Exhibit shows how 9th Ward children are coping post-Katrina

From Chris Rose of theTimes Picayune:

The Memory Boxes are remembrances of Hurricane Katrina made by
students at the Martin Luther King Jr. School for Science and
Technology in the Lower 9th Ward — still the only school that has
opened in that beleaguered neighborhood, almost three years after the

They are story boxes, each with
its own narrative, almost like time capsules. They are 2 feet by 2
feet, and generally decorated with paint, clay figurines and faces,
shapes and objects made from wire or cut out from paper plates, and
random indigenous accessories such as Spanish moss and Carnival beads.

But it is the narratives written on note paper or painted inside these boxes that hit home hardest.

“I lost my trust,” one of the displays says. “I lost my faith. I lost my confidence. I lost my dad.”

It’s a far cry from the Dr. Seuss exhibit, to be sure.

Those words were written by a third-grader. For folks around here who
insist that everyone should just move on from this thing — and their
numbers seem to be growing — try telling that to this kid.

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4 thoughts on “Exhibit shows how 9th Ward children are coping post-Katrina

  1. wow.
    ot but scout, did you see Suspect Device’s post about Vitter opposing AIDS research in Africa? Must read.

  2. Thanks fot giving this visibility – it broke my heart. And reminded me of that amazing children’s project in Treme about 6 years ago -where they kids did a model of a perfect neighborhood – parks and swimming pools and schools and a huge interstate overpass running though the middle of it.

  3. the art fair i did this weekend was hit by the flooding similar to iowa. flooding is not a good thig. still a lot of water, lucky we only had one monsoon shower. lotta rain still left.
    and i suppose NOLA is not ready for hurricane season. more on my blog.

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