Tweets Of The Day: David Dukkke Edition

Every once in a while I like to check in on the erstwhile Gret Stet Fuhrer Wannabe. When I get the urge, I’m glad I can scratch it by checking his Twitter feed instead of his web site. The times I’ve looked at his site, I’ve needed delousing whereas a shower will suffice after scanning his tweets.

In addition to the usual anti-semitic and racist nonsense, Dukkke is putting himself forward as a running mate for the Insult Comedian. Here are two examples of his Vice Presidential dreams:

Chickenhawk draft dodger Donald Trump as Andrew Jackson? Interesting. Trump is doubtless more interested in Jackson’s presence on the currency but, as a Louisianian, Dukkke is trying to ride the New Orleans monuments controversy for all it’s worth. Not that anyone with any clout is suggesting the removal of the General President’s statue from Jackson Square, but Dukkke has gotta eat and he lives off book sales and fundraising.

The second tweet is more overtly racist as well as even more inartfully done. It’s pinned at the top of Dukkke’s feed. I guess that means he’s proud of it. Why, I’ll never know:

It looks as if Duke is suggesting GW as the third leg of the Trump-Dukkke stool, tripod or some such shit. These two slogans are a more honest version of the underlying theme of Trump’s campaign. Of course, as I said last week, the Donald is the lyingest liar who ever lied. Dukkke is a pretty good liar as well but lacks the Donald’s blustery panache and penchant for getting caught when lying about, say, pretending to be his own flack on the telephone. The phone flap is, perhaps, the weirdest campaign controversy ever; one that even I couldn’t make up. It’s what happens when you’re the braggingest braggart who ever bragged.

Back to the erstwhile Gret Stet Fuhrer Wannabe’s self-nomination. Vice Presidential candidates rarely make a difference so maybe Duke should sell himself as the most anti-semitic potential Veep ever. Despite Dukkke’s best efforts, it’s hard to top John C. Calhoun when it comes to white supremacy. That’s why Trump doesn’t need Dukkke: he’s got the white supremacist vote in his hip pocket.

Finally, a note on greenbacks. It’s common for people to call hundred-dollar bills Benjamins but I don’t know anyone who calls singles Georges or fives Abes. But people are already calling twenties Harriets and Ms. Tubman won’t be on the bill for years. Jackson’s move to the back of the bus bill is something new for white wingnuts to whine about. Perhaps the Insult Comedian can start calling them Andrews or Jacksons. He needs a new fake controversy even though Old Hickory’s redeeming characteristic was his hatred of plutocrats and the super rich; something that Trump claims to be. It’s another weird aspect of this bizarre campaign: the populist plutocrat. Once again: even I cannot make this stuff up.

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  1. I vote for syllabic conservation: call the new $20s ‘Tubmans.’

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