You Go On: Game of Thrones Thread



Ghost: Worst. Pet. Ever.

Like he only shows up to bite the wounded, lets Jon Snow get captured by the wildlings and almost killed, is nowhere to be found when everyone’s plotting against him, lets himself get chained up by the likes of Alliser Thorne and stupid Olly so those two fuckmooks can go killinate his dad, and when Jon Snow does wake up and make a big speech and flounce right out of the Night’s Watch, does Ghost storm off dramatically alongside? Not that we can see. Ghost is probably getting skritches from some rando somewhere, gnawing on a turkey leg by the fire, and in four episodes he’ll lift his head all WHAR JON GO and then get back to rage-humping the Castle Black beagles.

Fuck TV!Ghost, is my point. The direwolves generally seem pretty useless, what with Grey Wind letting Robb get murdered, Lady having to die for Nymeria’s lack of impulse control, Nymeria letting Arya drive her off, who the fuck even knows where Summer is, and now poor Rickon’s Shaggydog gets beheaded by a goddamn Bolton like some kind of chump-ass Labrador. We spend a lot of time in the first episode bonding with these supposedly portentious superwolves and then they wind up doing, if not actual harm, approximately jack and shit.

Quick takes: LORD COMMANDER DOLOROUS EDD! That is perfect. If anybody understands the Castle Black situation, in terms of how constantly fucked they are, it is Edd. Plus besides Tormund the Dick Joke Machine, Edd’s the only one left we can even pretend we knew before today.

IF DAVOS DIES I RIOT. Can I get a Davos of my very own, to bring me outfits and give me pep talks?

Melisandre gets all up in Jon’s face like R U MY PRINCE HAS COME? and all I can think is will somebody let the guy have a goddamn second to breathe or maybe get him a coffee? He just got back from some hell dimension. Cut him some slack if he doesn’t want to talk eternal destiny right now. Down, girl.

Shut up, Tyrion.

Tommen is the most easily led Lannister ever. It’s sad how hungry kids are at his age for some, ANY, kind of grand direction. Like give me a quest, as a 15-year-old, for literally anything at all. I just need to feel important. Don’t tell me to do homework. Talk to me about gods and mortals, kings and queens and sinners. I love Book!Tommen and I’m worried about his older eyeliner-ed stand-in here.

THE TOWER OF JOY. Howland Reed. Ned Stark, and Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning, or in this case Both Swords of the Morning. The fan theory that will ensue here always gets described as “outlandish” but the moment someone told me about it I was like DUH GIRL OF COURSE so it’s really not a surprise it’s finally happening.

If after all this we have to deal with King Bran I will find George RR Martin and make him listen to techno.

You go on.

You fight as long as you can and you clean up as much of the shit as you can. Davos gives Jon Snow, brought gasping back into the cold, the only gift he can give. Davos is speaking from profound, repeated loss: His son, his surrogate daughter, his king, his future, his hopes, his story. At every turn, he goes on.

He doesn’t do what he has to do and he doesn’t do what is asked of him and he doesn’t do what the Realm requires. He does what he can. I love him so much my chest hurts. He goes on.

Arya Stark takes the Hound off her list, then takes the list off her list. She lived on the streets, begging with a wooden bowl, blind, waiting for the next blow, saying it over and over, but she never believed it. Her father was Eddard, dead. Her mother was Catelyn, dead. Her sister, her brothers, her half-brother, dead for all she knows. She’s no one. Wouldn’t you be, if you had to go on? From that? She stands it, and gives some back. She goes on.

Jon Snow lives and dies at his post. He almost broke his oath when Robb died, remember? And he did break it with Ygritte, albeit at Qhorin Halfhand’s orders. He almost ran away a thousand times but the words always brought him back to the Watch. It shall not end until my death. He died, for the Watch, and now it is ended. He can walk away without breaking his word. He can leave without dishonor.

He can go on.