Annex Yourself

At Metaquotes, the true meaning of White Pride: The Celtic White Pride movement? Really? You guys screwed your way across the Diaspora. If you look at me? I am the poster child for the Celtic Heritage Movement. From one end of the Islands to the other. English, Irish, Welsh, Scots, Scots Irish (no Manx, sadly, that would be cooler) and then add all the close European counties that the Celts managed to wander to at one point or another. French, German, Swiss, Swedish, Alsace-Lorraine, and a smatterings of “I have no recollection of that Senator.” to round us out. My … Continue reading Annex Yourself

Today’s Whiny-Ass Rich Prick(s)

Why yes. Yes, they do. The owners, anyway. Warning: This post is somewhat sports-related. However, it does involve mocking a rich prick. So there’s something for everyone. As you may or may not know, last night, the New York Yankees were eliminated from a possible appearance in this year’s MLB playoffs. This has not happened in fourteen years. I am not here to dance on the grave of the NY Yankees’ season, nor to mock their fans. Oh no! I’m here to talk about what incredible wads of fuck the owners are. You see, George Steinbrenner, the douchebag owner, ordered … Continue reading Today’s Whiny-Ass Rich Prick(s)

Exhibit shows how 9th Ward children are coping post-Katrina

From Chris Rose of theTimes Picayune: The Memory Boxes are remembrances of Hurricane Katrina made by students at the Martin Luther King Jr. School for Science and Technology in the Lower 9th Ward — still the only school that has opened in that beleaguered neighborhood, almost three years after the storm. They are story boxes, each with its own narrative, almost like time capsules. They are 2 feet by 2 feet, and generally decorated with paint, clay figurines and faces, shapes and objects made from wire or cut out from paper plates, and random indigenous accessories such as Spanish moss … Continue reading Exhibit shows how 9th Ward children are coping post-Katrina

The real impediment

So George Will writes awidely-cited column questioning John McCain’s off-the-handle temperament. Yeah, I know, been there and done that. However, there’s an interesting background toWill’s criticism of McCain, which revolves around McCain’sreckless comments about Chris Cox’s performance as SEC chairman (Securities and Exchange Commission, not Southeastern Conference football). George Will speculates that Perhaps an old antagonism is involved in McCain’s fact-free slander [against Cox]. His most conspicuous economic adviser is Douglas Holtz-Eakin, who previously headed the Congressional Budget Office. There he was an impediment to conservatives, including then-Rep. Cox, who, as chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, persistently tried and … Continue reading The real impediment

Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freepi – the Freeperatis’ Very Bad Week

Morning, chillens! There’s no better way to start a Monday than with a stiff shot of schadenfreude, so let’s suit up and see what’s inside the airlock door, shall we?

First up, it’s the “It Couldn’t-a possibly been one of us!” shuffle:

Racial slurs spray-painted across Obama billboard in Pittsfield Township (Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti)
Ann Arbor News ^| 9-17-08 | Tracey Davis
Posted onWednesday, September 17, 2008 2:34:48 PM byDarren McCarty
Racist slurs were spray-painted across a large Barack Obama presidential campaign billboard alongside a heavily trafficked stretch of US-23 in Pittsfield Township sometime overnight Tuesday.
And the U.S. Secret Service is investigating what now appears to be two threatening letters against Obama that were received in Livingston County, according to news reports.
Michigan State Police were on the scene of the billboard Wednesday morning, and have called in for tracking dogs, police said.
Black spray paint was used to draw three swastikas, symbols of Klan hoods and to write “KKK,” “Rebel” and two racial slurs.
The billboard, roughly 10 feet tall by 50 feet wide, is located where Textile Road deadends near US-23, east of Carpenter Road.

This looks like an excellent chance to disavow the KKK wing of the Republican Party, right? I mean, you could take a stand here and say thatovert displays of racism aren’t cool. Right?


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Hang It Around His Neck Until It Rots

It’s not often I disagree with John Cole, at least not lately, but this is just one big NO. I’m sorry, but this, after months of how Obama and William Ayers want to have each other’s gay babies so Jeremiah Wright can initiate them into the America-Hating Society of Black Militant Muslim Christians, I can’t get too worked up about tarring John McCain with the brush that has Rush’s nasty sputum all over it. I’m sorry, I know this is probably indicative of my many faults as a human being because I should be Better Than This, but seeing as … Continue reading Hang It Around His Neck Until It Rots

First Draft Fundraising: FINAL DAY!

It’s the last day of our drive. If you haven’t yet contributed and you can, please consider doing so. At the end of the day, the pestering ends, and that’s it for the year. Donate Here! Thank you to everyone who’s contributed so far. I am aware, painfully so, that this is a terrible economic time, that people are dealing with hurricanes and layoffs and medical bills and stock market implosions and insurance fallout, and the intent of this kind of fundraising isn’t to guilt anybody who has bigger things to worry about. It means a lot that you all, … Continue reading First Draft Fundraising: FINAL DAY!

‘Junior Pulitzer’

Here’s somethingchaps my ass, in an otherwise fine piece on how, yet again, the kids are PWNING the world of journalism while the adults fap around and talk about the Internet: When student journalists didn’t like the idea of President Lahey controlling the dissemination of campus news last year, they balked. Lahey didn’t want news released online before it appeared in the student newspaper, which is published weekly. Lahey and the university eventually relented, but things deteriorated from there. When these young writers and editors bolted this year and formed the Quad News, an independent news website, Lahey brought the … Continue reading ‘Junior Pulitzer’

‘Your Husband Just Called Two Hoyas Liars’

What are these people, sophomores? I know we joke about the GOP being the Smug Ham-Necked College Keg Stand Party, but I didn’t, you know, think it was a real thing: Here’s a little more evidence that the McCain-Palin campaign is playing the hardest of hardball on Trooper-Gate — especially in regard to press relations. Jason Moore, a reporter with Anchorage-based KTUU-TV, just confirmed to TPMmuckraker that Megan Stapleton, a spokeswoman for the McCain-Palin campaign in Alaska, called his home to complain about one of Moore’s news reports, and accused Moore of calling Stapleton and another McCain staffer liars. [snip] … Continue reading ‘Your Husband Just Called Two Hoyas Liars’