Tweet Of The Day: Worse Than Nixon Edition

I’m getting a big kick out of the whole Trump tax form kerfuffle. It has been common practice for Oval One wannabes to release their tax forms since the days of Tricky Dick. That’s right, all roads lead to Nixon. In contrast to the Insult Comedian’s claims, Tricky released his tax forms while he was being audited for paying a pittance on a hefty income. Nixon was too tricky for his own good:

Nixon, however, released his tax forms and paid up to the IRS. In short, he pulled a fast one and gave it up when cornered. Ever since then, it’s been routine for Presidents and candidates to release their tax forms. If not, they’re worse than Nixon.

Time to circle back to the Trump tax tempest. He’s really sweating this whole thing. I have a hunch that he’s stonewalling because his tax forms will reveal that he’s not as rich as he claims to be. His whole campaign is based on the notion that he’s the winningest winner who ever won, and that everyone else on the planet is a LOSER in comparison. Wrong.  He’s not only the braggingest braggart who ever bragged, he’s the lyingest liar who ever lied. He’s also a bad liar in comparison to the master of mendacity, Tricky Dick. It’s another way in which he’s worse than Nixon.

It’s tweet time. Josh Marshall has had the same suspicions about Trump that I have. The man’s a moneyed money liar. Josh polled his twitter followers yesterday:

I have no idea *why* the vote numbers aren’t showing up here as of this writing. Maybe Roger Stone is ratfucking the results. I guess I have to break down the numbers myself. Talk about 21st Century problems:

40%  Definitely millionaire

4% Definitely billionaire

37%  Too much hokum to know

19%  He may not even be 1%

I voted too much hokum to know. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t believe anything the Insult Comedian says. He could be telling the absolute truth and I wouldn’t believe it. In contrast, Tricky Dick was a skillful liar and effective con artist until his world turned to shit in 1973. It’s another way in which Trump is worse than Nixon.

I have Nixon on my mind because I spent last evening recording a movie podcast about All The President’s Men at 40 with Dave Gladow and David Lee Simmons. I was the token non-David in the room. I’ll let y’all know when it goes online. It’s bound to be Davier than all get out…

Of course, I *often* have Nixon on my mind. The Trickster was as intelligent as he was devious and dishonest. The main reason he remains my primary political bete noir is that he was a worthy adversary as opposed to assclowns like former Presidient Beavis and Donald Trump.

Trump is such a political shape shifter than he won’t even follow the advice he gave Willard Mittbot Romney in 2012:

In January 2012, Trump told Greta Van Sustren that Romney “was hurt really very badly” by his initial refusal to release his tax returns. He advised Romney to “release them now.”

Romney released his 2010 return and a summary of his 2011 return later that month. After Romney released his full 2011 tax return in September, Trump praised Romney for releasing his returns and said they were “very honorably done.” Although Trump now claims no one is interested in reviewing tax returns, he said he personally reviewed Romney’s, calling them “absolutely beautiful and perfect.”

He then advised Romney to offer to release more years of tax returns in exchange for Obama’s college transcripts and passport records.

There you have it, ladies and germs, the Insult Comedian is not only worse than Nixon, he’s worse than Willard, and that’s pretty darn bad. It’s another reason for him to follow *my* advice from yesterday and:

Unknown Insult Comic Meme

In 2012, I repeatedly predicted that Willard Mittbot Romney would not be the first robot elected President. My 2016 mantra is a similar one: Donald Trump will not be the first insult comedian elected President.

That is all . Not quite: he’s worse than Nixon.

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  1. Was Nixon really all that skillful a liar? That Tricky Dick nickname far predates 1973. There were certainly plenty of people he wasn’t able to convince prior to Watergate,

    1. Skillful enough to win two elections and nearly a third. He also was truthful on occasion unlike the Insult Comedian.

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