5 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy. I have asked people from the business world, the faith world, the non-profit world, to join this council in order to come up with recommendations as to how to better educate people from all walks of life about matters pertaining to their finances and their future.
    Hmm “The President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy” OK, here we go, more Bush cronies sucking at the public teat while serving as propagandists for Bush and his corporate masters. And pray tell, how are people from “the faith world” supposed to enlighten us about financial matters. Oh I get it! Stupid me! We’re all supposed to pray that we working people don’t lose our homes,our jobs, our pensions as a result of the high stakes wagering being done in the financial markets by the corporate compulsive gamblers.

  2. I don’t believe a word that comes through the lying lips of anyone who has more power than the local dogcatcher, and he is suspect. The folks on Wall St. have played with money and when it benefits their personal bottom lines all is well. When it doesn’t, then it becomes our problem as taxpaying citizens to fix it. Don’t even tell me that no one could see this comming for a long long time. They ignored the problem. Situations like this don’t happen in one week.

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