21 thoughts on “Happy Obama Photo: Caption It! Edition

  1. “Hey, Lunchbox, how about a nice charge of violating the Constitution?! ‘Cause your flabby ass is up for grabs and NOT by folks that you want to grab it.”

  2. Karl, you’ll be interested to know how I’ve decided to wield the vastly increased presidential powers for wiretapping, imprisonment and torture.

  3. I love the comment on this over at Obama Daily, where the guy’s like, “He’s so cool, because if it was me I’d be breaking fools like it was my job.”

  4. Hey, Karl! How does it feel to watch everything you’ve worked for go straight into the shitcan? I know how it makes ME feel!

  5. Rove: “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your constituency, too!”
    Obama: “Karl, you joker! We both know all I have to do right now is splash a little water on your bald head…”

  6. Wow, I am taller and better looking than you … and OH MY GOD, I TOUCHED YOUR SHOULDER AND THE SLIME WON’T WASH OFF.

  7. Thought bubble: Wait till I can really pay you back for all that dirty campaigning you did against me.

  8. I trust this was the set up just before he kneed the pig-eyed sack of shit in his tiny balls.

  9. The thing I notice, is how diminished Rove looks when he stands next to Obama. When Rove is next to Bush he looks gargantuan. Next to Obama he looks like a shrimp.

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