukkke is a pretty good liar as well but lacks the Donald’s blustery panache and penchant for getting caught when lying about, say, pretending to be his own flack on the telephone. The phone flap is, perhaps, the weirdest campaign controversy ever; one that even I couldn’t make up. It’s what happens when you’re the braggingest braggart who ever bragged.

Back to the erstwhile Gret Stet Fuhrer Wannabe’s self-nomination. Vice Presidential candidates rarely make a difference so maybe Duke should sell himself as the most anti-semitic potential Veep ever. Despite Dukkke’s best efforts, it’s hard to top John C. Calhoun when it comes to white supremacy. That’s why Trump doesn’t need Dukkke: he’s got the white supremacist vote in his hip pocket.

Finally, a note on greenbacks. It’s common for people to call hundred-dollar bills Benjamins but I don’t know anyone who calls singles Georges or fives Abes. But people are already calling twenties Harriets and Ms. Tubman won’t be on the bill for years. Jackson’s move to the back of the bus bill is something new for white wingnuts to whine about. Perhaps the Insult Comedian can start calling them Andrews or Jacksons. He needs a new fake controversy even though Old Hickory’s redeeming characteristic was his hatred of plutocrats and the super rich; something that Trump claims to be. It’s another weird aspect of this bizarre campaign: the populist plutocrat. Once again: even I cannot make this stuff up.

Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – trouble in paradise edition

Well, wouldn’t ya know it. The loading dock has been pretty empty of late – the occasional drop-off of a single barrel of interesting Freepitude, but mostly just Jim Rob’s endless whimpering for more money so he can get new batteries for his Hoveround.

The Trump / Cruz wars are over, the Freeperati have disowned all of their former media heroes, and the election year purges won’t start for another month or so yet.  BOR-ING!!

I guess it’s a good time to take the airlock doors off the iso chamber and give everything a good going…….


Trump: Muslim Ban ‘Just A Suggestion’

Trump: Muslim Ban ‘Just A Suggestion’
CNN ^ | 05/12/2016 | David Wright

Posted on ‎5‎/‎12‎/‎2016‎ ‎2‎:‎55‎:‎23‎ ‎PM by Cyberman

Donald Trump, who issued a December press release “calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” said Wednesday such a ban “hasn’t been called for yet” and it was “only a suggestion.”

It’s the latest lightning-speed evolution for the real estate tycoon as he pivots from the provocateur who upended the Republican primary to a general election candidate….


Trump: Muslim Ban ‘Just A Suggestion’

It’s like deja vu all over again….

1 posted on 5‎/‎12‎/‎2016‎ ‎2‎:‎55‎:‎23‎ ‎PM by Cyberman
To: Cyberman
Oh, no..!


2 posted on 5‎/‎12‎/‎2016‎ ‎2‎:‎56‎:‎43‎ ‎PM by gaijin

Depends on your point of view, I suppose…
To: Cyberman
OH BOY here goes Clinton News Network at play again…


Do not believe anything you read from CNN…they support Hillary and Hillary only and her ilk….

Yeah! If there was only some reputable right-wing news source to debunk this!

Trump: Save America…

Hillary: Screw America…

5 posted on 5‎/‎12‎/‎2016‎ ‎2‎:‎59‎:‎17‎ ‎PM by HarleyLady27 (‘THE FORCE AWAKENS!!!’ Trump; Trump; Trump; Trump; 100%)

Yes, but do you support Trump?
To: Cyberman


Is the Wall also a suggestion ?

19 posted on 5‎/‎12‎/‎2016‎ ‎3‎:‎07‎:‎05‎ ‎PM by libh8er



To: jwalsh07


Alle Muzzies raus

21 posted on ‎5‎/‎12‎/‎2016‎ ‎3‎:‎07‎:‎36‎ ‎PM by 353FMG

You know, they’re not even pretending any more.

More exciting reactions to the new dolchstosslegende, nach der falte in dem artikel !

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